A driver is required to move the ball in a golf game. This driver is not like a car driver. It is actually a type of stick with a wide head. The golfers hit the ball with this stick. That is why it is impossible to play golf without a driver. But taking a so-called driver will not do the job perfectly.

A driver plays a very important role in assessing the result in the golf game. So the driver should be of good quality. If the driver is a good one then it becomes easy to keep the targeting perfect. Since you are new in this sector so you may not know which driver is good and more effective.  You are maybe worried about buying a driver. No, there is nothing to worry about it. Our job is to give you the best kits suggestions for playing golf.

So in that continuation, we have come to you today with the best Golf Drivers Reviews. In our today’s review, we will discuss the details of the selected 10 best golf drivers in the market. In the review, we will highlight the features, specifications, and benefits, etc. So that you will be able to decide which one is best for you. To make you understand clearly, the best Golf Drivers reviews have been discussed here.

At a Glance: Our Top 5 Choices for Best Golf Drivers from the 10 Reviewed

What Is The Golf Driver?

After hearing the Driver name some of you may imagine that this is like a person sitting in a driving seat of a car holding the steering wheel. In the golf game, the driver is not the driver of the bus or the private car. Here the driver is an iron bar. The head of it is very wide and it has a handle on top.

The golfers hit the ball with the wide head of a driver holding the handle. After hitting the ball, it moves. So in the simple words, the object by which golfers hit the ball to move is called the drivers. We hope that now you are clear about the fact.

Top 10 Best Golf Drivers Reviews

If you are playing golf then you definitely need to buy the driver. Without a driver, you will not be able to play golf. But you do not know which driver is best for playing golf. So we will discuss the best Golf Drivers Reviews. We have made a list of drivers after conducting a lot of research. So let us start the best Golf Drivers Reviews discussion.

1Taylormade 2017 M2 Men’s Driver

One of the best among the best golfers is the TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Driver 460cc. It is just not only best for the current time but also one of the best golf drivers of all time. The head face of this driver is very wide and the dimension is like the 3D. It is easy to target ball holes with this. Older users, as well as the new users, will also be able to keep the target easily.

They have made it with multi-materials to decrease the weight. So it does not require much energy to hit with it. Although weight is light, it is unique for the hitting ability and for increasing the speed of the ball. Geocoustic technology has been used in it. Since it is one of the best drivers of all time, so we will definitely go to put it on our best Golf Drivers reviews list.

You are may be thinking of buying this golf driver after reading our review. So we are going to present you some more information about this excellent driver. Before buying it, take a look at all the features, benefits, customer reviews etc.

Best Golf Drivers Reviews
TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Driver 460cc

Product Features

Since they are one of the best golf driver manufacturers of all times, they have given quite a good focus also on the product features. Their driver can be called the mines of features. The question is not like how many features this product has rather the question is which features did not include in it.

Writing all the features will make a whole book. We will not waste your time explaining all those features. We are presenting just some of the necessary features. So let us have a look at the main features.

  • The body is made of multi-materials
  • Very light in weight due to the formation of multi-materials
  • Wide face so targeting is perfect
  • Geocoustic technology has been used to make it
  • Increase the speed 3 times within a moment
  • 4-degree loft sleeve in 12 settings
  • There are dual filling grip in it
  • It can control the flight of the ball
  • It can prevent spin or swing

Amazon Customer Feedback

Although the customer reviews on Amazon carry so much value, in the case of a new product you should not take the reviews as the final standard for judging a product. Even fewer negative reviews have the ability to reduce the average rating of a good product. Since they are new to Amazon, they have very few reviews.

The average rating of the product is 3.9 for a total of 13 reviews. Of which 69% of buyers have given the 5-star feedback and only 8% of buyers have given the 4-star feedback. If you decide it as a bad product based on this statistics, then you will make a great mistake.

Where You Can Buy It From

You may already have experience in buying goods from Amazon. If you have experience then it is easy to buy. Then click on the link here to buy. Then you will be directed to the Amazon page straightly. Then you will understand yourself easily what to do next. After that, place your order for this best quality driver providing the necessary information. This will increase your winner’s score in the golf game.

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2Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver

In the 2nd number of our review list, we will discuss those who will also make world-class golf drivers. We did not have to think twice to select it on our review list. PGX Offset Golf Driver is a driver with enriched features and good quality. The club head of this driver is 460 cc. The offset has been used in it as anti-slice technology.

