Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag

Among those who have gained great faith in producing golf kits, Callaway is one of them. All the golf kits made of them are quality full, strong, durable, and comfortable. They make kits keeping in their mind about the needs of golfers. That is why their golf kits have so much popularity among the golfers. In the continuation of that, they have made the capital stand bag.

This bag has also won the hearts of the golfers from all aspects. You can find all the storage, quality, durability, excellent design in it. As a golfer, you must buy a stand bag. This bag keeps all the tools for playing golf.

We are going to write the Callaway org 14 cart bag review today for you. In our review, we will discuss all its details, specifications, opportunities, advantages, and disadvantages. The bag is quite effective to carry golf materials. The bag can carry everything you need. So please read the review carefully before buying the bag. Let us start the main review now.

Why Stand Bags Are Needed

Those who play golf know better how many kits it takes to play. Ball striker, rangefinder, umbrella, water bottle, balls and many more are required to play golf. Just think once of how much trouble it would be to take these in your hands one by one.

If the situation is like that you would have to interchange your home and the golf field at least 5 times to take all the golf kits. But you can take all your golf kits by using a stand bag.

Now you must understand why you need a stand bag for playing golf. You can take everything necessary for you in this bag. You can come home after finishing the golf game without any hassle. To carry golf kits, the necessity of the bag is very high.

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review

Important Specifications

  • Material: Polyester, Nylon
  • Color: Black/White/Charcoal
  • Strap Type: Dual Strap
  • Brand: Callaway

Since you have understood the need for a stand bag in the golf game, now it is your turn to take a bag. Then read the Callaway org 14 cart bag review. Match everything with your needs.

Hopefully, you do not have to read any reviews again. It is able to meet the needs of almost all golfers. We will talk about the advantages, disadvantages, specifications, features, and so on in details in our review. Let us start the callaway org 14 cart bag review now.


A bag is a carrier of goods. So it is important to look at the storage of a bag first. If the storage is not good, then it is not necessary to purchase the bag. This bag has substantial compartments. There are enough pockets in it. The bag will help you to keep and organize golf kits.

So you can easily find everything you need. According to the size of the golf materials, they have made each compartment accordingly. For example, it has one type of pocket for the ball, another type of pocket for the rangefinder, and another suitable pocket for the umbrella. It comes with a 5-way divider organizing system for your club. Apart from that, it has 5 pockets in it as a bonus, two of which are water resistance and velour-lined pockets.

And another tow pockets are for keeping water cool. If you put water in these two pockets, you will get the service nearly similar to refrigerators. The bottled water will remain very cold. They have kept the molded grub handle for comfortable holding.

So you can easily grab it by your hand and take it here and there. Besides, you can use it as a trolley because it has a wheel on it. And it can also be adjusted with the pushcart.

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review

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At the time of buying a golf bag, you should check the weight. If the weight is not light, it becomes difficult to carry even the empty bag. So how will you go to the golf field loading your bags with golf materials? So the golf stand bag should be light in weight so that it would be easy to move even you fill the bags with all the kits.

The Callaway Org 14 bag is ideal in that aspect. They have made the bag of weight just 6.1 pounds. As a golf bag, this 6.1 pounds weight is very lightweight. No one should worry about this little weight to carry. The bag is 10.5 inches long in size. The materials of this bag are of very good quality.

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

Callaway Golf 2017 Capital Stand Bag

Umbrella Slot

They put an umbrella slot in the outer part of this bag. You can hang the umbrella on the outside. Because of having an umbrella slot you do not have to take the umbrella out of the bag again and again. If necessary, you can take it out of the slot.

And when you do not need the umbrella, you can fold the umbrella and put it in the slot again. If there was no extra slot, you would have to keep the bag down and keep it on and take it out of the slot repeatedly. It can be said that this feature has made your activities a lot easier.

Gorgeous Look

It is not just good only in terms of the advantages and quality but also it looks gorgeous. It looks decent because of the excellent output finishing. It has military looks on the outer print of it. For this, attraction power to people has increased manifold.

