Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews & Buying Guide 2021

As a golfer, you surely want to win. Everyone has the desire to win in sports. Similarly, you do not obviously want to lose when you go to play golf. Golf is kind of a game that you cannot win only by talent. To win here, you need to apply tactics, you need modern equipment. It is very easy to fix tactics if the latest equipment is available.

The rangefinder is one of the most important carts that play vital roles in the game of golf. When you play the long distance golf, you are helpless without the rangefinder. This is because you cannot measure the accurate distance by the bare eyes. But if you have a rangefinder, you can calculate the exact distance of the target object taking just a few seconds. Only good quality rangefinders can measure the accurate distance of the target object.

As the golf reviewers, we are going to introduce you today with some of the best rangefinders. We would like to discuss the 10 selected and best quality rangefinders in our best Golf Rangefinder reviews. So let us see which rangefinders are the best of times that can measure the accurate distance.

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Top 10 Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews

We are pretty sure that you are quite excited about reading the best Golf Rangefinder reviews. Now we would like to start the review without making you wait much. Our review includes all such as details, features, specifications, and facilities of rangefinders. For that, we will review each rangefinder in some specific sections.

All you have to do is pay attention while reading. Then you can understand which rangefinder can meet how much of your needs, which one is compatible with your needs and so on. After reading our reviews, you will get a detailed guide to buying rangefinders. So let us start the detailed review now without delaying any time.

1Barska Golf Scope Rangefinder

If you are looking for an easy-to-carry small size rangefinder, then your best choice would be the BARSKA Blueline rangefinder. Because it is very small in size. Its dimension is only 1.6 x 1.4 x 3.7 inches and weight is just 5.2oz. It is able to measure the clearest distance from 50 to 200 yards.

You will not have any problem measuring the distance when you play golf in the middle of the hot sun. Because of ruby coated optics, you will get this benefit. And there is no scope to talk about the quality and long lasting of this good-looking rangefinder.

Leather and nylon have been used in it as the materials, all of which are imported. The more amazing information for you, it is waterproof so you can play golf without any hassle during the rain. And yes, they offer you a warranty for a limited time.

We have no other way to exclude it from the list of our Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews because of its quality, portability, performance. In a short distance golf game, BARSKA Blueline is a very effective rangefinder.

Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews
BARSKA Blueline Golf Scope

Tiny Size: It is so small that you can easily walk around taking it in your pocket. It is only 3.7 inches long, due to which there is no problem to carry it. As a golfer, you can expect to get all the carts in one bag. So this small rangefinder will not bother you in your expectations. It will occupy very little space in the bag. Likewise, due to the lightweight, it will not make your golf cart bag too heavy.

Waterproof: Suppose you are playing golf and suddenly the rain comes down. And at the same time, you need to measure the distance of the target object. So if your rangefinder is not waterproof then you will have to stop your game immediately after the rain comes. BARSKA Blueline knows very well about the disturbances of rain. That is why they have made this rangefinder waterproof. There will be no problem in playing your golf while the rain comes. You can continue your golf playing during the rain effortlessly.

Features And Specifications

  • It is light in weight, small in size and portable
  • Waterproof so it is possible to play in the rain
  • Coated optics has been used that works also in sunlight
  • No battery is needed to run it
  • You will get limited lifetime guarantee benefits

There is no doubt that it is a perfect rangefinder for you in considering everything such as the size, weight, and body construction etc. of this rangefinder. It does not even need batteries to run.

The rangefinder will get you the maximum benefit at a lower cost. Do not underestimate that it will not last long as the price is lower. To prove your idea wrong, they are offering a lifetime guarantee in it. Considering all, there is no scope to become a loser after buying BARSKA Blueline rangefinder.

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2Halo Xl450-7 Laser Rangefinder

What do you want to play golf while hitting the ball in the long distance? You want the distance measurement of the target object would be perfectly accurate, is not that? Then listen, Halo XL450-7 Laser Rangefinder can meet all of your requirements. It takes a very short time to measure the distance with the help of the laser ray. The laser beam goes to the target object and comes back after hitting it.

If you are suspicious about the hitting object, you can make 6 times magnification and lock the target object. They have used artificial intelligence in this wonderful rangefinder so that it can measure the perfect distance in a short period of time.

You will be able to measure up to 450 yards of distance by this wonderful rangefinder. They have used the CR2 batteries which are so much available so that you do not have to suffer a lot from battery damage. The latest technology has been used in this nice rangefinder to bring the variations to the display.

