Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder

Nikon always remains on one of the top positions on the list to produce the best quality rangefinder. In terms of everything, such as quality, great performance, accuracy, etc. their rangefinders are at the top of the preferred choice of all golfers.

The Coolshot 40 is a hot model of Nikon. Great range, accurate distance made it popular with everyone. There are not so much similar rangefinders in the market. Because it is very suitable for all weather and of high quality, you will remain ahead of your competitors if you use this rangefinder.

So today, we are going to review the Nikon coolshot 40 golf laser rangefinder. This is an excellent rangefinder. It is generally allowed in almost all golf courses. The rangefinder is used for hitting purposes to distant targeting. Because in the bare eye, the exact distance cannot be measured.

Why will you take the analog rangefinder if your competitors come to play with the sophisticated model rangefinder? Nikon will give you all-around support to compete with the opponents. There could arise many questions in your mind about this rangefinder. We will try to give answers to all your questions in our review. So let us start the review right away.

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Nikon Coolshot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Important Specifications

  • BrandNikon
  • Are Batteries Included: yes
  • Color: Grey
  • Material: Metal
  • Sport TypeGolf

You all are eagerly waiting with excitement to read the review of this Nikon new model rangefinder. Now we are going to put an end to your waiting. In the review, we will describe the details of each specification of each part. We will focus on ranges, accuracy, and zooming facilities separately.

In this review, we will present all the ins and outs of this rangefinder. Then you can understand how effective it is and whether it is suitable for long-distance golf. So without making any delay here, we are up for the Nikon cool shot 40 golf laser rangefinder review. You are cordially requested to read every point of the review attentively.

Specifications of Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder

We will first describe the specification of Nikon coolshot 40 golf laser rangefinder. We will give a separate description of all the parts of this nice rangefinder. So let us know the full specification of this rangefinder.


At describing specification, we will describe the body structure of this excellent rangefinder. The body cover is made of high-quality plastic. White color plastic has been used in the original body, and heavy and black color plastic has been used on both sides.

This black and white mixture has brought variations in the design. This plastic is shatterproof, that is why if there is any unusual accident or it falls down from the hand, there will be no harm. The strong body made of quality plastic will last for a long time.


Like a battery, they have used the rechargeable lithium battery in it. Because the battery is rechargeable so your battery expense will be saved. The CR2 model lithium battery has been basically used in it.

This type of battery is very durable, and it also has the great ability to hold a charge. It can be said that after purchasing this rangefinder, you will not have to buy any battery for 6 months. Just before going to play golf, try to recharge it enough.


Nikon always emphasizes on the lens. That is why they have provided lens display in this model. There are much more benefits in the lens display. There is a lot of problems in viewing the distance in the display of the old analog CRT model. But in this lens display, you will get accurate results. And the display has an eye relieving facility.

So you can still see the result in it using the sunglasses. Another great advantage of a lens display is that it is equally effective in any weather.


The lens technology of this wonderful rangefinder is the most modern. The technology that Nikon uses in DSLR has been also used here. Through this lens, you will be able to lock any objects targeting from a distant place. There is a strong magnifier inside the lens with which you can zoom in and see things situated in a far place. There is no parallel thing to Nikon in terms of the lens.


The magnifier of this rangefinder is very powerful. Nikon will give you the 6 times magnification facility in their model. For that, all of the objects within the range will seem very near to you.

Because of their advanced lens, the object does not seem dark even after zooming. The nearer the target object is, the easier it will be to lock. Because this is a normal thing that the people will see things which are near to them. With 6 times magnification facility, you can easily lock the target by detecting the flag.


The rangefinder will also be in the top list in terms of the range. They are providing huge area coverage. Their range capacity ranges from 8 to 650 yards. You can accurately measure the distance between any object within the range. They are even able to show the distance of 1 foot by 4 dividing it into 4 parts. The rangefinder measures the distance with the help of the laser beam so it gives the accurate distance.

Laser Technology

The laser technology of this nice rangefinder is of the latest model. The laser beam has very high speed and can hit the target object and return to the rangefinder again in less time than the nanoseconds. And the laser beam never misses hits the target object. The one you will fix and lock as the target object, it will hit on that accurately. This laser beam is not harmful to human skin.


Body dimension has been made keeping balance in all directions. The length is 4.4 inches and width is 2.8 inches. It has overall a great combination with the lengthy and wide.

Keeping the relevancy with the length and the width they have given the thickness of 1.4 inches. The body of this dimension is travel-friendly. The rangefinder is small in size and will not occupy too much space in your golf bag.


