TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

Going through an honest TaylorMade M6 driver review before buying one is a must to-do if you really want to purchase a good driver to improve your game play. But it is quite difficult to find an honest and classy TaylorMade M6 driver review when you need it the most.

So, we are here to provide you with an honest and delicate TaylorMade M6 driver review which will cover the most of this amazingly good driver which you can have in your accessories list.

It’s better not to waste time here and move on to the M6 driver from TaylorMade which is being used by some of the great players across the globe. Let’s get started.

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TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

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This review will not be that long but cover the key features of the TaylorMade M6 driver. Why this driver is considered as one of the best drivers among golf players, what are the pros and cons of this driver, where and how can you get this driver, how much you have to spend, all these will be discussed in this TaylorMade M6 driver review?

TaylorMade is a familiar name in the golf instrument industry. They have been making amazing golf instruments for a long time which are being loved by golf players worldwide. In this succession, they have come up with an M6 driver which is the main attraction of today’s discussion.

Why Should You Buy the TaylorMade M6 Driver?

There are a lot of reasons for which you should keep the TaylorMade M6 driver on your list if you are up to buying a good driver to develop your performance over time. This driver is decorated with some unique and useful features that will draw your attention in the midst of hundreds of drivers. Let’s know some more about those features in detail.

Speed Injected

The term speed injected might sound quite new to you if you aren’t a golf enthusiast. But if you are, you will find it extremely useful while you are taking shots. This driver is injected with tuning resin to give you the performance you desire from a driver of this category.

What does speed injection do with your playing? Speed injection makes the driver more agile while you are taking shots and gives a better ball speed with more distance than other drivers.

Twisted Face

Why is the face twisted on this driver? This is because whenever you are hitting a ball on off centre, it will rotate sideways which often changes the path of the ball. This driver with a corrected face angle will help you to gain better control of your shots by reducing the side spin.

The twisted club face enables the driver to rotate the ball sideways as much as it is necessary. If the spin is less than standard, your ball can go off centred. The same thing can happen if the spin in the ball is too high. To minimize the spin effect, this driver comes with a slightly less twisted face.

Aerodynamic Carbon Sole Design

The aerodynamic carbon sole design of this driver will look stunning in your kit bag and the strength of this driver is outstanding. You will find this driver much more contemporary in an aspect of design, and the aerodynamic shape of the driver will leave you at a good pace.

Another thing that comes with this design is the inertia generator. You all might know the importance of low CG during a good shot, and if your driver fails to give that inertia to the ball, you can never expect a perfect shot.

To get rid of this problem, this driver is designed to lower the CG to some extent but brings the inertia generator to that place. This will give you the first kick in speed that you were always desiring.

Weight Distribution

Engineers at TaylorMade factories have worked deep down to adjust the weight distribution to give you the feeling of carrying a perfect club and playing a perfect shot. This has been done by adding 54% more carbon fibre to the head than its previous version.

This added weight creates the so called inertia generator which makes the face highly aerodynamic and perfectly balanced to play great shots. If you are competent, you can take amazing shots with this driver.

TaylorMade M6: Design Aspects

TaylorMade has come up with a slightly modified design which can be differentiated from its predecessors to some extent. The previous versions of TaylorMade M series drivers were a bit rounded at the edges but M6 comes with a cutting edge design.

This leaves more room at the corners to make the club head highly competent for perfect balancing and gives that extra punch you need when striking the ball. Apart from that, it allows manufacturers to inject resin perfectly as per the law.

The deviation in design on the club face is obvious and you will find the difference from the first time. Once you are familiar with the club head, you will start thinking of it as a part of your body because of its smooth design and effortless handling.

TaylorMade M6 Performance Report

TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

Does the TaylorMade M6 perform as stated in the ads? Do the specifications combine to give you better forgiveness? Well, everything will be broken down to simplicity.

As we have mentioned the speed-injected M6 driver, it has been tested that this driver can speed up your ball to 1 or 2 mph depending on the situation. This guarantees the speed injection feature that comes with this driver.

We have also talked about the inertia generator which is a pretty new feature to many people. What it does is lower the CG (Center of Gravity) of the club so that it stays focused. The more the club will stay focused, the more it will generate inertia for the ball.

This has been proven in various experiments that the inertia generator of this club head does extremely well in different weather conditions. So, the next time you are taking a shot with an M6 driver, you know it will gain the maximum range and speed.

TaylorMade M6 Driver Review: Pros and Cons

There will be some straightforward pros and cons of the TaylorMade M6 driver so that you get to know about the driver in moments. They will also count when you are making the decision to buy this driver. Let’s see.

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Last Words

TaylorMade M6 driver review will take you through different aspects of a good driver and show you how M6 fits in the context. We hope it will be your best golfing partner.

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