So what more do you want to play golf in the long distance? As it is able to meet all of your needs, we have placed it at one of the top positions in our best Golf Rangefinder reviews. This nice rangefinder will give you the exact result in a short period of time.

Halo XL450 Rangefinder
Halo XL450-7 Rangefinder

6 Times Magnification: In playing golf, if the target object is in a very far place, there is no way to understand what the right target is. Using the Halo XL450 rangefinder, you can easily solve this problem. Because they are offering you to zoom it up to 6 times. This can let you see close to the target object of the distance. For that, you get so many benefits to locking it. If the target object is detectable, then measuring the distance is just a matter of time.

Artificial Intelligence: Halo XL450 Rangefinder is the first where artificial intelligence has been used. The robot inside of this rangefinder calculates the time of the laser beam to go and come back again. Then multiplying with the speed of the laser ray, it can give the perfect result of exactly how far the target is. Artificial Intelligence takes less than a second to complete the entire task. Their wonderful feature is really worth getting a compliment.

Features And Specifications

  • 6 times magnification facility
  • It can measure the distance up to 450 yards
  • CR2 battery has been used which is very available
  • The latest artificial intelligence technology has been used in it
  • Lens display of this beautiful rangefinder has been made from the latest technology

Now consider all their features, specifications, body materials, and functionality. Everything is made with the latest technology. Buying this advanced technology rangefinder means taking you ahead of others. So it is your turn to decide whether to buy the latest model rangefinder and increase your chances of winning or not. This is to help you win the game by measuring the accurate distance of your target which you can understand after viewing the features.

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3Tonor Laser Golf  Rangefinder

The task of all rangefinder is to measure the distance of the target. How about getting waterproof, strong, and durable rangefinder also like the additional benefit with it? It is no longer an imagination; it is now real that TONOR Golf Laser Rangefinder is offering the advantage.

They take the help of laser beam as a means of distance measurement. They have used the pin sensor technology to lock the target object. The purpose of this pin sensor technology is to eliminate all the objects around the target and make the target visible. The more accurately you can evaluate the target, the more you get the accuracy. This allows you to measure distance target of 600 meters.

For your convenience, they will offer some batteries for free with this. It is light in weight and so easy to carry. That is why we did not ignore to keep it at our best Golf Rangefinder reviews. This rangefinder with latest advantages will be able to increase the chances of your win in many times. In order to measure the distance, you will get all the advanced technology in this wonderful rangefinder.

TONOR Golf Laser Rangefinder
TONOR Golf Laser Rangefinder

Pin Seeker Technology: Pin Seeker technology is the latest technology to evaluate the targets. The task of this technology is to eliminate everything around and make a particular object more visible. After you set the flag, pin seeker technology will blur everything except the flag through the pin sensor. It will highlight your target flag more. Then it will be easy for you to lock the target.

Free Accessories: Your expectation is just to purchase a good quality rangefinder. But with the same money, they will give you so many additional accessories with it. You will get battery, bags and many more totally for free. You will be able to run it for a few months with those CR2 batteries which they will provide you. Other accessories will be useful when playing outdoor golf. You might not have thought of getting so many things after buying a rangefinder. So buying this wonderful rangefinder is very profitable for you.

Features And Specifications

  • They have added LCD displays which can zoom up to 6 times
  • The full rangefinder is waterproof
  • Targeting is perfect because of using pin sensor
  • you will get battery and accessories for free with this
  • It can measure the distance up to 600 meters

There is no doubt that TONOR Golf Laser Rangefinder is an advanced level rangefinder. On the one hand, it uses the best technology like the pin sensor to detect the target, on the other hand, it measures the distance with the help of the laser.

The advanced LCD display has the advantage too of zooming 6 times. It is possible to rely on such a rangefinder with more facilities. With the help of this nice rangefinder, it can be said that your performance will increase greatly in long-distance golf.

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4Serene Life Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder with Pin Sensor

If you are not satisfied with none of the above-mentioned rangefinders, then there are more advanced level rangefinders for you. Serene Life Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder is made of the most advanced level technology. It is able to tell you perfectly how far your target is.

We have already explained the effectiveness of pin sensor technology. When you cannot recognize the target flag from a distance, then you will be able to do the job with the help of pin seeker. Their new surprise is the digital golf distance meter. The lens technology display has been used in it, which has the 6 times magnification capability. The range of this nice rangefinder is up to 546 yards.

