This is the most inexpensive and consistent tool for measuring the swing speed of radar, especially for the golfer. Having a tool like this will surely increase your golfing experience. That’s why people ask for sports sensors swing speed radar review.

While playing golf or practicing it, you might need to measure the sweep speed and the exact tempo time. This is why you need this tool so that you can increase your performance. Renowned golfers worldwide use a tool like this very often.

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Why Should You Buy Swing Speed Radar?

You don’t have to be surely a professional to have one. If you play golf in your leisure, why not calculate your effort? It is important to track your improvement, and a tool like this will ensure it.

The most basic and major fact is; you can use this speed sensor’s swing speed radar anywhere if you need it. Don’t you want to take control of your game? A small microwave Doppler radar will allow you that. 

Let’s explore some of the highly essential benefits that you will get out of Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar.

Improve Your Performance with Accurate Information

A tool like this will really help you improve your golfing performance. It simply doesn’t matter what type of game you play; you should look for improvement on a regular basis. Once you know how much swing speed you are getting will assist you in measuring your skills and performing better.

You can have the output instantly. A good tracking for formula will also help you to regain your consistency while playing golf. You will discover the most significant characters of it.

Track Speed from Anywhere

You really don’t need to appear on a golf course to measure swing speed and tempo time. You can operate the tool from anywhere and with any ball if you want. As you may be wondering about club speed and temp, you should go with this type of stuff. 

You will get 7.3 x 5.4 x 3.6 inches; 11.2 Ounces of product dimension. Anyone, if they want, can access it indoors. Thus, it makes the tool a lot more effective.

Easy to Operate

If you want to operate a sports sensor swing speed radar, you don’t need to learn rocket science at all. Even a kid can run this. You will measure your speed simply with a speed range of 50 to 200 MPH. We will showcase you how you can use it in our guide too.

A one press start method and easy to navigate from various data make the device more interesting. Well, as it needs batteries to operate, we think you can easily change those.


When you intend to buy any golf product, make sure you can have the strong durability of the product. You don’t have to worry about this speed sensor where you will find absolute durability. No matter what type of environment you play golf in, you will provide you with the best services. 

Besides, as it is built with some high-quality technologies, you will have very good usability in different cases. Now, talking about the price range, it is really affordable compared to other golf tools.

Long Life Span

You will probably get a minimum of 2 years’ warranty on this tool that we have been talking about. If you compare its price with other electronic tools, you will be satisfied. Besides, as you are getting a long warranty, you may not replace it again and again.

As you have to run the radar with the batteries, if you change the battery when needed, you can run that for a long time. You will access 3 AA batteries.

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar

Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar with Tempo Timer Provides Accurate...
  • Measures clubhead swing speed and tempo time to...
  • No need to hit an actual golf ball—use a wiffle...
  • Range of speed measurement from 40 MPH to over 200...
  • Helps golfers of all levels improve their...
  • Powered by 3 AA batteries (not included); ideal...

How to Use Sports Sensors Swing Speed Radar?

As we have mentioned earlier, the operating process of this tool is very simple. There is simply a one-button operation that will allow you to get started with it. You will get the start button just in front of the tool.

You have to have three double-A size batteries to run it. It will be quite good for you to remove the batteries when the radar is not in use. On the screen of the radar, you will get to see “SS” which means “Swing Speed” and “Tempo Time “ showing “TT”. You don’t have to measure these two types of metrics separately.

There are other options available on the radar regarding modes. You can calculate the speed in MPH or KPH according to your wish.

Make sure you place the radar to the bat direction for accurate results. the 45% angle will be more relative. Keep enough distance between the bat and the radar.

The Important Facts

  • Very affordable.
  • 100% results inaccuracy.
  • Long-lasting.
  • High-Speed Measurement.
  • Usable anywhere.
  • It may ruin if you heat the radar with the bat.
  • You can’t clean it with chemical cleaner.


Sports sensor swing speed radar review is probably one of the essential topics in the golf arena in recent times. Once you have clear information about how you are doing, it will perfect your practice. It’s that simple.

Besides, as it is built with some high-quality technologies, you will have very good usability in different cases. Now, talking about the price range, it is really affordable compared to other golf tools.

It is easy to install and perform as well and this is one of the significant reasons why people prefer it. You will have very crystal and clear swing stats at the end of the day. Why not get started?

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