Besides, a head cover has been fitted on its head. The head face of it is wide so hitting the ball is easy. Excellent controlling the ball is also easy while flying. Especially if you are suffering from slice problems then there are fewer quality drivers than this. Like the first one, we have chosen it automatically in our best Golf Drivers reviews list.

So we did not have to delay to place it on the list. The hitting speed of club face is fantastic. You can take the ball far away even applying the lesser power. There are also many more benefits to it. For your convenience, we are mentioning those in the different points. So take a look at those now.

PGX Offset Golf Driver
Pinemeadow PGX Offset Driver

Product Features

If we try to praise the features of this product then it will be a big write-up. All the features you will get to play golf on it. Whatever we will not broaden this writing describing all those features, we will only present the required features in front of you. Seeing these features, you will understand why it was our automatic choice. So let us see what those features are.

  • Club Head is 460 cc
  • The offset has been used in it as anti-slice technology
  • Due to offset slicing, spinning, the swing can be avoided
  • Excellent control over the flying ball
  • The head cover has been attached to its head
  • The handle is much portable
  • Wide face so convenient for beginners

Amazon Customer Feedback

It is quite a surprising thing for us that why the average rating of this product on Amazon is much lower. Maybe people are not fully satisfied with this product. Yet they are not too much lagging behind from others. It has an average rating of 3.8 for a total of 93 reviews. Of which 42% of buyers have given the 5-star feedback and a total of 33% buyers have given the 4-star feedback.

This shows that they cannot fully satisfy everyone, but many are happy with their product services. You can also buy it by taking a little risk. We can assure that buying this product, you will not going to be a loser.

Where You Can Buy It From

There is nothing tough to buy this driver since we have got the advantage of the internet. We do not have to search here and there in this digital age for this product anymore because we have access to Amazon. Moreover, you are reading our reviews online. After reading online reviews, buying the product from the offline market is not really an intelligent job.

Amazon will be your best choice to buy it. Then do not waste your time unnecessarily and just click on the given link here. Then click on the add cart and make your payment providing your address and card information. Now you are done with your ordering process. After a few days, it will be reached by your address.

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3Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver

The Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver (Men’s, Right Hand, Graphite, Regular) is undoubtedly one of the best quality drivers for those who are right handlers. You will get a lot of extra privileges in this driver which is not available on other drivers.

The wide face of this has the perfect timing for hitting the ball. It is easy with this to control the ball when the ball is in the air. It plays an effective role as an anti-slider or an anti-spinner. It has a large club head of 500 cc. the sweet spot is also made large as well. And you will get a head cover as an additional one. Considering all these benefits, we have placed it on our best Golf Drivers Reviews list.

You will get quite a good angle using the huge sweet spot for it. So the ball will go a very far distance. Due to the wide club head, it also helps the beginners to keep the target right. If you are new and want to learn golf, you must buy it. For your convenience, we have provided some more information here. So let us discuss the details of this wonderful golf driver.

Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver
Pinemeadow PGX 500 Driver

Product Features

Everything has different characteristics. We call them the feature. The feature shows the activity of a product. The product features contain the descriptions of a product about what is the usefulness of the product. They have offered many features in it. So we have mentioned the main features for you. Therefore, you can make your decision easier.

  • 500 cc huge club head
  • The very wide sweet spot
  • The head cover is attached to it for protection
  • It is able to take the ball to the more far distance
  • A good angle is available due to the wide head
  • The ball can be controlled while it is in the air
  • It can protect from swing or spin
  • It is very straight

Amazon Customer Feedback

The Amazon has kept the system so that the buyers can give feedback after buying the product. Their reviews in the Amazon is not that much satisfactory. It may be because of problems with flying the ball. But you are planning to take this for another purpose.

The average rating of the product is 3.5 for a total of 57 reviews. Of which 56% of buyers have given the 5-star feedback and only 13% of buyers have given the 3-star feedback. As you want to take it for more distance and targeting, so feel free to take it. Although with this flying is a little problem, it is one of the best in hitting and targeting.

Where You Can Buy It From

In the old days, we had to run to the market to buy a product. Now almost everything has become online-based since the system has been updated. You can easily buy this driver from Amazon sitting in your house. You just need to click on the link here to buy it from Amazon. Then go to the product page and order one of the best drivers.

