Are you finding the best golf ball for slice? Are you overwhelmed with all the biased reviews on the internet and confused about which one to buy? Then this might be the best solution for you as we will reveal our list of the best golf ball for slice.

Slicing stands for the ball going rightwards than its actual direction for the right handers and leftwards for the left handers. Slicing is an issue that beginners face the most. To get rid of this issue, golf balls are tweaked here and there so that you can get the perfect slice every time.

But finding such a ball isn’t an easy task. We have done vast comparisons between golf balls to determine whether they are good for slicing or not. Depending on the test results, we have come up with this list of the best golf ball for slice which will help you.

We have also included a buying guide for the best golf ball for slice so that you don’t forget the smallest details while buying. And every item on the list will be highlighted with their pros and cons. Without any further due, let’s get started.

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Best Golf Ball For Slice Buying Guide

While buying the best golf ball for slice, you have to keep certain things in mind to have the best item for your hard earned money. Please check the following points and make sure you are taking them into consideration while choosing a golf ball.


The first thing that comes into our mind while discussing a golf ball is the construction of the ball as it is the most vital criteria to consider. Golf balls are different depending on their construction and show different results in the game. Let’s see.

The very basic golf balls are made of only one layer and hence called one-piece balls. They are generally made of Surlyn, a polymer that is vastly used to make golf ball cores. In one-piece balls, the whole ball is moulded as a single piece and the outer surface of the ball is moulded with dimples to help in the aerodynamics of the ball.

Beginners or kids mostly use these balls for practice. For the two-piece balls, you will find a solid core inside that is made of high energy acrylate or resin, and the outer layer is a coating of either Surlyn or other polymers.

Three-piece golf balls are pretty same in design except they have an extra layer added than the previous one. In this case, the ball core is made of either solid or liquid rubber. The middle layer is made of enhanced rubber, and the outer layer is made of Surlyn or Urethane like materials.

This is where golfers start to get the advantage of spin-separation. It is an incident when there will be a change in the side spin of the golf balls due to their softer construction. As a result, four or five piece balls are much softer than two or three-piece balls.

The softer the ball, the easier to control the ball flight and the roll on the green. But often beginners can’t handle the softer configuration, and this is why a four or five-piece ball won’t be the ideal choice for beginners.


Spin is another great factor when choosing the best golf ball for slice because slicing mostly depends on the side spin of the ball. How does balls respond to the hit depending on their construction? Let’s find out next.

If you are a beginner, you might want to go with the low spin golf balls that are comparatively harder. Due to the solid core and fewer layers, the force exerted from the club is directly transferred to the core to give the ball a high inertia primarily.

This gives the ball a greater loft but they don’t cover the maximum distance you want. Then why should you use these balls? Because they will roll further than other balls due to low spinning configuration. They will also be a great choice for slicing.

For the mid spin balls, you will find a balance between the ball spin and distance. As a result, a wide range of players find it the most effective while playing, from beginners to expert professionals.

High spinning golf balls are more often used by expert players who want that feel of the ball being in control. Due to the high spinning configuration, these balls tend to start their flight with a backspin. Though the degree of the backspin isn’t much, this gives the ball a curved flight that often helps players to control the ball better on the green.

Finding the best golf ball for slice will require you to test numerous balls of different configurations to compare the performance, and we suggest you go for a balanced ball that gives both the feel and distance.


We often hear expert players discussing compression but what is it actually? Does it have any effect on the ball speed and distance? Does it have any effect on your game? Let’s find out.

Compression is referred to the de-shaping of the ball due to the force applied on the surface of the ball by the club head. This force creates pressure on the ball surface and different balls react differently to that force.

Golf balls usually deflect a maximum of 5mm and indicated to have a compression number 0. On the other hand, balls that don’t get deflected upon hit are indicated to have a compression number of 200. This way, you know the balls with lower compression numbers are softer and higher compression numbers are harder.

Keeping this in mind, you have to choose a golf ball with the right compression number depending on your experience level and personal preference. Golf balls with lower compression numbers are perfect for slicing.

It’s time to reveal the list of the best golf ball for slice that have been tested on different criteria and will be perfect for your slices. Take a look on the list.

1. Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Balls

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The very first item on our list of the best golf ball for slice is this cute, small buddy from Bridgestone who has mastered the technology of golf balls and produced other equipment with the same popularity for about a century.

E6 is one of the most popular golf balls that stands into their product line and is made of a stable rubber core to withstand the force on the ball. You will also find the top coating of the ball softer than many other balls which will be a great feature to prevent slice.

Coming to the performance assessment, this ball is great for any level players as it stands out due to its delta dimple design which noticeably reduces air resistance to give the ball a longer and straighter flight path.

As the compression is low, the ball is much softer which can be your advantage while the ball is rolling on the green or taking off the ground. The ball tends to reduce side spin hence lowers the chance of slices. This high performance ball is a must have in your kit bag.

