The rangefinder is very much required for those who regularly play golf out of their hobby or profession. You cannot send the ball to the desired location without the rangefinder.

You will be able to measure the accurate distance with the rangefinder so that you can make easy targeting. There are lots of models of the rangefinder in the market. Most of the rangefinders in the market are fairly good in quality. But some of those have some disadvantages.

Bushnell Medalist is a very likable rangefinder for many golfers because it can fulfil most of their demands. It will stay on top of everyone’s favourite list because of its good performance. You are may be familiar with the other models of rangefinders, but you are may not be familiar with the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder.

We will talk about the Bushnell medalist rangefinder review for you today. In our review, we will explain its detailed activities. The features, specifications, advantages, and disadvantages all will come up in our review.

After reading our reviews, you will feel like you have been looking for something like this for a long time. However, let us now start the review without talking about other irrelevant facts.

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The Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder Review

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Bushnell has offered some models of the rangefinder in the market. This rangefinder is a very popular model of them. We will present many unknown aspects of this rangefinder in front of you today.

The Bushnell medalist rangefinder review will include its familiarity, performance, details of the parts and many more. After reading the reviews, you can understand that this rangefinder is very useful for playing golf. Since we have started the Bushnell medalist rangefinder review, we will discuss all step by step.

Specifications of Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder

We will give you detailed descriptions of the different specifications of the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder. We will discuss everything about the parts like what part is necessary for which task or which part is more effective and so on in our review. All the detailed specifications are discussed here.


It is a portable rangefinder. You can take the golf kits keeping in your bag to the golf field. It is also very light in weight. It is weighing only 9 ounces including the battery. For this lightweight, you will feel no excess weight on your golf kits bag. Its dimension is 5 x 1.7 x 3.8 inches.

Because of its small size and lightweight, it is quite easy for you to move with it. No matter how far your golf field is from your home, you will not have any problem to carry it. In terms of portability, it is one of the best rangefinders.

Body Construction

Its body is made of excellent design. The body grip is made of rubber. Because of the soft rubber, you will get the maximum comfort. And in the front of the body frame, it has been insulated with strong aluminum. The aluminum does not easily crack. Its body frame is made in such a way that it will last for a long time and you will also get a lot of comforts in it.


The battery of this is rechargeable 9 volt. This type of battery is used in ordinary microphones, transistors, walkie-talkies etc. The batteries are very durable. Although the battery is small to look, it can provide backup for a long time. Once you charge it fully, you can play golf for several days without any interruption.


Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder Review

The LCD display has been used in it. Although compared to the recently updated trend it should have used the LED display. After you measure the range, you will be able to see the accurate distance in the display.

The brightness of this display is very high. But you can reduce the brightness if you want. Not just the distance you will get all the information obtained from the device in the display.

4 X Magnification

This part is very important. You should give a lot of importance to buy any rangefinder. When you buy any rangefinder, you must see whether it has 4x or more magnification ability or not.

Bushnell knows this fact very well. So they have 4x magnification facility in it. The more magnification it has, the more accurate results you can get. Their Medalist rangefinder gives excellent performance in terms of magnification.

Pinseeker Technology

The biggest unique feature of Bushnell Medalist rangefinders is Pinseeker Technology. This technology shows clearly only the difference flag. It eliminates the grass, trees etc. around the area and only focuses on the flag.

The measurement becomes the perfect one for this. Moving everything behind it brings the target object to the fullest capture.  Except for the Bushnell rangefinder, there are very few rangefinder producing companies that use Pinseeker technology.


The range of this nice rangefinder is very long. You can measure accurately from 5 yards to 1000 yards. You will get an accurate distance up to 250 yards with the help of Pinseeker technology. It has a reflector.

However, you do not need the reflector for measuring the short distance. It may take a little more time if your target is at a too long distance. But that does not mean that it cannot measure very long distances. it is equally effective for measuring short and long distances.


Accuracy has become a big factor in the game of golf. If you cannot accurately measure the distance, you will not be able to send the ball to the target. If it differs for only 2/3 meter distance, the result will be overturned. You will get the perfect accuracy in the Bushnell medalist rangefinder.