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4Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH

Any of the products of Adams is the best quality. They are not lagging behind in making golf drivers. All the drivers made by them will attract you surely. They have used Velocity Slot Technology TM In this driver. This will give you more speed and flexibility. For those who like to spin the ball, this will be the best option. Because it offers the advantage of extra spin. Air swing is excellent with this. You will get lots of comfort in it. Because the handle grip is made of rubber. It looks very slim and is light in weight. So it is easy to hit the ball with it.

There is no need to do any extra work. Although the weight is light, it can send the ball at a very fast speed. Considering the extra spin, we have included it in the best Golf Drivers reviews. After getting this in your hand you will understand that our decision is not wrong. With this, you can easily send the ball far to 300 yards.

There are lot more features of it. To facilitate you, we will mention all of the features in the feature section separately. If you want to spin extra, find out more about this excellent driver.

Adams Golf Men's Blue Driver RH
Adams Golf Men’s Blue Driver RH

Product Features

The feature shows a product’s ability to work. That means what you can do with it, how long it can work, and how the service it will offer and so on are the features. Not mentioning the features in the review keeps it incomplete. That is why we are highlighting the features with maximum importance. Let us get the idea about some of its main features now.

  • Helps the ball to extra spin
  • Cheap at the price so affordable for everyone
  • Velocity Slot Technology TM has been used
  • It offers an increased speed due to this technology
  • Club Face is wide so it keeps targeting right
  • Very straight and slim. Nice to see
  • Lightweight so no extra power is needed to hit

Amazon Customer Feedback

If you see their feedback on Amazon, you will understand that they are in quite a good position. So far 93 customers have reviewed this and the average rating for this product is 4.6. This is a good average rating considering any product.

It has been possible to retain such an average rating as it has been able to satisfy customers. 77% of their buyers have given the 5-star feedback and only 12% of buyers have given the 4-star feedback. So you should not have any doubts after viewing their Amazon reviews. You can buy it without any hesitation.

Where You Can Buy It From

If you like it, then you are thinking about where you can get it. There is nothing to think about that. As we have reviewed, we will also tell you the way of buying. You can buy it from Amazon. So do not delay your time anymore and now click here. Then, following some steps on the Amazon, you can order your desired golf driver.

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5Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver

We have listed the Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver at the 5th position in our list of the reviews. It is not only great in name but also great in performance. It is made of bigger bertha. The head of this is very light and stable. So that hitting the ball becomes a lot easier.

They have used Next Genrmoto technology to make it. Because of this technology, you will get a lot of speed on the ball and the ball will go a far distance. The club face has been made very thin. Still, the hitting ability is very strong.

You can adjust to any position with this in the fastest way. Because it is very light in weight. the handle of this is quite charming to look at and the grip is very comfortable. And there is also anti-slice technology, like traditional drivers. Considering everything it has lots of benefits. That is why we have included it in our today’s best Golf Drivers reviews discussion.

They are unique in quality and advantages so we did not think twice to choose it for our review list. Whatever, we are going to present some more information to you about this beautiful driver. Take a quick look at the information here.

Callaway Men's Great Big Bertha Driver
Callaway Men’s Great Big Bertha Driver

Product Features

There are so many features of it. Since all the features are not for golf so we do not want to waste precious time by providing unnecessary features. In the light of our experience, we will present the features that you are in need of. So let us take a look at the attractive features of this driver.

  • Next Genrmoto technology has been used. So it will increase the speed of the ball
  • The perfect design that made it light in weight
  • It works as anti-slice
  • The face is much wider. So the beginners can use it very well
  • Light and stable head design
  • Very light in weight so easy to move
  • Adjustable to any angle

Amazon Customer Feedback

The majority of the buyers are satisfied with their product on Amazon. The evidence of which is their review rating. 39 buyers have rated so far and the average rating is 4.4. This is quite a good rating. 72% of the buyers were satisfied and have reviewed the 5-star feedback and 18% of customers have reviewed the 4-star review.

This shows that they are very good at product surveys. Otherwise, so many people did not putt high rating. You can also keep it on your favorite list of drivers.

Where You Can Buy It From

You are reading reviews sitting at your home and we will suggest you go to the market to buy it. You can buy it online. For that, you have to click here. Then you will understand yourself how to order. Order it confirming your payment and address. Amazon will send the driver within a few days to your address.

