Looking for an authentic GX7 golf club review? You are welcome here if you are planning to buy the GX7 golf club and want to take a look at an authentic GX7 golf club review. This GX7 golf club review is intended to give you the ultimate jurisdiction on the famous GX7 golf club.

How is this review different from hundreds of others? Well, this review will concentrate more on playability and forgiveness rather than the technical aspects of the club. We will also bring the features in front of you so that you can justify whether it will suit you or not.

Features will be presented to you from real-life experience, so you can be sure they will be the same. And all of these will be concluded with a bunch of pros and cons of this club faced by our tester. So, buckle up and sit back to get through an exciting GX7 golf club review.

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GX7 Golf Club Review

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What should we discuss first in this GX7 golf club review? Should it be the design aspect of this driver? Or the performance and technical side of the driver? Well, everything will come by turn. Till then, enjoy the GX7 golf club review to the fullest.

Design Aspect

This driver will definitely draw your attention with its contemporary design effect on your mind. The club head is cavity backed, and this is why you will get plenty of room on the club head to hit the sweet spot every time you are playing.

GX7 is shorter than other drivers in its class. For this reason, you will be able to swing it more like an iron, and still, you will not be hitting the toe. The formation of the driver allows you to easily take your long shots without miss hitting which is a great plus for mid to high handicappers.

How can we skip the combination of matte and gloss finish on the club head? It will make the club stand out of the crowd and will be your best companion on or off the tees. Also, the iron-like perimeter of the club head will allow you to take your shots with high or low swing, as required.

The angle of attack is tilted a bit more than before to give you that smooth ball flight toward the destination. With a lower centre of gravity, you hit the ball perfectly every time.

But the design is not everything about this amazing golf club. We are heading to the next topic, which will be the material and build quality of the club.


In terms of material, you can call this club a hybrid one, as it is a combination of stainless steel head and graphite composite shaft. As a result, the performance of this club will be much more forgiving than the traditional drivers.

For the stainless steel face, the forged steel will give you a very robust feeling while taking shots as well as give the ball some more inertia to cover the distance you require. It will also reduce the chance of miss hits which is a big headache.

But the energy can’t be transferred to the ball without the help of a well-made shaft that will withstand the swinging force. The graphite composite shaft on this club will ensure that you are getting the perfect loft every time, which is very crucial for every player on the course.

Shaft Flex

Why is shaft flex so important? Because if you don’t choose the right shaft flex, it can hamper your gameplay in many ways. As the swing speed is directly related to the shaft flex, you should choose your shaft flex wisely.

With the stiff flex shafts, you can play at high swing speeds. On the other hand, with ladies’ flex shafts, your swing speed should be lower. So, it will be a crucial decision to choose the right shaft flex as per your preference.

With the GX7 golf club, you will get five shaft flex options which are stiff, regular, senior, senior plus, and ladies. Each shaft flex configuration will give you a different feel while playing, and you will definitely enjoy the feel a lot.

Legality and Warranty

This golf club is compliant with all international golf rules, so you can easily take it to the tours, and no one can stop you from playing with this club in international tournaments. Also, the GX7 comes with 1-year warranty in case of manufacturing defects.

So, you can easily claim the warranty if you find your instrument faulty. But the chance of getting a faulty instrument is very low with this manufacturer, so you can sit back and relax with this option.

Why GX7 Golf Club Is a Must Have: Performance Revealed

The very first moment you hold this club will be the moment of truth when you will feel the gentle presence of the club in your hand. But the fury is yet to be unleashed. You need to take this club on the course to reveal its real performance.

Once you are on the ground, this club will accompany you through every shot, where the perfect angle of attack will pull the ball up in the air and give it the necessary thrust to cover up the distance required. This way, you will always get the maximum from the club.

Coming to the miss-hitting issue, though this club has a smaller club head, you will never feel the emptiness while playing. Instead, the iron-like leading edge will tend to pull the ball up faster than your traditional drivers.

At the same time, it will continue to give you the necessary spin for perfect ball flight. Over-spin can cause the ball to turn unnecessarily right which can ruin the game. But with this driver, you are always assured of getting the perfect loft, ball speed, and distance, provided that you have mastered the club.

As the driver is shorter in length than other traditional drivers, it will make chipping much easier as you have less chance to hit the toe. Also, you can easily align it with the ball to get the maximum distance possible.

GX7 Golf Club Review: Pros and Cons

After all these, it is now time to reveal the pros and cons of this golf club for your convenience so that you know them at once. Here you go.

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GX7 Golf Club Infomercial Review

Final Words

If you have decided to buy a good golf club, this GX7 golf club review will help you a lot to know your club better. The better you know about the details, the more is the chance of buying a good golf club for yourself. As simple as that.

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