A lot of carts are needed for playing golf. For carrying those, a bag is also needed, which we know as a golf bag. Day by day, the number of amateur golfers are increasing.

As a result, all the new carts are being invented and coming into the market. Sunday bag is now available to keep golf cart and small carts. This Sunday cart is very effective for those who are planning to play with a few carts near their home.

The bag is lightweight, and it contains less carry facility, so is lightweight after loading too. But in this bag, you can keep your necessary carts. So those who are thinking of buying a Sunday golf bag for you may not understand which one to buy.

We have come up with the best Sunday golf bags reviews for you. It can be said that this review is a complete package regarding the Sunday golf bag from us. So, without further any discussions, let’s start the review of the Sunday golf bag.

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What Is the Sunday Golf Bag?

Sunday golf carry bag is one type of small and thin bag. In which you can easily keep your golf club and necessary accessories. These bags are much longer in length but smaller in width. Because of which, this is lightweight. The main compartment of the bag is decorated for clubs.

There has been kept several dividers in which you could keep a lot of clubs. In addition, there would be kept golf sticks in these bags. There are several pockets outside. In these pockets, you could keep a lot of things, including a water bottle, mobile, umbrella, balls, and many other accessories.

Those who go to play golf for the purpose of exercise don’t need a lot of carts. Then it is difficult for them to carry a huge cart bag. These Sunday bags have arrived for the easy solution of that. Inside this bag, you can keep your necessary carts; this bag is lightweight.

As there are huge benefits and this is a lightweight cart, almost every golfer like a Sunday bag. Who will want to go far away carrying extra weight on the shoulder without any reason?

You could easily keep almost everything in the Sunday bag, usually in a cart bag. As everyone likes to play golf in holidays, so probably, for this reason, this bag is named a Sunday golf bag. The Sunday bag is an excellent version of golf.

Sunday Golf Bag Buying Guide

Many of you probably do not know what to see if you want to buy a Sunday bag, how to understand whether it is a quality bag, etc. This buying is for yours from us. We are going to show you what should be included in a quality bag. So let’s learn the rules of buying Sunday bag.

What to See Before Buying the Sunday Bag?

The list of what to see before buying Sunday bag is given below with the description.


At first, you should see the materials of the bag before buying. In this case, light and thin materials are the best choices. Though the leather bag is of good quality, but it is not a good choice.

This is because it is a heavy weight and gets increased heat in the sun. Rather polyester or nylon bag is better than that. They are light in weight and much more durable. Besides, there will no risk of damaging if it gets wet in the water.

Durable Construction

Of course, the construction of the bag must be durable. There will no benefit if you buy a bag spending so much money but it has less lasting. Nylon or polyester bags are more durable. However, it could be durable with other materials also. But you should keep in mind about the weight also.


Before buying a bag, you must at first check the dimension properly. The width of the bag should not be very spacious. Likewise, the length should be equal to the club.

Otherwise, the club could not be kept inside. Its weight must be less than 5 pounds also. Generally, the bag having the weight of below 5 pounds is considered lightweight. So, before buying the bag, you should see the dimension along with these criteria.

Club Divider System

In many bags, it is seen there is no club divider inside. Thereby, some problems arise in keeping the club. The full capacity of this is lost even after loading it half.

This is because; it cannot be inserted inside by pushing. However, if there was a divider then the problem would not arise. So, before buying the Sunday bag, you must see if there is a club divider or not.


The most important part of the bag is storage. If you could not be able to store everything properly then what is the meaning of buying a bag. So before buying, you must see how many clubs will be kept.

Generally, 6-8 clubs can be kept in a good and high quality bag. Besides, there are some bags which can occupy the whole set. You should check whether or not there are sufficient pockets outside. This is because you can keep accessories in these pockets.

Strap and Handle

Of course, a high quality bag must contain a handle and strap to carry. If the bag doesn’t have them, you will have to carry it in the lap after loading. Just having these will not be enough, the strap and handle must be comfortable. There should be padding on the strap.

The handle must be very soft. This is because you have to tolerate a lot of pressure on your hand or shoulders when you carry weight in your bag. If they are not comfortable, then you might get pain in your body.


There must be padding on the bag strap. It is good if there is padding in the handle. If there is not, there will be no problem. However, almost all companies provide top padding at the top of the club of the bag top. That’s better if it contains that. Your club will be safe.


Before buying a bag, you must see whether or not there are enough pockets outside. There should be at least 2\3 pockets. The advantage of these pockets is you can easily keep your small accessories.

If you could keep mobile, water bottles, umbrella, and tea in the same bag with the club then there is no need to have another separate bag. However, some bags have dedicated pockets for keeping specific accessories.

Waterproof Belly

This is optional. If you find this in any bag then you can consider the quality of this bag is high. Usually, this bag is useful when you keep your bag standing on the grass.