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6Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver Review

Callaway makes such a good quality golf driver that they have come up with another model keeping the customer demand in their consideration. The model name for this driver is Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver. This is also a high-quality product with good work performance.

They have more attention to the dimension in it. It has excellent forgiveness as it has a larger shape for MO. They have given the touch of the aerodynamic technology on it. So that soon after hitting the ball, it moves at a quicker speed. The face angle is superb so a light forceful hit can send the ball to a distant place. Next Genrmoto technology has been used in it for extra speed. In a word, this model is a speeding king.

There is no other better option than this driver for those who want to force golf balls at high speed. For this extra speed, we have put it in the best Golf Drivers reviews list. The head of this nice driver is made of titanium which is very strong. If you are crazy about speed, then we are presenting some more information for you. So that you can make your decision firmly in the meantime.

Callaway Men's XR 16 Driver
Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver

Product Features

If you want to buy something then at first you should see the product features. After seeing the feature you can understand whether it can meet your needs or not. The product features include much information about what are the activities of the product, why does the company produce the product etc. So let us get some more idea about the main features.

  • Speed has been increased using the next Genrmoto technology
  • Designed in the aerodynamic system. That is why the ball gets the hit with extreme power
  • Extreme forgiveness helps to keep the center of gravity at the lower and deeper
  • Can take the ball very far away
  • Light in weight compared to the previous one
  • Specially made for speed
  • The face is very speeds as well as very strong. Titanium made face lasts long

Amazon Customer Feedback

Callaway has brought this product new to the market, but in the meantime, it has got quite good responses. You can see the proof of this in the Amazon review section. Average rating of this nice golf driver is 4.4 out of 45 reviewers. Of which 71% of the buyers were fully satisfied.

That means they have given the 5-star feedback. And only a total of 16% customers have reviewed the 4 stars. Now you must understand that people did not give 5 stars without any reason. This provides a good quality product service.

Where You Can Buy It From

You can buy it in many places. But we suggest you buy it from Amazon instead of buying from any so-called shop. Because Amazon is the most trusted online shop in the world. If you want to buy from Amazon, click here. Then complete the rest of the steps and order it yourself. Amazon will send your product in the due time to your address.

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7Titleist 915 D2 Driver Review

We have come up with all the surprising drivers one by one in the review. It that continuation, we have placed the Titleist 915D2 9.5 Degree Driver Diamana S + Blue 60 Stiff Graphite Right at the serial number of 7. This driver is a bit different from other drivers. This is a premium-level product, which means the price is a bit higher.

You will be able to hit 9.5-degree angle with this driver. The club head is designed with 3D. The shape of the face is very beautiful to look at. This beautiful head hits the ball hard and the ball runs away at a brutal speed. The grip is very comfortable so there is no problem in using it. That is why it is in our best Golf Drivers reviews. The seller did not specify any information about it.

Still, we will give you some ideas about this nice driver after observing the structure of it. Then let us know something more about this good quality driver now.

Titleist 915D2 9.5 Degree Driver Diamana S+ Blue 60 Stiff Graphite Right
 Titleist 917 D2 Driver Review

Product Features

A product has many versatile features. Knowing the features, it becomes easier to make a decision. Although there is no feature mentioned for this on Amazon for this product. But there is nothing to be disappointed about that. We will surely present the features of this beautiful driver in front of you. Let us take a look at the unknown features of this driver.

  • You can hit 9.5-degree angle with this driver
  • This 60 Stiff Graphite Right driver can give the ball brutal speed
  • 3D Club Head
  • Excellent design head face
  • The speed of the ball increases
  • Works as Anti Slice

Amazon Customer Feedback

They are totally new in the Amazon. So far this excellent golf driver got all the 5-star review from everyone. This means that those who have selected this new product in the market from hundreds of old products did not get fooled. They are fully satisfied. So, all of them gave 5 stars. You can choose it from the hundreds of brands. We can assure you that you will not be cheated. Although new as a seller, they are pro level of quality.

Where You Can Buy It From

Since you are reading the review online, this question is not appropriate. Based on the reviews, we suggest you the product. So now click on the link given here. Then go to the Amazon page and order it. Wait a few days and then you will get your desired product at your home.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!

