Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

Golf is one of the most popular sports in the world which have been adopted the good use of technology. With the pace of the development of technology playing golf has been developed as well. Technology is becoming the determinant of the result in the golf game nowadays. The rangefinder is also serving you with the help of technology.

To play golf in a long distance, you need to measure the distance and hit the ball accordingly. The success rate of the rangefinder is incredibly good in measuring the distance of the target flag of the distant place. Currently, there are many good quality laser rangefinders available in the market.

Today we will review the Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder which remains at the top of the list in terms of the quality and functionality. The rangefinder has many modern facilities.

In the review, we will discuss the details of the rangefinder. Nikon has made this model of rangefinder using the latest technology by utilizing their camera technology. It is possible to measure the accurate distance by this. And if you get an exact distance, it becomes easier to hit the ball accordingly.

For all the golfers, we will present information by analyzing every part and feature of this rangefinder. So let us start the review of this latest model rangefinder.

Nikon Coolshot 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder Review

Important Specifications

  • Material: Metal
  • Color: 40i
  • Sport Type: Golf
  • Brand: Nikon

Since the arrival of the Nikon 40i model rangefinder in the market, it has been able to raise a lot of curiosity to all the golfers. Many of you are eagerly waiting to see its reviews. There are many people thinking about how much it will work while measuring the distance of the target object.

As the golf topic reviewer, we will answer all of your questions today. You all will get answers to questions you have in your mind in the nikon coolshot 40i golf laser rangefinder review.

In the review, we will focus on full specification, parts details, functionality, materials, features, and everything. So let us start the original review now and not delay the time.

Specifications of Nikon Coolshot 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

We are going to present the full specification of the nikon coolshot 40i rangefinder in front of you. We will give the details of each part. Then have a look at what they are offering with this rangefinder.


The body frame of this wonderful rangefinder is made from advanced quality plastic. But at the beginning, you cannot recognize that it is plastic body frame. With excellent finishing, the outlook is also pretty and eye-catching.

The advanced plastic body is very durable and long-lasting. Nikon did not compromise with its body quality. The body will not burst or get damaged, even if it falls down from your hand.


Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

The CR2 lithium battery has been used in it which will guarantee you to keep it running for a long time. These batteries are very much available in the market and the prices of these batteries are cheaper too.

These 3-volt batteries are of very good quality. These batteries can hold the charge for a long time so you can run it for many days with a single battery. Once the battery is fully discharged, you can easily change the battery and get a new one.


Nikon did not use chip quality display in it like others. They have provided the lens technology to it to give the accurate results. You can see everything clearly on the lens display. Everything including the detection of the target, distance measurement results will be visible on the display. And its display is a battery power saver. It will save a lot of your battery power.


They have used very good quality lenses to detect target objects. Nikon is always the best in the camera lens. Their camera technology has been used here too. You can easily find the target flag with the help of the lens. If the target object is accurate then the distance measurement also becomes accurate.


They have added 6 times magnifying benefit to it to make things easy to detect. If zooming 6 times, things from very distant places will also seem nearer. The more visible the object is, it will be as easy as possible to lock the target. You can see all things clearly by zooming with their cool magnifier.


This rangefinder is also the top ranking rangefinder in terms of the range. Any distance between 8 to 650 yards can be measured accurately. It can show the distance of 1 yard dividing it into 4 parts. 650 yards range is also a long distance.

Usually, such the long distance golf game is not played. Despite such a huge distance, they can accurately measure all things. With the best use of their lens, magnifier, and display, you will be able to measure the distance accurately.

Laser Technology

They have used laser ray instead of GPS to measure the distance. The laser beam can hit the target object in the very short period of time. And the laser beam always hits the target object only. Because of the laser technology you can measure the distance easily.


The body size dimension of this good quality rangefinder is also pretty nice. There is a great balance in all directions. This rangefinder is 4.4 inches in length and 2.8 inches in width. And the body thickness is 1.4 inches. Due to such the dimension, it is easy to carry in the bag and also in the hand. Besides, it is too lightweight because of which your golf bag will not be heavy.

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

Nikon COOLSHOT 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

Features of Nikon Coolshot 40i Golf Laser Rangefinder

After describing the specification of the nikon coolshot 40i golf laser rangefinder, we are now going towards all the attractive features of this attractive rangefinder.

Its effectiveness will seem even more evident if you see all the features. You will understand how good results it will give in the distance measurement. So let us now take some ideas about the features of this nice rangefinder.