You will be able to measure the distance even in the fractions with this rangefinder. The big thing is that it is small in size and very light in weight. They have added a travel case with it so that you can travel with this easily. It would not be a good task for us if we do to not keep such a great rangefinder in our best Golf Rangefinder reviews. Serene Life Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder is obviously an excellent rangefinder considering all such as size, advantage, functionality, accuracy etc.

SereneLife Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder
SereneLife Premium Golf Laser Rangefinder

Lens Display: Where others are using LCD or jolt Technology display, they are using the lens display there. It is easy to zoom because it has a 24mm objective lens. It is possible to zoom up to 6 times with this display. The advantage of a lens display is to turn it easily on any side. If you use DSLR, you can better understand this feature. You can lock the target in less time by turning the lens in any side.

Digital Distance Meter: They have used digital distance meter in it. It will show how far the distance is in the digital system. When you press the switch to measure the target, then it will send the laser beam to the target object at the moment. As soon as it comes back again, the measurement of the distance will appear on the display after all the calculation. Since it is a digital display, it can show the distance results up to the numbers after the decimal.

Features And Specifications

  • This premium quality rangefinder is small in size so portable
  • Laser and pin seeker technologies are available for distance measurements
  • Digital display meter has been used
  • 24mm objective optical lens has been used
  • You will get a free travel case to carry easily

Now consider everything how much benefit it gets you overall. As it is portable as well as it is perfect for measuring the distance. And, they are also giving you a travel case so that you can easily go from one place to another with this rangefinder. For ensuring more quality they have used premium quality materials. So we can say that though the price is a bit higher, you can buy it. You will get the service safely for a long time.

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5Nikon Aculon Al11 Laser Rangefinder

You might have listened to the name of Nikon in the camera world. They are selling cameras with a good reputation. You may think that as a camera manufacturer they are good but how much good they are as a rangefinder producer? Then your thoughts are useless. Because those who can maintain quality in one place can maintain it everywhere. Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder is slightly different from all the other rangefinders.

They have used the camera in it. They have used their whole knowledge of producing cameras for a long time in producing the rangefinder. You can zoom 6 times with the camera lens. There is multilayer optics coated facility also. The uncluttered display also has 6 times zoom features. There is also an arrangement of 16.7mm eye-relief for protecting your eyes. This rangefinder of Nikon is also portable. Both the weight and size are very low.

You will get the answer for what reason it is included in the best Golf Rangefinder reviews if you see the performance of this beautiful rangefinder. Nikon rangefinder got the top class status due to the addition of some new features.

Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder
Nikon 8397 ACULON AL11 Laser Rangefinder

Camera: The most exceptional feature of this rangefinder of Nikon is its camera which cannot be seen in any other rangefinder. Since they are one of the best producers in producing the camera, it was supposed to add camera feature to the rangefinder produced by them. The 20mm lens has been used in this camera which is enriched with multilayer coated objects. Using this camera, you can measure the target within a few moments.

Power Saver Mood: The power saver mood has been used in it. If you do not use the rangefinder for a long time, it will automatically go into silent mode. When it is in the silent mode, the power will be saved. If the rangefinder is inactive for a certain period of time, it will automatically stop working.

You will get such a power saving mood in very few rangefinders. Because of the power saving mood, you are saving money instead of buying batteries. If there is no power saving mood, then the battery charge will be eroded when it is inactive.

Features And Specifications

  • The Nikon rangefinder is featured with the camera
  • It is smaller in size and light in weight so portable
  • The eye-relief protection system is available
  • Work very fast
  • It is waterproof so there is no fear if it falls down in the water

There is no doubt that Nikon has done well in producing rangefinder maintaining their reputation. They are always innovative and we get the proof if we see that they have added the camera feature to the rangefinder. Apart from this, they also introduced an exceptional thing in the display. And there are also available other features of rangefinders like laser beam, long distance measurement system.  In our opinion, it is a top class rangefinder. You can rely on this closing your eyes.

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6Tectectec Vpro500 Golf Rangefinder

Based on the opinion of experts and skilled golfers, TecTecTec VPRO500 has been ranked in number 6th position. They have very good reputations online. They have arranged the laser binocular for you so that you can target accurately in the golf game. And with all the other features like the laser beam, Pin sensor technology is also available there like other rangefinders. It can measure up to 540 yards of distance accurately.