8Cobra Golf Max Offset Driver RH

They have maintained the effectiveness of the name of Cobra. As the name Cobra is king in the world of snakes, similarly they are also one of the best in producing the golf drivers. It is not an issue that they are placing at 8th position in the list; they will be one of the top driver producers in terms of performance.

They have used offset to the clubface. So that the ball will not slice. The ball will move straight. Different speed channel has been used in it. So the thickness of the face gets reduced. Because of which the weight became light. It is easy to hit because of its lightweight. Although the density of the face has decreased, the speed has increased several times.

They have used smart pad technology to shape the square face. Due to the square face, it does not matter where you are hitting it while you want to take a lofted shot. It works well with all the angels.

You can use it in 9-12 degree angle. It is also quickly adjustable for faster movement. Considering all this, it did not have any other best way but keep it in our best Golf Drivers Reviews. To increase your curiosity, we are going to share more information about it. So let us see what that information is.

Cobra Golf Max Offset Driver RH
Cobra Golf Max Offset Driver RH

Product Features

One of the most important parts of a product review is the features. Without the features, a product review is like a curry without salt. So we took this matter seriously. Therefore, we will present its main features in front of you. Take a quick look at the features now.

  • The offset has been used to the clubface to prevent the slice
  • Keep the direction of the ball straight
  • The square face has made with smart pad technology
  • Very light in weight due to the square face
  • Increases the speed of the ball greatly
  • Back CG assists in zone reposition
  • The hand grip is very comfortable

Amazon Customer Feedback

They got the average review on Amazon. It may be far less publicity. Their average review rating is 3.8 out of a total of 18 reviewers. Of which 56% of the buyers were fully satisfied. That means they have given the 5-star feedback. And 22% of buyers reviewed the  4-star feedback.

Although Amazon reviews are very important you have to see the quality before making the final decision. The features we mentioned here indicate that it is a high quality and more advantageous product. So you can choose it.

Where You Can Buy It From

Online shopping is becoming more popular day by day. Online shopping is saving the time of people. If you want to save time, click on this link. Product pages will come in front of you. Mention the quantity there, then click on the add to cart option. Then order this wonderful golf driver confirming your payment, and address etc.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!

9Taylormade Men’s M1 460cc Driver

Can you remember we have reviewed their M2 golf drivers at the very beginning? This driver is the previous version of that. So what it is one of the old models, still it is quite smart in terms of opportunity.

They have used Fujikura Pro 60g shaft in it. It is easy to hit because of its lightweight. The advantage of this is that you can grip it in 360 degrees. It means that you can hit it keeping the face from any side.

All the sides are suitable to hit. The 460 cc club face sends the ball in the air at a very fast speed. Their head faces are quite wide. Especially this is a wonderful golf driver for new golfers. It is hard for a beginner to keep the target right.

You can do that effortlessly with this wonderful driver. There are also many other benefits of this good quality driver. We will discuss those in the due time. Considering all the advantages, we have listed this nice driver in our today’s best Golf Drivers Reviews. Further details are presented below for you.

TaylorMade Men's M1 460cc Driver
TaylorMade Men’s M1 460cc Driver

Product Features

If you want to know what to do with the drivers, which job it is good for then you need to read the features. The performance is known through the feature. Many features are common to all golf drivers. We are notifying all the effective features of avoiding all the unnecessary features. Let us see those here now.

  • It has multiple draws, neutral, and fade settings
  • Wide club face
  • Adjustable to 360-degree mood
  • Very light in weight
  • Comes with the Fujikura Pro 60g shaft and Lamkin Performance 360 grip
  • Excellent comfortable grip made of rubber
  • Premium level products which will increase your nobility

Amazon Customer Feedback

Whatever product they bring, they will have their high ratings in the Amazon. This is because they are getting buyers’ confidence. The average rating for this product is 4.3 out of total 61 reviewers. Of which 77% of buyers have given the 5-star review and only 7% of customers have given the 4-star review.

Despite being a very expensive product, their reviews are of very high-level. You can use their golf driver confidently. Because their bad reviews are difficult to find out.

Where You Can Buy It From

This is a very simple question. It is not a matter of buying this in the era of the internet. You can buy it from Amazon after a few clicks. For this, you have to click here first. Then there will come a new page. Order there with the necessary information. The rest of the work will be done by Amazon. Within a few days, they will send it to your address.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!