Callaway has been able to give a beautiful design with all of the grip, pocket, and front print arrangements. Those who are beauty lover like us can find artistry in it.

Pull / Pushing System

Being it a trolley system, you can move it through pulling or pushing. There is a great handle for pulling. You can also push it holding the back point of it.

Adjustable Stand

They put the adjustable stand in this bag. So wherever you go, you can put the bag on the stand and make it stand on the ground. If needed, you can extend the stands a lot or fold it. You can adjust the bag to such the height you need. Because of the two stands for carrying the load, it can keep the good balance.

Shoulder Stripper

They have kept two shoulder strippers arrangements for hanging it to the shoulder. These stripes are very strong. It would never tear apart because of the weight of the bag load. Its inside is made of soft materials.

So it will not cause any problems to your shoulder. Even though the weight of the bag becomes heavy, it will not cause that much impact on your shoulder because of the comfortable stripper.

Features And Specifications

  • It has a 14-inch long club divider
  • The bag is 10.5 inches long
  • It weighs only 6.1 pounds
  • It has two molded grub handles in it
  • There are two water cooler packets in it
  • The velour-line valuables pocket with key fob
  • It has e-trolley and trolley lip system
  • The bag contains an umbrella slot to keep the umbrella
  • It has a water resistance bag

Callaway Org 14 Cart Bag Review: Pros and Cons

  • It is light in weight
  • It is very easy to carry
  • Because of the e-trolley system. it can be adjusted with the pushcart
  • The fully loaded bag also can be kept standing on the ground
  • The umbrella slot is neat
  • Gorgeous outlook and excellent design
  • There is no drain hole in the cooler pocket. The bag will be wet if waterfalls on the bag
  • Access to the club is a bit difficult
  • Not adjustable to many pushcarts or pull carts
  • Many buyers have placed a complaint about its zipper


In general, some common questions have been asked on Amazon for this stand bag. We have presented here those questions as the FAQ that most people have repeatedly asked.

So you can understand the questions that people are used to asking. Besides, you will also get your answers to the questions that arise in your mind without asking further. So let us see what types of questions people ask frequently.

Q: Does this bag have full-length club dividers?

Answer: Yes, it has a full-length club divider.

Q: Does this bag come with a kickstand?

Answer: Sorry, they have not added any such facility to this bag.

Q: Does this bag have a towel ring?

Answer: Yes, they have added a towel ring on one side of the bag. You can keep the towel there.

Q:  What is the actual weight of the bag?

Answer: The actual weight of this bag is 6.1 pounds at the time of shipping.

Q: What is the bottom diameter of the bag?

Answer: As well as the top, the bottom diameter of the bag is 10.5 inches.

Q: Does the rain hood have a zipper?

Answer: Of course, it has a rain hood. The zipper lowers down the front side.

Q:  How many velour pockets does this bag have?

Answer: It has only one velour pocket.

Q: Does it have a carry strap?

Answer: Yes, there is a single carry strap in it. You can easily carry it for that.

Q: Is the cooler pocket removable?

Answer: No, the cooler pockets are built in. You cannot remove if you want. But if you cut it out that is different.  Though you cannot remove the pocket, you can keep the bottle inside it and remove it again. When everybody wants cold water while playing golf, why do you want to remove the cooler pockets there?

Q: Are the club dividers big enough for midsize grips?

Answer: Yes, it is enough big for midsize.

Final Thoughts

Our Callaway stand bag review is almost done. We have presented all of the information that we have learned about this product. We have described storage, size, pocket, gripping, stripper etc.

Also discussed what benefits you will get with it. It can be called quite a suitable stand bag for golfers in terms of overall consideration, their average rating on Amazon, and the light of the experience of previous buyers. You can carry almost all golf kits in this bag. If you do not have a push cart, you will get the water cooling facility in it.

We have discussed carefully the Callaway org 14 cart bag review in details. Our goal is to introduce you to golf kits. After reading our today’s review, we think your idea of a stand bag will be clearer. We will always review the new kits in order to make your golf game more colorful. Today’s review ends here. Stay blessed and stay with us.

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