Best Putters of All Time

Finding the best putters of all time is not easy because putters come in various shapes, designs, and forgiveness. But who doesn’t know the importance of a great putter to take your matches to the next level?

If you are a golfer with consistent skills, you might need at least one putter in your kit bag, and that should always give you the advantage of scoring regardless of its brand or design aesthetics. Have you ever wondered how the best putters of all time can change your game drastically?

Whether you know about the smallest engineering detail on a putter or not, we will take you through a compilation of steps that you should follow while choosing your next putter. Though this can be a bit long, will surely be informative enough to draw your attention.

Once the discussion about buying guides is over, we will directly head to our list of the best putters of all time that have been chosen considering various parameters, including their design and performance. This will give you a clear edge while buying a putter to improve your game. Without any further due, let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2024

ImageProductDetails  Price
backpacOdyssey Hot Pro 2.0 PutterHand Orientation: Right
Brand: Callaway
Size: 34″
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backpacTaylorMade Golf 2018 TP Ardmore 2 PutterHand Orientation: Right
Brand: TaylorMade
Size: 35″
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cordlessblowerOdyssey 2018 Red O-Works PuttersHand Orientation: Left
Brand: Callaway
ColorSuperstroke Slim 2.0
Size: 33″
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cordlessblowerCleveland Golf Satin PutterHand Orientation: Right
Brand: Cleveland Golf
Item Weight: 1 Pounds
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Best Putters of All Time Buying Guide

Among the golf clubs in your kit bag, putters are very important as they deal with the ball when it is much closer to the hole. Hitting a ball with a putter correctly needs a lot of practice and concentration. At the same time, the putter you use to hit the ball is equally important.

If the putter doesn’t have the required loft or moment of inertia and is lied to a wrong angle, your shots will go in vain. Here are some basics about putters that are required every time you buy a new putter. Let’s check them out.

Stroke Arc

A stroke arc is a curved path through which your ball goes to the hole after being hit by a putter. If your putts are straight-back-straight-through, then you might go with a face-balanced putter. On the other hand, if your shots have a semi arc, you can choose the putters that aren’t face balanced.

But if your stroke is often a combination of straight-back and moderate arc, you can consider putters that have a high moment of inertia.


Lie refers to the deviation in the club face that helps you become consistent in your shots. For example, if you are hitting with the wrong part most of the time, your putts will never improve.

To fight this situation, you will need a putter with a lie angle that can correct your grip and stance without yourself knowing it.


Choosing a great putter will always require your attention to the shaft length as it directly affects your putts. If you are taller than average, your putter should also be longer than the standard length of 34 inches.

Your stance will also have an effect on the putter length, so it can vary one or two more inches depending on how you look at the ball. This is why we suggest you choose a putter with a sliding shaft that allows you to adjust the length of the putter according to your needs.


The loft is of great importance and referred to as the angle of deviation of the putter face from a leveled surface. When you hit the ball with your putter, it will find its direction depending on the loft angle. Experts suggest having a loft angle of around 2 to 4 degrees which will be helpful in making great putts.


The putter grip is the part that you hold with your outer hand while putting and you need to have a comfortable and firm grip in order to make putts correctly. If the grip position or design isn’t perfect, you might face lesser control which will result in a bad score. You might not want that.

Though it has minimal impact on the shots, you can never ignore the importance of a good grip on your putters.

Head Weight

The putter head is the place where the ball will come in contact with the force from your hands. And if the head weight is much lighter, it will create less moment of inertia that can distract or resist the ball from putting.

But if the head weight is much more than usual, you will face problems with control, and it might drive the ball more than required, which is not good either. You can go with adjustable heads, but that will not give any drastic variation in your performance.

Head Shape

Putters come in various head shapes, including blade putters, peripheral weighted putters, and mallet putters. Blade putters are the most popular and vastly used head design when it comes to straight-back-straight-through shots.

But what if you have a natural curve in your stroke arc? You will then be benefited from the peripheral weighted putters as they give you more room for putting and makes it more forgiving.

Lastly, mallet putters help you fight the deep curves in your stroke arc, and they have the customizability you need to fit them with different accessories.

Putter Balance

Putters are often differently balanced to cope with the diverse stroke arcs and the playability of different players. For example, if you have a straight-back stroke or a natural arc, a face balanced putter might be the perfect choice. But if the arc is deeper, you might need a putter that is hanged at the toe.

Our Top 5 Best Putters of All Time

After knowing this much details about putters, it is now time to check out some of the best putters of all time on our list. Whether you are a beginner or an expert professional, these putters will serve you in every possible way.

This list will come with a brief description of putters and include the pros and cons of these putters so that you can instantly decide which one to buy. Over to you.

1. Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 Putter

[amazon box=”B082JVZF1J” template=”horizontal”]

Callaway is a popular name in the golf industry and has been making amazing instruments that top players use worldwide. Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 putter is one of those products that can draw anyone’s attention on the course.

Talking about the design aesthetics first, this putter has a traditional blade head design which gives the putter a classic look along with a great feel. Also, the head is bigger to accommodate additional aids for more forgiveness.

The shaft and the head along with the white hot insert is milled with laser technology to have maximum precision as you know a bit of deviation in the club head can cause your ball flight to curve deeper than usual.

The offset neck design also compensates for your miss hits and a balanced face keeps it simple for you if you have a straight-back stroke pattern. When it comes to performance, this putter can get the job done perfectly provided that you are adapted with this beautiful piece of equipment.

Odyssey Hot Pro 2.0 enhances the beauty of your kit bag with its stunning look and premium feel in a price range that is quite affordable. You can also adjust the grip as the putter can be paired with either a regular one or a jumbo grip for your convenience.