Besides, many people attach the stand to keep the bag standing. If there is a stand, moulded bottom, and waterproof belly then you can easily take this bag without any hesitation.

About the Best Sunday Golf Bag Reviews

Those who are new in the golf game often face different problems while buying a Sunday bag for the cart. Amateur golfers almost do not know what to see, what to avoid, how to understand the quality of the bags etc., before buying a Sunday golf bag.

Apart from this, all the companies in the market called their bags the best. That is why work becomes more difficult for them. To get rid of them, we would do the best sunday golf bag reviews today.

We will take responsibility here and discuss five selected products. We will show the specifications, features, and facilities of each product. This will expose the details of a bag in front of you. So let’s acquire knowledge of the Sunday golf bag.

1. Callaway Golf Hyper Lite 1 Pencil Sunday Bag

Best Sunday Golf Bag Reviews

A very well-known bag that is the Golf Hyper Lite 1 Pencil Sunday Bag is, remaining at first of our list. It is standard considering the standard quality Sunday bag in all aspects. It has a 3-way top. There is a full-length club face divider on each of the tops. So you will not have a clashing problem from one club to another. Besides there are also 3 zipper pockets.

One of which is the full-length apparel pocket. In these pockets, you can keep the small things you need. The outer part of the bag is water-resistant. For that, if your bag falls in the rain or water, your club face and other carts will be safe.

Apart from this, the outside fabric of the bag is of quality materials, so it will last for a long time. Its stripe is arranged in such a way that you can easily carry it after loading.

If you want, you can also carry in hands. There are two legs have been added to keep the bag standing. The bag will keep standing when it is necessary if you attach the stands and extend the legs.

When a lot of benefits are available from a single bag, then it can be easily placed in the list of the Best Sunday Golf Bag Reviews. It is able to meet all the needs of a golfer to keep the club face.

Product Features

  • 3-way tops with club divider in each.
  • There are 3 great pockets with a zipper where small carts can be kept.
  • There is 1 dedicated apparel pocket.
  • The fabric and body of the outside part are waterproof.
  • There is a stand to keep it standing.

In this bag, you can keep all the necessary carts. You can get extra privileges as there is a club face. Apart from this, as the bag is waterproof, the carts will remain safe. There is a tremendous promised quality of Callaway also. If you buy the bag considering all aspects, it will not be bad for you.

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2. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag

This is a light and good-quality Sunday golf bag for golfers. Orlimar Pitch and Putt Golf Lightweight Stand Carry Bag will give you great benefits for carrying carts in a short range. The bag is perfectly long and because of which you can take your club face easily in the bag. There are two top compartments inside the bag. You can keep the carts in both two apartments separately.

They have kept a dedicated pocket for keeping the accessories. In the pocket, you can take the necessary accessories. There are two stands in it to keep the bag standing.

Stands are also connected to the bottom of the bag by ropes. So while standing, it will be quite strong. Another thing is that the bag is very lightweight. They did not add unnecessary pockets like others to make the weight heavy.

And it has been kept a nice handle to carry. The handle is as comfortable as well as it is durable too. The outside fabric of the bag is also of a high standard. Considering all, it’s at the top of the preference of golfers as a Sunday golf bag. The bag will give great support to play golf beside your home.

So we did not think so much about including this bag in the Best Sunday Golf Bag Reviews. Because of the great quality and performance, it really is the best.

Product Features

  • 2 top club faces with compartments.
  • Dedicated pocket for keeping accessories.
  • There is a stand adjust point that helps the bag to keep standing.
  • Weight is very light, so it can be easily transported.
  • The comfortable handle is durable and rich in design.

To know how good this Sunday bag is, just go to their Amazon page once. Usually, there are not enough reviews submitted in golf bags. But the quality and effectiveness of their bags are so good that the maximum number of people were satisfied to give positive feedback. In one word, we can say that this is the best of the best as a Sunday bag.

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3. Caddydaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag Golf

CaddyDaddy has brought a unique Sunday bag in the market. This CaddyDaddy Ranger Carry Sunday Range Travel Bag looks like a hockey stick shape.

The bag is made from the 1680 Denier Nylon Fabric. And this fabric is always durable and of high quality. A padded top has been given on the top to keep your club head safe. The bag has 3 jeep pockets. You will be able to take the necessary carts and accessories there.

And you can keep the zipper locked if you want. But to lock, you must buy the locker separately. There is a ring kept in the outer part of the bag to keep towels.

Besides, they are also giving you a 1-year replacement guarantee. This bag is extremely wonderful to carry your club head, carts, and other small accessories. You can also carry it in your hands. Likewise, as there is a shoulder strap so you can carry it on the shoulder after loading.