Single Target

This rangefinder of Nikon looks at a single target. At the same time, it focuses more on the single target rather than the multiple objects. Each target within the range will appear in front of you one by one. Then you can easily explain the rangefinder by locking your desired target. After that, the laser beam will hit that locked target. For that, the distance accuracy will be absolutely perfect.

Slope and Height Adjustment

Most of the rangefinders cannot measure the accurate distance in the slope and height. Though there are slopes or heights, most only shows the distance parallelly. But if there is the slope, the distance is more than if it is parallel. So with this rangefinder of Nikon, you will also get the accurate distance in slopes. Or suppose your target object is situated slightly in a higher place, you will also get the same result there.

Suitable for Eyes

There are many people who have problems in their eyes. They cannot see everything in the usual way. If you have problems with your eyes, you will not have any problem at all in it. They have made it keeping the feature of the long eye relief in it. You can use it easily, even if you wear glasses or you have the little eye vision. It is suitable for all eyes.

Multiple Modes

You will find out the option to operate in multiple modes. If the weather is cloudy then you can run it in cloudy mode. And if the weather is sunny then you can run it in shinny mode. There are also the separate modes for slope and height. For that, you can measure the accurate distance no matter it has slope or height, sunshine or rain.

High Temperature Durable

The Nikon 40i rangefinder also gives a great performance in high temperature. It can function naturally even at a temperature of 122 degree Celsius. In the same way, it can measure the distance perfectly in the extreme cold weather. So you can adapt it to all weathers.

8 Seconds Measurement Facility

In this rangefinder, you can make 8-second continuous measurements. It will scan repeatedly and then show results in front of you. You can easily lock the target object for that. It will show all the things within the range as the single object. You can lock the flag just after seeing it.


The biggest advantage of this beautiful rangefinder is that it is waterproof. So there will be no problem in playing golf in the rain. Likewise, you can clean the dust or dirt with the water also. If you buy it, you can play golf in any weather. There is no way for water to enter into it. The internal electric circuit board has been fully sealed. The water will not also have any ability to cause any harm to the circuit inside it.

Quick Distance Measure

You can measure the distance in only half a second. They have set up hyper read technology for fast calculation of all things. It can calculate the time the laser ray takes to hit the target flag and come back again with the laser speed and show the results on the display within .5 seconds.

Tournament Approved

The tournament committee approves this rangefinder of Nikon. So there is no obstacle to use it in the golf course.

  • It is tolerant in any weather
  • Distance up to 8-650 yards can be measured
  • Results are available only in half a second
  • 8 seconds Continuous scanning facility
  • Useable at any weather
  • The accurate distance can be measured in slope and height also
  • There are multiple moods to use
  • Waterproof so you can play in the rain also
  • Very Durable and Strong
  • Available removable battery
  • Accurate range measurement capability
  • 6 times Magnification facility
  • Small in size so it is portable
  • There is no pin sensor technology
  • Measurement time is a little bit more than others


A few common questions are raised in many people’s minds about this rangefinder. So we have provided the answers to these questions along with the reviews. After this, you do not have to ask any more questions. So take a look now if the questions match with your own.

Q. Is the result of the lens display similar to the result of the Vivid Display?

Ans: Of course. In fact, there is no difference between those. The only difference is the technological difference. But the result is the same.

Q. Is the battery rechargeable or one-time?

Ans: They have used the one-time battery in it. Even if you cannot recharge, you can get the new battery. This type of battery is very available in the market and it is cheaper at prices also.

Q. Which one is better Nikon Coolshot 40 or Nikon Coolshot 40i?

Ans: Both of the two rangefinders are made by Nikon. Both are good in quality. However, since 40i is of the latest model so you will get more benefits from it.

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Final Words

We hope that you all have come to know everything of this rangefinder so far. We have discussed the entire thing such as specifications, features, advantages, disadvantages, and so on at different points so that everyone can understand everything very easily.

If you read these entire writing attentively then all the questions of your mind will be disappeared. Along with this we also have answered the frequently asked questions. In total, we have discussed all the details of this rangefinder openly.

We are going to put an end to the Nikon coolshot 40i golf laser rangefinder review here. Finally, in the last line, we would like to say that there is hardly any better quality rangefinder in the market. So, buy it and keep yourself one step ahead of others in playing the golf game.

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