10Cobra Men’s King F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft)

Another good quality golf driver for Cobra is Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver (Adjustable Loft). But it has been made differently without using offset technology as of before. So, both of the two models got listed in our review. F6 CG TUNING adjusted it from front to back.

Therefore, the ball can fly with more roll, greater forgiveness. The thickness of this driver has been reduced by using E9 technology on its face. That is why it became light in weight and looks nice too. And the sweet zone has increased even more. My -flight 8 has been used in it to keep the ball right while the ball is in the air. Moreover, the speed channel of it is their immense innovation. It can multiply the speed on the sweet zone.

Considering all of it, we did not have any other way to exclude it from our today’s best Golf Drivers reviews. Although it is at the 10th serial numbers on the list, it is similar to those of the above-mentioned drivers in terms of quality and convenience. For the sake of your understanding, we will discuss a lot about unknown things about this. So let us get started now.

Cobra Men's KING F6 Driver
Cobra Men’s KING F6 Driver

Product Features

First of all, we will remind you that you should take a look at the feature before buying something. Because of the feature, you can understand what its work is, whether you will be able to use it or not. It has many attractive features. We will mainly discuss the essential features here. Let us see, for the golfers, what are the features they have included.

  • F6 CG TUNING-F6 Drivers featuring adjustable ‘Front to Back’ CG technology
  • Greater forgiveness that plays a great role in the flight of the ball
  • The face has been made with E9 technology
  • Because of this technology, the weight of the face is greatly reduced
  • The sweet zone is very broad
  • Multiplies the speed of the ball
  • My Flight-8 has been used for the lofted shot

Amazon Customer Feedback

In Amazon, this product of Cobra has earned quite a good reputation. You can understand that after seeing their average rating. So far a total of 64 customers have reviewed this product and it has an average rating of 4.4. 75% of buyers are satisfied so they have given the 5-star feedback and 25% customers have given the 4-star review. It is also a very good product in our opinion. So buy this nice driver without any hesitation.

Where You Can Buy It From

If you decide that you will buy it then you should wait anymore. Because no one knows when it is going to be out of stock. So before that try to buy it. Now click on the link here. Then you will be directed to the Amazon site. Since the site is Amazon so feel free to order it. Because Amazon does not compromise on quality. After some days of your order, the parcel will come to your address.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon!

Your Golf Driver Buying Guide!

So far we have discussed the Best Golf Drivers Reviews. But before buying, you need some suggestions. Otherwise, you will not be able to buy the perfect golf drivers. You are new here so you might not know what you should see before buying a driver. Leave the responsibility to us without getting any tension.

We are offering detailed guidelines for new golfers for buying golf drivers. If you follow our suggestions then buying a driver will be so much easy for you.

Club Head

Club head is different for each person. It depends on the skills of the golfers. But the most common club head is of lightweight or adjustable weight. Choose the drivers which have lightweight or adjustable weight club head.

Size Of Club Head

There are different size club heads available on the market now. The maximum size is 460 cc. The more the size of the club head, the more the size of the sweet spot. And you will get a huge area. You should take a driver having big-size club head for the distant shot. 460 cc club head is of standard quality. But small size club head is also available in the market.


This is a very important feature. Before buying, you must see the different angle and position adjustment of it. The golfers have to take the shot in the front, back, left and right. If it is not adjustable then you have to work hard.

Sometimes it can be shortened by compressing the handle and sometimes the size of it can be increased by taking the fold off. If the size is adjustable, then you can use it from any angle and position. So before buying a golf driver, you must see whether it is adjustable or not. If not adjustable, exclude it from your favorites list.


The loft is basically not a different feature. However, you should see it before buying. There is now ball technology and larger driver head sizes. That means the combination of two, the higher loft generates a long drive. The higher loft is actually like the higher launch angle which can take the ball to farther place.

So when buying a driver, you must see whether it is lofted or not that means whether it can take the ball farther places or not. That is why you need to see the angle of the driver. It is 9.5 or 10.5-degree angle perfect driver. But you can customize it if you want.


Shafts are very important for those who want to send the ball at the accurate distance. By this, it is possible to guess how far the ball will go. Those who are high swing speed golfers should choose the stiffer shaft driver. Because these can keep the accuracy right. And If you are a player of slower swing speed then buy a flexible shaft driver. In total, you have to buy a golf driver based on your skills.