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2. Polara Self Correcting 2-Piece Golf Balls

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As you know the configuration of 2-piece balls, Polara has come up with a ball of that type that makes its place on the list of the best golf ball for slice. This is a golf ball that is not made for professional golfers. Neither the ball is PGA approved.

This ball is completely intended for fun and recreation and made for the players who play occasionally. If you want to practice with a ball that will help you in correcting slices, this can be a very good option.

The ball is marked with an arrow that should be placed towards the direction you want the ball to go. It is then used to calculate the deviation of angle from the expected path and you instantly know what to do for consecutive shots.

This ball is also great to prevent miss hits and gives the ultimate spin control on any course. Once you hit the ball with a driver or long irons, it will take off much quicker and give you the distance you need to score. Moreover, you get that extra advantage of ball control on the green which is worth mentioning here.

While this 2-piece ball is made of soft rubber core, it has an ionomer coating on the top which compensates for that extra distance. Dimples on the surface help the ball to get better aerodynamics while up in the air.

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3. Sporting Goods Smart Core Golf Ball

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Let us introduce you with this golf ball from Wilson who has been making golf equipment for a long time and they have used smart core technology in this ball to give you the maximum distance and feel possible.

This is a 3-piece ball where the inner two layers are made of soft rubber compound and the outer layer is made of Ionomer. This gives the ball a clear edge when it comes to spin control and playability.

With a compression number of 85, the ball is on the softer side. As a result, it will spin less when you hit the ball off the tee. The flight path will also be pretty straight compared to other balls in this category.

When hitting with a driver or long iron, the ball will cover enough distance to give you the perfect score and will also be in control once you are on the green. The spin is also considered to increase on the green along with more feel than inside the tee.

Smart core technology allows the ball to react differently depending on the swing speed of different players so you know the ball will be your best companion when taking long shots. Though the build quality doesn’t seem to be very good, the minimal price point and 24 balls in the pack compensates enough.

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4. Titleist Pro V1 Prior Generation Golf Balls

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This ball is pretty much similar to other balls on our list of the best golf ball for slice as this comes with a 3-piece configuration. The inner core is made of rubber and the middle layer is made of a urethane compound.

These two layers help the ball to absorb the energy from the club head and lift up the ball in the air pretty quick. While in the air, the dimples on the outer surface help the ball fight air resistance and give it the maximum distance possible.

When hitting with a driver or long iron, the ball doesn’t show the impact resistance at once. But once the ball is in the air, it travels straightly as much distance as possible. It also reduces the chance of slices and miss hits to improve your game.

If you are on the tee and hitting the ball with a greater swing speed, it will adjust the ball spin according to the swing and the flight path will maintain a steady course. But after landing on the green, the ball will be much softer in feel and the control will be awesome.

With all these features, the ball comes in a set of 12 and the price is a bit higher compared to its competitors. But the performance compensates for the price and it is now time to check its pros and cons.

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5. Srixon Soft Feel Men’s Golf Balls, Prior Generation (One Dozen)

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Srixon might not be one of the most popular brands in the golf industry, but they make some quality products including soft golf balls that have an astonishing low compression number of 60. It is the lowest compression among the balls we have placed on this list.

With such a softer ball, taking long shots will be bread and butter for you even if you are a beginner. Plus, slice will be reduced to a great extent as the ball delivers quite good speed and accuracy. Due to less side spin, the ball is faster when leaving the tee and stops much quicker on the green.

Once you reach there, controlling the ball becomes even easier and the feeling increases with every shot. The outer coating of the ball helps to transfer the energy to the solid core and results in a greater ball speed. Whether you are playing with a driver or long iron, it is supposed to cover the maximum distance without deviating from its actual route.

Circular dimples on the surface helps the ball fight air resistance and become noticeably smooth while up in the air. It gives you the confidence required to make an expert player over time. With this ball, you are rarely going to make slices and miss hits. It is that good.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We have answered some of the most frequently asked questions below, but please feel free to contact me if you have any others.

1. What Causes a Golf Ball to Slice?

Golfers love the challenge of playing a ball that slices. With one slice, you can shave off at least 25 yards of distance and hit a landing spot that may be more desirable than the big hook. We’ll look at what causes a golf ball to slice and ways to cure your slice once and for all.

2. Can Standing Too Close to the Golf Ball Cause a Slice? 

The answer is yes. Standing too close to the ball causes your club face to be open at impact, which makes for a slicing shot. Standing farther away from the ball allows for better alignment and more control over where your ball ends on the course.

3. Is There a Golf Ball That Helps With Slice?

Yes, there is! We’ve recommended my top 8 best golf balls for slice. They’re the type of balls that can help you fix your problem with slicing above.

Final Words

This was everything for the best golf ball for slice. You might get a lot of suggestions here and there, but this list of the best golf ball for slice is surely going to help.

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