If you are a lover of beauty, then you will have nothing but fall in love with its design. This seems a source of beauty with the combination of excellent color, nice finishing, and soft grip. The beauty of this rangefinder is also a cool thing that pleases your eyes.


The accuracy of this rangefinder is unquestionable. You will get totally a perfect result no matter whichever object you target within the range. It will not confuse you by giving the wrong information like the analog rangefinder. Depending on the results that are available on the display, you can hit on the ball without any tension.

Features of Nikon COOLSHOT 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder

So long we have described the body specifics of this Nikon rangefinder. Now let us present its effectiveness in front of you. Then you will understand how much effective it is. So take a look at the outstanding features right now.

First Target Priority Technology

They have used the first target priority technology in it. The job of this technology is to identify the flagstick in a very fast time. You will find the target flag in a very short time in quick scan mode.

There will be no problem finding the target though there are lots of trees in the background. The job of this is to detect targets in a faster time.

Eye Relief Technology

This rangefinder is made in long eye relief technology. If there is a problem with your eyes or you wear sunglasses, there will be no problem. Its lens display is tolerable for the eyes of all. So you can use it with ease even if you have low vision. It will never cause any eye problem to anyone.

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Hyper Read Technology

For faster Measurement, they have taken the help of hyper reed technology. The task of this technology is to measure the distance in the fastest period. Measuring everything in just half a second will get you the exact distance of the target.

The built-in calculator inside it calculates the time of the going and returning of the laser. Then it divides with the speed and calculates the distance. It measures the distance with the help of the laser beam so there will be no error in the measurement.

8 Seconds Continuous Operation Facility

In this, you can scan 8 seconds continuously. Just you have to hold down the power button. Until you discover your target flag, it will continue to present many different objects in front of you. With the convenience of 8 seconds of continuous scan mood, you can easily find out the target object.


The biggest advantage of this rangefinder is that it is waterproof. As a result, you will not have to stop the game when it rains. You can continue playing in the rain. The outer part of the entire circuit is sealed with the plastic coating. There is no scope for water to enter inside it.

Rechargeable Battery

If you notice, then you will see that one time batteries have been used in most of the rangefinders. But they have used the rechargeable battery in it. So you do not have to spend money on buying batteries to play golf. And it is a very power saving rangefinder. Once you recharge the battery fully, you can operate it for a long time.

Power Saver

It is very economical in terms of power consumption. It consumes the power of less than one watt. A very strong battery has been used in it even for this little power. So if you charge it once, you can safely run it for a few months. There are very few power-saving rangefinders you will find in the market.


The rangefinder is also portable at the same time so does it is travel-friendly. It is very small in size and too light in weight also. So you will not have any pressure of extra load taking it to the golf field. It will fit into the travel bag and even into the pocket of your pant as well.

Long Range

In terms of the range, this model of Nikon is much ahead of others. They provide distance measurement facilities covering a huge area. This wonderful rangefinder can measure the distance of any object up to 8-650 yards.

Nikon Coolshot 40 Golf Laser Rangefinder Review: Pros and Cons


Nikon has fixed the price of this rangefinder at $185. With this, the shipping charge will also be counted.


You may have many questions regarding the model of this rangefinder of Nikon. We have predicted the questions you may ask, and so we have provided the answer beforehand. For that, no one will have to ask any questions.

Q: Nikon Cool Shot 40 and Nikon Cool Shot 40i Are the Same Models?

Ans: No, the two models are different. Cool Shot 40i is a lot of advanced level rangefinder.

Q: Does Nikon Offer a Warranty with This?

Ans: No, Nikon is not offering any warranty. However, considering the quality of the rangefinder, it is not necessary to offer a warranty.

Q: Is This a Tournament Approved Rangefinder?

Ans: Yes, it is a tournament approved rangefinder. You can play golf in a long distance with this in any golf club without any tension.

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Final Words

It is required to accurately measure the target object’s distance in playing golf in the long distance. Accuracy is a big factor here. Even for a small distraction in the calculations, someone wins, and someone else is defeated.

So, we would recommend you not buy the old model rangefinders to save some money rather buy upgraded models rangefinders. It allows you to measure the accurate distance. The Nikon coolshot 40 rangefinder is undoubtedly the latest model rangefinder.

Hopefully, we have been able to make you clear everything about of this rangefinder in the Nikon cool shot 40 golf laser rangefinder review. As the reviewer, we would like to recommend you buy this without any tension.

You will rarely find out any strong, durable, accurate rangefinder like this in the market. Going to play golf with this excellent rangefinder means you are on the verge of victory.

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