It is one of the most important parts of the golf driver. Because keeping the hand here the golfer hit the ball. If the grip is not good then you will miss the target, lose the accuracy, and not get the speed. And the biggest thing is that you may end up with your hand injury.

So the grip should be very comfortable. The rubber grip is very good. Before purchasing, you should hold the grip with your hands to look whether it is comfortable or not.


Before buying, it is important to see which material it is made of. In the past, it was made of persimmon woods. Then the steel golf drivers came to the market. And now almost all drivers are made of titanium or composite. Titanium body is the most popular.

This is because the titanium body is very light in weight and it is also strong and long-lasting. Club head and sweet spot are very strong. It can be widened largely without increasing the weight. So those golf drivers will be best which are made of titanium.


COR is the Coefficient of Restitution It measures the transferred energy The more power you give to the driver, the COR increases that power more and hit the ball and this is the activities of COR. Suppose you hit the driver 1 times the speed, then it will transfer the power to 80 times the speed of the force on the ball. That means you got 80 times the power putting only 1 times the power. So buy a driver who can transfer more power.

Face Angle

Face Angle also carries the importance of buying golf drivers. The face angle is the place from where the golfer hits the ball. Face angle differs depending on the golfers. Face angle controls on the flight of the ball. If you want to slice the ball, then buy a closed face angle with the square club head driver. And if you want to hook it to left, then open face angle driver is the best option.

Center Of Gravity

The Center of Gravity or CG will help you to keep the balance perfect. The golfers can easily move to any side as they wish. An adjustable weight golf driver is needed for that. Before buying, check that if the weight is adjustable or not.

Benefits Of Custom Settings

The fact is not like that everything will be set automated. Rather, many customs made things are required to fit. If you make and fit it doing customization, you can use it as you wish. There have many advantages of custom fittings. Here are some benefits mentioned below.

Getting The Right Equipment

Currently, there are plenty of drivers available in the market having nearly similar configurations. Then it would be difficult for anyone to decide which one to take and which one to leave. Hundreds of companies have come up with shiny models. It is really difficult to choose the best one for a lot of models. The easiest solution for it is to customize it so that you are getting a driver according to your mindset.

You can make it as your wish like how would be the head Faces, club head, sweet spot, weight, grip etc. which you will never get from a readymade driver. So the customization will offer you the perfect driver.

Free Custom Facility

When you will go to the showroom of the manufacturers to customize the driver, they will get it customized made for you with free of cost. You do not have to pay extra for this. It is a good fact that everything will be according to your choice but they will not take any charge. Since you do not have to pay any money to make it customized, so we will suggest to you that it is better for you to customize.

Beneficial For Everyone

Everyone can get customized benefits. It is not an issue whether you are a pro or a newbie. Anyone can get it custom made based on their wish. The driver of a pro-level golfer and the new golfers must not be the same. So you can enjoy the custom benefits and modify it as per your requirement. Totally, it is useful for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Some common questions come to us always. We did not give all the answers individually rather we have included all the answers here. It will help you to understand. Take a look at our questions and answers.

Q: How do I clean my golf drivers?

Answer: Take a clean cloth first. Then take a little detergent in a nylon brush and clean it in 5-10 minutes. You can do this after playing golf every time.

Q: Do I need to buy a complete set to start playing?

Answer: No, you do not need it. If you want, you can buy the golf set usable for the beginners from the market.

Q: How many clubs can I carry in my bag?

Answer: According to the golf rules you can take up to 14 clubs together. However, our suggestion is that you should take less than 14 clubs in your bag.

Q: How do I clean the grips of the golf club?

Answer: It is a very easy job. At first, put a wet cloth on the head of the grip. Then after a while, clean it with another cloth. The grip will be neat and clean.

Final Thoughts

Dear readers, we have come to the end of the review so far. Hopefully, you do not have any boringness to read this huge review. We have written a review of golf driver with the maximum efforts. We have included all those drivers on our review list which all the experienced golfers recommend for, which one has the high quality and facilities, and which have good reviews on Amazon.

So we can say that all the drivers are the best in their own place. You can choose any one of the above-mentioned drivers according to your own preference. As well as the best golf drivers reviews, we also provided buying guidelines. If you follow our guidelines, you can buy the best quality golf driver.

We have highlighted the facts at different points based on which you should buy a golf driver. If you buy a driver after reading our reviews then our review writing will be successful. Goodbye for today and stay tuned.



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