You can fix the targets by scanning it in 3 advanced modes through advanced pin seeker technology. It will find you out the target flag by removing all the surrounding obstacles. And you will get a clear view because of the multi-layered object advantages in the lens.

After measuring the distance with the help of the laser beam, the result will appear on the display. And it has won the mind of everyone in terms of weight and size. Due to the 1.6 x 2.8 x 4.1 dimension, it is easy to travel with. After seeing all these benefits, it was not possible for us to leave it out of our best Golf Rangefinder reviews. This nice rangefinder is worth claiming its place in one of the top positions in terms of quality and performance.

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder
TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Laser Binocular: You will find laser binocular technology in very few rangefinders. The task of laser binocular is to examine whether the laser beam hits the target object properly or not. It chases the laser beam and closely observes everything. If the laser beam fails to hit the target object then the alert signal will ring. The right target of the laser beam is very important. If it hits anything else, then it will only show the distance of that. Because of laser binocular, it can be strictly monitored.

Free Battery: They will give you a set of battery for free. The CR2 battery cannot be recharged. That is why they are giving extra batteries with So that you do not fall into disturbance while playing golf. Besides, they are using CR2 battery so that the battery will be available on the market at any time.

Wherever you are expecting just to buy the good quality rangefinder, there they are providing free good quality batteries with this good quality rangefinder. This can be called two in one. we have a more in-depth review & buying a guide of TecTecTec VPRO500 here that you can check.

Features And Specifications

  • It works a lot faster
  • It is much easier to use and portable
  • It goes to power saving mode automatically
  • They have used laser binocular technology in it
  • They offer battery and many other accessories totally for free as well

So, we can say that if you want to get a lot from buying the rangefinder, then the TecTecTec VPRO500 model is for you. Because they have maintained the best quality as well as they have the offer for free accessories. And you can hardly compare this rangefinder to others.

To get the accurate distance, first, you have to know where the laser goes and hits. They have provided the laser binocular to monitor the movements of the laser. For that, you will be sure that whether it hits the target object or not. So it can be said that the accuracy of this wonderful rangefinder is absolutely perfect.

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7Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder

You have to keep the Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder in your list if you search for the best quality golf rangefinder for the medium range. The reason is that it can measure the distance so accurately which is beyond your imagination.

They have used the laser beam to know how far the flag is. With this, you can measure ranges from 1 to 400 yards. There is also the 6 times magnification benefit to get a clear view. The bigger aspect is that it can give results even after breaking 1 yard into 10 parts. They also made it waterproof so that the cloud and rain will not interfere with your golf playing.

You will be getting it equipped with batteries, cleaning cloths, carrying bags and usage guidelines. They are also offering you a 1-year warranty to ensure after sales service. And due to the smaller size, it also travels friendly.

Now tell us what is the wrong thing that we have made keeping such a product enriched with different excellent features in our best Golf Rangefinder Reviews? Using this beautiful rangefinder in your golf game will increase your chances of winning.

Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder
Precision Pro Golf Nexus Laser Rangefinder

Locked Target: It is necessary to determine where the rangefinder laser will hit. To do that, you must first lock the target. You can set the target effortlessly with their 6 times magnification facility. If you set the target then the rangefinder will lock it. There is no fear of missing the target even if you turn the face. The laser will hit your desired target which one you will lock and then it will return.

Water Resistance: It is often seen that the rangefinder has surrounded by snow or rain. If there is no water resistance in the rangefinder at that situation, then it will be broken down soon. Precision Pro Golf Nexus understand this situation very well.

So they have created their excellent rangefinder with water resistance. No matter how much water comes it will not be affected anyhow. So there will be no problem in playing your golf if the rain comes. There is no fear of becoming down if it falls into the water.

Features And Specifications

  • It can be magnified by 6 times
  • It is smaller in size, easy to use and portable
  • It is produced by making it water resistance
  • Provides free battery and caring bags
  • You are getting the 1-year warranty

we have described so much that after reading all you should understand that it is actually a good quality rangefinder. It will give good results in the playground, as well as it will last for many days. And there is the protection that will protect it from the damage of water.

We can honestly say that this is one of the best quality rangefinders for you. Considering all aspects, it will be in one of the top places on the list. Since you are going to buy a rangefinder, then you can think about it. We can assure you that your hard earned money will not go in vain.

