Playing golf doesn’t mean you just have to hit the golf balls with the golf clubs. There are many things that come into play when it comes to playing golf. However, do you ever see people running behind the golfer carrying a huge bag? 

Well, they are carrying a bag full of golf clubs. Whatever, you may be thinking what is the use of so many golf clubs at a time, right? You may also ask why a professional golfer uses 14 golf clubs or what are the 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag.

Therefore, we will try to elaborate on this fact more precisely with you people here. 

What are the 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag?

Now, let’s have a look at the 14 clubs in a golf bag right below.

  1. Driver
  2. Pitching wedge
  3. Sand wedge
  4. Gap wedge
  5. Lob wedge
  6. 3-wood
  7. 5-wood
  8. Putter
  9. 5 irons
  10. 6 irons
  11. 7 irons
  12. 8 irons
  13. 9 irons
  14. 4 hybrids

However, all these 14 types of golf clubs will meet different types of needs of a golfer when a golfer intends to play better golf shots.

Therefore, we have covered some of the reviews of the most prominent golf clubs in our different content.

It doesn’t matter you have to carry all these types of golf clubs. But the fact is, once you have a collection like this, it will provide you with the freedom to play the desired golf shots anytime. 

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So, without wasting any time, it will be better if we know about some of the superficial golf clubs that you find in the golf bag of any professional golfer.

What are the 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag?


The driver is one of the most typical elements when we talk about playing golf. The main role that the driver plays is to provide the golfer with the best grip to play comparatively longer ranges of shots. Therefore, you will always find the renowned golfer carrying one driver in their golf bags.


When it comes to playing short or high ranges of golf shots, golfers usually use wedges. This is one of the most comprehensive components in the golf bag of a golfer. Basically, there are many types of wedges that golfers use very often.

These wedges are;

  • Pitching Wedges – If you need to play comparatively high shots like over the tree or stuff, the pitching wedges will come into play. You can have a better swing of the ball if you have pitching wedges. Besides, this sort of golf club will allow you to have better control while playing different types of golf shots.
  • Sand Wedges – The golfers pretty often have to play golf in the sand bunker. However, it needs some exceptional skills in order to play golf in the extreme golf bunkers. Therefore, the sand wedges make the job a lot easier for the golfers. You will be able to play your desired golf shots with the help of the sand wedges out there in a golf bag. There is always a club rest that helps the club to gain club glides through the sand.
  • Gap Wedges – The gap wedges work to fill the gap between the sand wedges and pitching wedges. The golfer has to play comparatively shortest shorts with tee gap wedges but it will be longer than the pitching wedges.
  • Lob Wedges – This is probably one of the most essential golf clubs that are used by golfers. Well, you need to play a short and low range of shots, this particular golf club will be going to help you on a large scale. Sometimes, you need to hit golf balls that are way low with the surface. Usually, this sort of scenario occurs when the surface level of the golf courses is surrounded by long green grass. To be more exact, you will be able to play obstacle-free golf shots with the help of the low wedges of golf clubs.

3- Wood

If you are looking forward to teeing off while playing golf shots, the 3-wood will most frequently come into play. Therefore, the wood will become much more helpful when you have to play the shots through tee and green.

If you are searching for one of the most used and highly essential golf elements to play proper golf, the wood will automatically come to the top. Besides, it also increases the accuracy of a golf club.


5-wood is another very crucial golfing element. Golfers normally get good control over any type of golf shot if they use 5-wood golf clubs. If you badly need to hit the golf balls from the fairway, then, the 5-wood is always the best option.

You will get a Comparatively higher loft with the 5-wood compared to the 3-wood golf clubs out there. Thus, you should also use the 5-wood more precisely. 


What are the 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag?

When the golf ball is so close to the whole, you need to use the putter to successfully take the golf ball into the hole.

Therefore, using other types of golf clubs, in this case, will not provide you with accurate results. The putters are usually made in such a way that a golfer can have enough control over playing the very short ranges of golf shots. 

The area at the lower part of this golf club is comparatively shorter and bigger so that the golfers can get enough scope to hit the golf balls more perfectly.

So, when searching for one of the most crucial components of golf, the putter is something that you can’t avoid.

5-9 Irons

Now, you have to make a bit of calculation. Normally, if you have more iron, then, you will be able to get much comfort while playing the big golf shots. If you find yourself too far away from the green golf course, you should definitely buy the 5-9 irons, based on your need. These irons effectively improve the performance of your playing. 

4 Hybrid

You can even use the 4 hybrids instead of the 4-wood. In fact, some golfers usually do so. Here, you will find a combination of a wood golf head design with an iron-length shaft. But you should also look for the loft of the club when it comes to using the 4 hybrids. 

If you want to play long-distance shots with full accuracy, then, the 4 hybrid is something you should pick. 

Do I Need All of These Clubs?

You don’t necessarily need all these golf clubs at a time. But, having the majority of them will increase your golfing performance. If you are a professional-level player and you can afford these types of golf clubs, then, it will be much better for you if you go with all the golf clubs.

The fact is, a golfer normally has to play different types of golf shots. You may play different sorts of golf shots in a single game. There’s no golf club that is suitable for almost all types of playing. That’s the reason why the best golfers try to carry the 14 golf clubs with them. 

Conclusion: What 14 Clubs are in a Golf Bag?

That’s all for you guys regarding the 14 Clubs in a Golf Bag. Once you know the importance of these clubs in order to play better golf, you will motivate yourself to purchase them. We highly recommend you try these golf clubs for better playing performance if you can afford it.

You will find the variation with the different clubs regarding the sector of use, size, design, and price. However, wish you a better golf-playing journey with these exciting golf clubs. 

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