And the weight is very light. That’s why it will not cause excess weight with the carts. The design is also very nice with the color combinations. Considering all, the bag will impress you.

Anyone will include such a great bag in the Best Sunday Golf Bag Reviews. It can be said that your money will be saved by using the bag. It gives better performance compared to others as a Sunday golf bag.

Product Features

  • Made from durable 1680 D nylon fabric.
  • The top side is kept padded to protect the club head.
  • Three jeep pockets and towel rings have been attached.
  • 5 “Rigid Tube with Molded Base Holds 7-9 Clubs
  • The zipper is lockable and 1-year replacement warranty is offered.

Considering all aspects, it is a good quality Sunday bag. The bag can meet all your needs. Besides, its quality fabric with excellent design and warranty has kept it ahead of others. Now the decision is yours, whether you would like to take a Sunday bag with these features or throw your money in the water buying other bags.

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4. Jef World of Golf Jr1256 Pitch & Putt Sunday Bag

We have chosen jef world of golf jr1256 pitch & putt sunday bag with stand & handle as a sunday bag at number 4 of our review. Now we will highlight the full specification having with the great advantage of this bag. It is basically famous for carrying the golf club.

You can take up to 8 clubs in the bag. This is a perfect Sunday bag for those who play golf in 3 courses. Besides, you can also take driving ranges in the bag.

It also has an adjustable carry sling. The bag is of good quality as well as very comfortable. It is very slim in size and very light in weight. Though it is slim, there is a lot more space inside.

The outer fabric is also of quite standard quality. Their opportunities did not end here. They have given two stands also. You can keep the bag standing by attaching the stand to the adjustable point of the bag.

Apart from this, as the bag keeps itself standings, you can easily get the club out of the bag or keep it inside. There is a nice handle for carrying. It is quite comfortable, so you can go very far away carrying it in your hands.

There is nothing to worry about the risk when you take it in your hand. They have also added straps to carry it on the shoulders. So we did not forget to place this extraordinary bag in the Best Sunday Golf Bag Reviews. By keeping the standard right, they are winning the heart of the golfers. It is really a nice Sunday bag.

Product Features

  • Great to travel, walking per 3 courses, and the driving range.
  • Weight is only 2 pounds and 4.25 inch oval top
  • Adjustable carry sling and comfortable
  • The stand makes club selection easy
  • Can accommodate up to 8 golf clubs

In the way they have made it so that it can be called a perfect Sunday bag to carry the club head, driving range. You cannot take so many clubs in other bags. It can give a great service considering all aspects of the carrying facility, standing ability, and space. If you are hesitant to buy it, then go to their Amazon page and check their positive feedback.

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5. Rj Sports Typhoon Mini Stand Bag

Lastly, we have chosen the RJ Sports typhoon mini stand bag. The bag is a great package for carrying a golf cart in a small amount. Its top is 5-way divided. Besides, it has 5 full-length dividers also. For putting the club, there is necessary space inside the bag.

You can easily put a lot of carts in these 5 dividers. It has a huge space inside and outside the bag. There are kept 4 easy accessible pockets.

In these pockets, you can carry accessories and small size carts. The pockets could also be zipped in an excellent way. It has also a t-shirt holder.

There you can keep your sweaty t-shirt. You could keep it standing as it is 6 inches stand bag. There are two stands in it to support and keep it standing properly. They have attached rain hood to protect the club from the rain.

When the sky becomes cloudy, rain hood will protect it. For carrying easily, it has a dual harness. You can carry your bag on shoulder or hand after loading the club and other carts.

All the experts keep this bag in the best Sunday golf bag reviews considering its wonderful performance. The bottom moulding of this bag is also pretty nice.

Product Features

  • 5-Way Full-Length Club Divider
  • A Rain hood has been added to prevent the rain.
  • Four easily accessible pockets are kept.
  • It has a dual harness to carry that is very comfortable.
  • Standing ability, separate t-shirt holder.

If we rate our top 5 bags, then it will be at no. 2 in the serial. Your clubs will be safe inside this Sunday bag. In the same way, you can easily take the necessary things in the outside pockets. You will be able to play a lot of golf courses by this. They have maintained an international standard.

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Final Verdict

These Sunday bags give great support where there is no need for a big golf bag. This is because the weight of big bags is relatively high. Therefore, these are the best to take the necessary clubs and accessories.

Sunday bags are lightweight on the one hand as well as slim on the one hand. It is also easy to travel with as it is light in weight. We have reviewed the best-selected 5 Sunday bags here.

We have tried our best to highlight the quality, features, and benefits of each bag in front of you. We hope that you can choose the Sunday bag yourself after reading the review.

All the bags come up in the best sunday golf bag reviews after following the high quality and high standards. Buying a bag from them means you are staying safe. We always want to be a part of your golf game. We will be there for you with another review. Stay with us till then.

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