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8Nikon Cool Shot 20 Golf Rangefinder

We have already said earlier that Nikon could also make very good golf rangefinders. Using their camera technology here makes it easy to make the focus right. Flipping the optical lens, you can detect the flag in a few moments. Cool shot 20 laser golf rangefinder allows you to measure range from 50 to 550 yards. Its flag scan mood is a lot faster.

You can lock the flag by scanning it in just 8 seconds. And it is portable. You can take it wherever you want in the bag or in the pocket. And there is nothing else to talk about the quality of Nikon. Nikon has arrived at today’s level by delivering the quality product.

If you really want to do well in the golf game then you can choose Nikon Cool shot 20 for your target measurement. Because its measurement ability is unit to unit. So we have placed it without the second thought in our best Golf Rangefinder reviews. It will be an automatic choice for anyone in terms of feature and quality.

Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder
Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

Excellent Display: They have used a nice display in it. They have added 6-power monocular display on its display. The quality and the efficiency of the display have increased many times for that. At this display, you will get a clear view of everything in the range. It will make it easier for you to lock the target. Only Nikon has used such a great display in it. Nikon has implemented all the benefits of the DSLR camera lens here.

Quick Scan Mood: It is very easy to scan the flag in a very short period of time by this. You will be able to find out the flag in just 8 seconds. Very few rangefinders can scan so fast like this. Though it scans very quickly, it shows the accurate results. It will find out your flag and lock it no matter how much obstacles are there. After this, it will send the laser beam to the right target and will give you distance measurements.

Features And Specifications

  • This is a portable rangefinder
  • It is very easy to use that means user-friendly
  • Excellent display and lens have been used in it
  • It is made entirely waterproof
  • It provides 2 years of service warranty

Please look at all the features and descriptions once. Check that if it can meet all the requirements or not which are necessary to play golf in the long distance? What not in it? Accuracy, long range, quick scanning, and everything is there. These facts play a major role in the long-distance golf game. Since Nikon is providing accurate results in accuracy and quick scan, it can be used without any tension. For that, the chance of your win will increase.

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9Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder

If you have done a few searches for rangefinders then you should hear the name of Bushnell. Because no one could able to bring a lot of models of rangefinders like Bushnell in the market. All the models of their rangefinders are very popular to golfers. Bushnell Tour V4 Jolt Golf Laser Rangefinder is a hot selling item.

You will understand why it is so popular if we describe its effectiveness one by one. Bushnell Tour V4 is one of the few rangefinders where the jolt technology can be seen. This jolt technology is even more advanced than pin seeker. So it does not have any difficulty in finding the target flag. As soon as it hits the target, the rangefinder vibrates. It allows you to be sure whether the laser has hit the right place or not.

They have surpassed all others in terms of the range. It can measure the distance up to 5-1000 yards. It also has the 5 times magnification facility. The clear view is available because of the vivid display. It is worth getting the place in the best Golf Rangefinder reviews without any question. They are also offering Battery and premium quality casing with it.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Laser Rangefinder

Jolt Technology: Suppose you have set a target. But can you confirm that the laser beam hits the target only? No, you do not have the ways to know it. The laser may hit on somewhere else. Though it hits on the other place, the distance measurement would not be perfect. But do you know that with the help of jolt technology you will know if the laser has hit the right place or not? As soon as it hits the target, the rangefinder will vibrate. If there is no hit, there will be no vibration. Then you can understand everything.

Long Range: Where the range of other rangefinders is in between 500 yards, there they are offering 1000 yards range. There are not so many rangefinders of such the high range in the market. In this case, they do not have their competitors. It does not an easy task to measure the perfect distance from 1000 yards. But Bushnell has been doing that task perfectly perfect. Although it has the long range, the performance is similar and accurate to the other short distance rangefinders. They are out of the comparison in terms of long range.

Features And Specifications

  • It can be used to measure up to 1000 yards long range
  • Jolt Technology has been used in it
  • Free battery and the high-quality caring bag is offered with it
  • 5 times magnification benefit
  • You will get the 2 years of warranty

Although the price is a little more, to get the best quality goods you need to spend a little more. Considering huge ranges, jolt technology, clear scanning the price is fair enough. If you want to send the ball to the target of a long distance, then there is no way without this rangefinder. The reason is that only Bushnell made so high range products. Bushnell is the best of all when it is about the big range.

