This Nike Mojo golf balls review is going to save your back if you are up to buying a relatively cheaper set of golf balls for practice or if you are a beginner and don’t want to lose your money in water holes. Losing expensive balls here and there is not a good option. Neither buying a cheap ball that ruins your game is the solution.

Things will become easier when you have a combination of price and performance and Nike Mojo golf balls are on the podium in this category. We thought why not we come up with an in-depth Nike Mojo golf balls review that can serve your cravings for a good golf ball.

This Nike Mojo golf balls review will cover the features from different perspectives so that you can be confident about the credibility of the ball. We will also find out its pros and cons to give you a clearer idea about what you should expect and what not.

Without any further due, let’s get into it and discover what this ball has to offer. Check it out In-depth Review Best Golf Balls for High Handicap Golfers.

Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review

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This might be the only Nike Mojo golf balls review on the internet where even the smallest details will be counted to show you the whole picture. No stones will be left unturned to reveal the truth before you.

We assume that you know the very basics about golf balls and will not focus on elaborating them to make this review unnecessarily lengthy. Sit back, relax and enjoy the Nike Mojo golf balls review.

Design Aspect

Golf has quite a glamour in terms of enthusiasm and sportsmanship where the golf ball might look smaller but not any less important than the other equipment of the game. With the advancement of technology, it has been proven that the design of golf balls can have a great effect on the performance.

In this situation, brands have come up with new design ideas that vastly changed the game. A few tweaks here and there can change the performance of any golf ball to a great extent and give you better forgiveness.

Before we discuss Nike Mojo golf balls, you should know about the difference in layers of the balls and the compression number of the balls. Golf balls can be made of either a single layer or multi layers.

The balls with multi layers are usually made of a hard core and a softer coating to lower the compression number. Compression refers to the amount of the deviation of the ball from its normal shape due to the force exerted by the club heads.

This energy is then transferred to the ball core and gives the ball enough inertia to cover the required distance. The harder the core, the more will be the distance. But golf balls are not only for covering distances. Rather they have to maintain a steady flight path to go the direction you need.

Nike Mojo golf balls are made of two layers where the inner layer is the solid core that makes the base of the ball and it is then layered with an ionomer coating to give a softer finish. With a compression of 77, this ball is on the softer side and will be a better option for beginners or kids to play with.

We have also to mention the dimples on the ball to make it more aerodynamic and to have a better grip on the ground. As everything is covered, that also in this price range, this ball can definitely be your top choice.


Nike Mojo golf balls are pretty similar to any other golf balls on the market and there is nothing special to mention here except the dark branding on the ball that makes a good contrast with the bright white surface.

This makes it easier for you to locate your ball on the green and to differentiate your ball from others because of the black marking on the ball. And the dimples on the ball not only makes it look better but improves the aerodynamics as well.


The main purpose of buying any golf ball is to get the best performance possible. Does Nike Mojo fulfil that requirement? Does it cover the distance you need? Does it achieve the speed as required? Read the next and get everything sorted.

In terms of performance, Nike Mojo golf balls aren’t the best in the market. One thing to remember, they aren’t the worst too. In regard to their very cheap price, Nike Mojo gives enough ball speed and distance that will be fine for most of the beginners.

Due to the low compression, the ball is on the softer side and you will get a soft response from the ball when hit by the club. Regardless of the club you are playing with, the ball will tend to start off at a high velocity and finish with a distance that is greater than other balls in this class.

Lower compression of the ball will also help in preventing the unnecessary spin of the ball and will compensate for the direction by a notable amount. This small amount can have a great impact on your results and even if you are a beginner, your game will be improved a lot.

Let’s talk about the other side too. This ball is not a great option for senior or expert players as the feel on this ball will never be up to the mark but it totally justifies the price of the ball. Those who are playing professionally for a long time, they won’t even come to this price range but if they do, this will be a great disappointment.

Apart from this, Nike Mojo golf ball is a pretty good choice for those who don’t want to spend a lot on a ball but have the performance at the same time.


One of the main headaches about the golf ball is their high price which isn’t always affordable by beginners or players who just want to practice. Even for the experienced players, losing an expensive ball in the water holes is such a regret.

With Nike Mojo golf balls, you don’t have to worry about losing. We aren’t saying that you won’t lose balls, rather we are saying that it won’t affect your pocket as much expensive balls do. And you get a set of 24 balls in the package where most other manufacturers provide 12 balls in a set.

This overruns the insufficiency of golf balls when you need it and there will be no hindrance to your practice. Go on the course and hit as much as you can. Though lost balls can affect your score but it will not cut your pocket any more.

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Is Nike Mojo Golf Balls A Good Choice For Senior Players?

In light of the previous discussion, it is pretty clear that the Nike Mojo golf balls are made focusing on the cheaper market where people generally overlook the maximum performance from a golf ball. This is the section where balls are mainly purchased for practice.

Though the Nike Mojo golf balls are pretty up to the mark compared to their price range, it can never be the perfect choice for the senior or expert players as the compression number is low. It will be very tough to control the rolling of the ball on the green.

But it will be a good choice for the beginners or kids at the same time due to its lower side spin which will make it easier to hit the ball to the right direction.

Nike Mojo Golf Balls Review: Pros and Cons

Now is the time to make this Nike Mojo golf balls review complete with the most interesting part and that is the pros and cons of Nike Mojo golf balls. It will help you to take a glance at the ball rapidly and make a quick decision when necessary. Let’s see.

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Final Words

We decide to conclude the Nike Mojo golf balls review here and leave it to your fine sense of judgement. If you are looking for a golf ball that will keep you in practice without looting you, then Nike Mojo golf balls are the best choice.

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