For a golf player, knowing the fairway is obligatory for being a quick learner and winner. But it’s sometimes delicate to catch on a fairway in golf for a fresher. Fairway in golf refers to the nearly mown zone of grass between the teeing ground and the green on a golf hole. It’s the prey from the tee for golfers when running off on a par-4 or a par-5 hole.

So, it can define deeply that the fairway is a dramatic stretch of the golf course between the tee box and the green.

The fairway tends to be surrounded by a first slice of rough, semi-rough, and deeper rough further out. On some courses, the fairway may line by trees or backwoods. The fairway defines the conceptual path from the tee to the green.

What is a Golf Fairway, in Detail?

The stretch way between the tee box and the green is called a fairway of golf that is added generally in a golf course. The area is called a fairway that you can use to drive your ball to land in as opposed to other areas like a sand trap or the rough (the fairway refers to the lines with longer, less manoeuvrable grass). Generally, the length of the fairway is about 30 and 50 yards which may vary on different courses.

The fairway grass is nearly cut between half an inch, one inch, and a quarter, based on the different types of grass. These varieties size of grasses makes an easy way to hit the golf ball. The fairway is only that dream path where the ball runs towards hole that’s your goal.

If the rough is not mown as closely, the fairway can be seen as the right path that anyone would like to take for balling of golf. But the main point to note that you should always find a fairway included on a par 4 or par 5 holes.

It may a fairway is conspicuously absent from a par 3 hole because of a short enough distance of a par 3 hole from the teeing ground to the putting green. That’s why the fairway is not needed here for the par 3 hole.

Usually, the length and width of a fairway may vary on the courses of golf depending on their arrangements and style.  Also depends on the difficulties of path of tee holes. Driving a ball towards hole may be challenging because of the narrow fairway that is much difficult to drive next shot to the holes. But its truth that the wider the fairway, the easier the shot having a larger margin of error that golfer must take consciously during golfing.

Why is it called a “Fairway”?

The term “Fairway” is not the original term in the Golf handbook using after long period after 1800s. Unfortunately, it’s true to use unofficial name of fairway. But the word fairway is originated from comfort zone of playing area that is smooth. The former name “fair Green” is officially declared for golf player.

Fairway was named by “navigable channel or a customary course” which is defined as a nautical term. This term is generally matched with all of the facts of golf courses as well as making easier pathway to run ball from the tee box to the green, so it’s called “Fairway”.

Grass in the Fairway

Golf grasses are not likely yard grasses on our veranda or lawn.

Some species of grass uses for making fairways of golf; all are not for golf grounds. These précised grasses make a pathway to the ball towards the hole and help to hit the ball in a different position. 

Geography, location, and maintenance affect the types of fairway grasses that vary from country to country that are choosing those golf course builders.

Cold weather and hot temperature impact different grasses of golf courses that are special as different weather permit types of grasses to need constant warmth to thrive, while dry, hot conditions. However, some grasses suit heat, moisture, and winter conditions that are best fit for fairways.

Some different types of golf fairway grasses depend on the climate of the location following:

  • Bent Grass – This is also popular as home lawn grass besides using in golf courses but the thick and springy grasses is it. It has been seen almost all over the world, specially found in North and Mid-Atlantic coast and coastal California.  Easy producing and maintenances grass is bent grass. It’s suitable for all weather in cool and hot region. It’s best for those golfer having foot traffic issues playing golf. Overall, it will be smart choice to bent grass in golf for golfer, tee box and also the greens.
  • Tifway 419 Bermuda Grass – Bermuda grass is usually warm lover and drought resistance and the native to Europe, Asia and Africa. But, now it spreads and introduces all over the world especially familiar to Americas for using as golf fairway grasses in various golf courses. For being of warm lover, these grasses are becoming popular in southeastern United States. It has own criteria to recover when get damage any situations and so much certified for beautification and décor the sports field. It will be better choice to select Bermuda grasses for golf sports field preparation.
  • Rye Grass – Other types of golf grasses are Rye grass that is actually found at pebble beach in the United States that uses as several golf courses. These grasses also are the primary grazing food for animals in New Zealand. Usually, it’s found at cold region and cool season everywhere, you can see it maximum famous golf places.
  • Kentucky Bluegrass – Kentucky is actually the place of North America, but it’s surprisingly said that is not the native of America as its name. However, it was originated from the Spanish and brought over by the Spanish Empire to Kentucky along with several other grasses.
  • Zoysiagrass – Zoysiagrass is native to Asia and Australia but does not origin from America. Also, it spreads in America. Another most facilities are to grow it on the sports field which can be grown in hot temperature and with more competition to weeds. This type of grass is disease resistant and heavy damage tolerating. It’s capable to stand up and tolerating heavy foot traffic. For teeing areas, these grasses are more useful and be a suitable choice for sports hitting. If the golf courses can use varieties of grasses, it should be one chosen for them for getting better results in the field.

Conclusion: What is a Fairway in Golf?

The definition of fairway refers to vast significant meaning in a golf course that has own historical nautical roots having types of special grasses.

The area as the fairway defined as the green grass cut at a shorter length than the rough is along both sides of the fairway. Fairway grasses varying as width and length as per course need.

A fairway in golf is a set of specific parallel lines driving from the tee box to the putting green. Although they can vary from location base on a course are always marked on the course.

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