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10Bushnell White Hybrid Gps/laser Rangefinder

It is not only true for our review but also true for others review that 2/1 model (s) of Bushnell rangefinder will be placed in the list of any shortlist of the best quality rangefinders. Without a model of them, the list will remain incomplete. The reason is that most of the best quality rangefinders in the market are being produced by Bushnell.

Considering your needs, we have placed Bushnell White Hybrid GPS / Laser Rangefinder on the 10th of our list. It is a hybrid type rangefinder. The combination of GPS and laser technology has been adjusted together. It also has pin seeker and jolt technology. Soon after locking the target it will vibrate. And in terms of the range, Bushnell always makes devices with huge ranges. In this case, there is no exception.

You will also get the range up to 1000 yards in it. You can get totally accurate distances up to 300 yards from the flag. And with it, you will be able to see the distance from the front or the back or the middle or from anywhere. The GPS of this rangefinder has 30,000 preloaded courses. It also has the facility of Auto Hole Advance and Auto Course Recognition.

They are offering a 1-year service warranty too so that you can avoid any repairing issue. Without this rangefinder, the Best Golf Rangefinder Reviews will not be completed. Besides fixing the target, you will get many more things in it.

Bushnell White Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder
Bushnell White Hybrid GPS/Laser Rangefinder

30,000 Preloaded Courses: You can get 30,000 preloaded courses on its GPS which is totally free for citizens of the U.S., Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and UAE. But people in other countries can enjoy this facility after paying the fees. Such facilities will not be available with any other rangefinders. As they work on long ranges, they come with many different things as well.

Rechargeable Battery: Where others are using the one-time battery, there they are using the rechargeable battery. This battery can also be recharged by USB. Because of the rechargeable battery, you do not have to spend money on buying batteries again and again. When the charge is over, you can recharge it again. Because of USB charging facility, you can also charge it from the power bank on the golf field. The rechargeable battery inside is the very good quality which is able to offer service for a longer time.

Features And Specifications

  • Hybrid rangefinder composed of lasers and GPS
  • Rechargeable battery and USB charging facility
  • Free charging cable, carrying bag and strap
  • 30,000 preloaded courses facility
  • It will vibrate as soon as the target is set

It can be surely said that this facility will not be available in any kind of other rangefinders. They have made it in a different way changing the traditional ideas. The idea of creating a rangefinder with the preloaded course, hybrid technology, and rechargeable batteries can come only from their heads.

And it also has the features of jolt technology, pin seeker, and laser-like others. There is no better rangefinder than this to take advantage of the advanced facilities. Because of all the cool features, this hybrid rangefinder will attract anyone.

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The Only Rangefinder Buying Guide You Ever Need

It is not the thing that we only provide the best Golf Rangefinder reviews. We are also providing the procedure about how do you like a rangefinder? We also have detailed guidelines for you about what are the facts to focus, how the specifications should be, which features it should contain and so on before buying a rangefinder. If you follow our guideline, you can choose the rangefinder yourself. Then we do not have to write reviews anymore.

1. Range

First of all, begin by deciding on the range you would require on the golf course.

Before buying the rangefinder it is important to see the range. Suppose you play golf in the field of 500 yards. But you have bought a rangefinder for the field of 300 yards. So your needs are not be met. You also have to consider what type of golf course you play.

You should buy the rangefinder of that range which can meet your needs. But the rangefinder having the range of 400-500 yards is ideal for anyone. So when you buy the rangefinder, see that whether the range is within 400-500 yards or not.

2. Accuracy

It is very important to see the accuracy. Your chances of winning or losing depending on this. Targeting will not be correct if the accuracy is not right. All the good quality rangefinders provide the accuracy in +/- yards and can show distances in decimal by dividing the yard.

Stay away from buying those rangefinders that do not show distance as the decimal. Besides, many rangefinders cannot even measure anything nearby. Keep in mind that the best quality rangefinder can measure distance away from only 5 yards. So try to choose those rangefinders in which the measurement system starts from minimum 5 yards.

3. Display

Since the display shows the distance, there is no way of compromising with the display. If the display is of bad quality, it will be seen that you cannot read the result properly. And you cannot even find out the flag if you scan it by a poor quality display.

Try to take a rangefinder with the vivid technology display. If you have some budget issues then you can take rangefinder having lens or LCD display.  Apart from these, do not take rangefinder with any other display.