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2. TaylorMade Golf 2018 TP Ardmore 2 Putter

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Second on our list is this lightning-like putter that can amaze not only you but also your fellow golfers and viewers. If you are a player with a straight-back-straight-through stroke pattern, this putter can just be the right choice.

The hot red head will instantly draw your attention once you look at this putter. This is to inform you that the head is milled from stainless steel to give it high precision and durability. The club shaft is also made of stainless steel though the shaft is covered in black to avoid glare.

Coming to the pure roll insert, it enables the club to create more topspin and forward roll. It also improves the directional ability of the club which drives the ball through a steady path. As a result, the accuracy and stability of this putter have been dramatically improved.

One more feather to be added here and that will definitely be the adjustable sole weight of the club. With this, you can customize the head weight to get desired performance optimized for any given course or situation.

We almost forgot to mention the fully offset shaft which comes handy with your natural hand positions. If you are more of a straight-back-straight-through player, this offset shaft will help you keep the balance throughout your shots.

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3. TaylorMade Golf 2018 Spider Putters

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Third one on our list of the best putters of all time is also sleek and modern looking equipment from TaylorMade who has mastered the art of making golf equipment over many decades.

The spider design on this putter is unique and attractive, from every perspective. This is not only intended to intensify the beauty of the putter but also it helps in better weight distribution, resulting in better forgiveness of the putter.

Coming to the build quality, this putter is framed with stainless steel and has a solid aluminum body which makes the putter extremely lightweight and durable. TaylorMade has also inserted the pure roll insert which gives the putter an improved feel on contact with the ball.

There are so many customizable things with this putter, including right or left handed shaft, sightline and hosels. You can choose the best combination of stance, hosels and grips to match your personal preference.

In real game, this putter directs the ball gently towards the hole without much deviation from the desired path. At the same time, this putter is paired with a handful of technologies and sensors to connect with your smart devices and give you the ultimate metrics of your game.

It can then be used to improve your performance; everything is very easy to handle. No more here but we should mention the pros and cons of this putter.

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4. Odyssey 2018 Red O-Works Putters

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Another amazing putter from Odyssey! The Odyssey red colour matches so good with the mallet designed putter that you will be staring at the club once you see it. But this club is not on our list of the best putters of all time just for its look. Rather it has much more on the inside.

Odyssey has designed this putter to be toe hanged which can easily cope with your naturally arced shots. The key to this putter’s improved feel and topspin is the microhinge insert put in the club head.

The mallet design works excellent when it comes to weight distribution. It also helps in guiding the ball in the right direction so you know you are going to miss less shots. The microhinge insert ensures that the ball starts to roll just upon hit and spins enough to give you better forgiveness.

Neck offset will be of great use and grips can also be adjusted on this putter. With everything on, the putter head will weigh only 350 grams and the mallet wings help in distributing the weight perfectly around the perimeter.

And who can ignore the trademark red colour of Odyssey which makes the putter highly visible on the course and it is going to draw everyone’s attention at first sight. Let’s end it here with some of its pros and cons.

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5. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin Elevado Counter Balanced Oversized Grip Putter

[amazon box=”B074NKMRP2″ template=”horizontal”]

Last but not the least, Cleveland Satin Elevado putters will continue to give you the ultimate experience in putting, no matter what your skill level is. This putter is milled with precision to give it a clear edge to perfection, which you can feel from the very moment you hold it.

The shiny look on the putter makes it highly visible on the ground, but the putter is not only about its look. Mallet design heads with fanged back wings come into play when you start to putt on any course. These fanged back wings will improve the weight distribution of the putter while the Polymer TPU insert will give the ball a head start and improve forward roll and topspin.

The optical adjustments in this putter, including the raised sightline, will give you a better view of your ball, and guidelines will help you achieve the required direction for perfect scores.

The head of this putter is face balanced, so you know it is going to be great for your straight-back strokes. The head weight is more than 400 grams on this putter, so it’s a heavy one. Despite this heavy head, you can have great control over your putts because of the customizable oversized grip that balances the extra weight.

These are the very basics of this putter which should include the pros and cons. Here they are.

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You may have some questions after reading the reviews and advice. We chose the top three most frequently asked ones to reply to below. Check it out, and you may find what you need.

1. What Is the Proper Putter Length for My Height?

Ans: Pick your putter length based on your height. If you are 5’0” tall or shorter, putters with lengths of 34” or less are recommended. If you’re 5’1 to 5’6, a 35-inch putter is best. If you’re over 6 feet tall, look for a 36-inch length or longer. If you are over 6 feet tall, look for a 36-inch or longer length putter.

Pick your putter based on whether it has a heel-toe weighting system. This is when the head of the club is weighted toward one end (usually the toe).

2. What Is A Standing or Stand Alone Putter?

Ans: A stand-alone putter (also known as a stand-up putter) is a type of putter where the head doesn’t have an alignment aid.

Stand-alone putters use their shape and the golfer’s head position to determine alignment, requiring “lip reading” to line up correctly. Stand-alone putters are usually more difficult to use than other types but can be very effective when properly set up.

3. What Is the Most Forgiving Putter?

Ans: The answer is not as simple as it sounds and can vary significantly between people. In golf, where all players are different, that’s very important to know. There’s much to consider when looking for a putter with the best forgiveness.

Using a putter with high MOI (moment of inertia) makes it easier for your body to move faster through the impact zone, leading to better distance control, consistency, and rhythm in putting stroke.

Final Verdict

Putting the best putters of all time wasn’t easy, but we are happy that you have found them. We hope it will help you choose the best putters of all time and improve your game from now on.

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