This will allow you to measure the length of the distance without any mistake. It can even show distances to fractions. The laser beam of this finder shows the perfect distance by calculating the time it takes to hit the target and come back again. All calculations are calculated in just a few seconds.


You can run this range in 4 modes.

  • You can view a large range and measure the targets constantly with the help of the scan mode
  • The device can measure the range of the targets accurately during rain or snow with the help of the rain mode
  • The reflector mode is able to measure the maximum distances when the high reflective objects are targeted
  • Finally, the pin seeker mode is able to measure the range of the target with an extreme accuracy

Laser Beams

They have used the help of laser beam technology to measure the distance. At first, a laser ray moves towards the target from the Rangefinder. Soon after hitting the target object, it comes back to the previous right place again. And the clock inside the rangefinder keeps this time counting.

Then, after calculating the time and speed, the distance results come out. And this process is completed in less than the nanosecond. Many laser beams are harmful to eyes. But they have used the eye protector laser beam in it. The laser emitted from this beam will not cause damage to your eyes.

Easy to Use

Bushnell Medalist Rangefinder Review

It is just as easy to use as you can think. You do not need any experience. After going to the golf field and get it down from the bag, you can fit it aiming at the target.

Then on the display of this, all the things of the target area will be displayed. It will start working after you mark the target flag and press the confirm switch. There is no further problem after this. After this, you can play golf all the day.


Using it, you will get a lot of benefits. The soft grip of this is very comfortable, the plastic hard materials have made it strong. You will be able to identify the targets even in a long distance because of the pin seeker technology. It is easy to carry for its less weight and smaller size. And you can keep it running through the battery. You will get benefits from all aspects of it.


  • Because of the built-in pin seeker technology, it is possible to measure the accurate distance of a lot of distant targets
  • Ability to show distance even infractions
  • It has the 4x magnification system
  • It is a lot easier to use
  • All the required information is displayed on the LCD display
  • You will get 2 years of service warranty facility
  • Weather resistance technology has been used in it
  • Comfortable rubber grip and strong aluminum body
  • The laser beam is not harmful to eyes
  • It can process everything very quickly
  • The battery is very cheap and it has lots of availability
  • Because of the fog and rain mood, it can also be used in rain and fog


  • It is a little tough to lock the targets in the long distance
  • Sometimes the battery cover gets opened itself
  • It needs to recheck whether the target gets set accurately
  • Sometimes the LCD screen does not work


This feature is for all the questions that all of you frequently ask always about this golf rangefinder. There are usually two common questions about the Bushnell Medalist rangefinder. We are providing those answers for you so that you will not have to ask those same questions again in future. So let us see which two questions everybody asks most of the time.

Q: I have little black spots in my viewfinder. I have cleared the lenses. Is there a way to remove the black spots?

Ans: It is very common to have the black spot in the rangefinder. There is nothing to be upset about it. You surely can do your task with the black spots. You just need the regular cleaning. It is not possible to remove the black spot fully.

Q: Does the medalist vibrate when seeking the pin?

Ans: No, it does not vibrate during pin seeking. But if you need a rangefinder having vibration then you can take another model of Bushnell’s rangefinder.

Final Thoughts

Dear excellent golfers, we have so far come to the end of the review. We have described each part differently for your convenience. For that, you will understand which one is for what works, and how it works etc. There is no way to do without the rangefinder to play golf.

Because if you cannot measure the distance properly, you have to lose the game. Due to even the 4/5 meter measuring misconceptions, there are a lot of examples of losing the game for many skilled golfers. Bushnell medalist rangefinder will be able to bring you the desired success.

It can accurately measure the distance. It is very useful in measuring long distances because of the pin seeker technology. Apart from this, because of the four modes of operation, it can work in any weather.

In the Bushnell medalist rangefinder review, we have mentioned its advantages as well as the disadvantages. No product is absolutely 100% perfect. It is right that there are some errors in it. But compared to the advantages, all the disadvantages are not a great fact.

To achieve success in the golf game, give the responsibility of targeting it and keep yourself free. Because this wonderful rangefinder can calculate the accurate distance.

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