4. Battery

The battery is also a vital part. Because the battery keeps the rangefinder running. If you have a bad quality battery, then you will see that your rangefinder stops working in the middle of the game. Then you have to do nothing but put an end to the game. It is best if you get the rangefinder with the rechargeable battery.

This will let you save money on the cost of purchasing the battery repeatedly. However, very few rangefinder producers offer rechargeable batteries. As an alternative, you can take rangefinder with CR2. These rangefinders are cheap in price and durable in lasting as well.

5. Magnification

If you cannot zoom the rangefinder, you cannot see anything from the distance. There is only one way to see things of a distant place sitting from far away and it is the magnification system. If you cannot zoom it at least 4 times then there is no way to understand what is there at 500 to 550 yards away.

So, before buying the rangefinder, you should check whether there are at least 4x magnificent benefits or not. However, good rangefinder has the advantage of 5x / 6x magnification facility.

6. Measurement Method

You should try to check carefully how the rangefinder will measure the distance. Most of the rangefinders measure the range by the laser beam. Under any circumstances, do not take a rangefinder which has only the GPS measurement system. It is a very old technology. And if you get hybrid rangefinder combined with laser and GPS, then there is no question. However, the hybrid rangefinder is very rare in the market.

7. Comfort

Before buying the rangefinder, you should see whether it is not comfortable for you or not. If the finishing is not good then your hand maybe get injured. The finishing of a comfortable rangefinder should be smooth and the grip should be made of rubber or aluminum. The size issue also should be kept in mind.

Because it requires carrying a lot of carts in playing golf. If the size of the rangefinder is large, then you will not be able to take other carts. Do not take a rangefinder more than 7 inches long in any case. An ideal rangefinder is also light in weight.

8. Result System

By default, all rangefinder shows results as the yard. But many are not accustomed to the yard. So many people want the distance to be converted to the meter. In the good rangefinder, there is a system to see the result of both the meter and the yard. Try to avoid those rangefinders which only have the displaying results of yards. If there has a dual mood, you can conveniently set any one of the both.

9. After Sales Service

This part is also very important. Many do not bother about the after sales service. After buying the rangefinder, many problems may arise. It is not a good idea to fix these manually. When you buy, you should try to see how the service of the company is, whether there is any warranty or not. Almost all the good rangefinder gives 2/1 year(s) warranty. So, if the good company gives the warranty, then do not take the product without warranty from others.

10. Accessories

Although it is not that much important part. Many companies do not give free accessories. However, getting accessories as a bonus with the rangefinder is not bad. Some companies offer the battery, carrying case, stripper, cleansing cloth and many more for free.

If you get these for free, you will not have to spend your money to buy these again. So try to choose the company that offers free accessories before buying the rangefinder. Almost all the companies that we have discussed here give free accessories to everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Which rangefinder is the best?

Answer: Well see here, it is quite difficult for us to choose a specific one from a lot of rangefinders available in the market. Again, the same company also produces many models. Which one would we say best then? Actually, the application of each one is different. Choose the one that can meet your needs better. Read carefully the description of each product to know which one will best meet all of your needs.

Q: Can I use this rangefinder when I am on a tour?

Answer: Of course, almost all rangefinders are portable, lightweight and easily moveable. So wherever you go, you can take your rangefinder in your bag.

Q: Do they really offer the warranty?

Answer: Since the companies announce warranty at the time of sale of the products, they are bound to give you warranty service as per the law. If there is a problem with the product during a limited time, then you can obviously claim the warranty. Good companies provide their service very quickly.

Final Verdict

Dear golf lovers, so long we have been at the end of this review. We have given all the guidelines which are needed to buy a golf rangefinder. If you follow our guidelines, you can also easily choose the best quality rangefinder. In spite of our review, many of you are still may be confused about which are the best quality rangefinders.

Considering all of your needs, besides providing the guidelines for purchasing good quality rangefinders, we have also provided the best Golf Rangefinder reviews as well. Based on a number of experts’ opinion, ex-golfers opinion, and Amazon user ratings, we have selected those products. There is no doubt about the quality of all the rangefinders.

All the rangefinders can measure the distance of the target object. Apart from this, some rangefinders provide many additional benefits. You have the freedom to choose the one that matches the most with your needs. Even if you cannot decide yet which one to buy then you can pick anyone. The review is over here for today. Later on, we will be present with any other cart. Till then you all play golf safely and enjoy your life.

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