Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder

To be successful in the golf game, it is necessary to know how far the target is. Because of the difference in distance, many experienced golfers even lose the game. Understanding the distance, it is required to hit the ball. If you cannot accurately measure how far your target flag is, then how will you hit the ball?

So, first of all, you have to measure the distance of the target object. But if you measure the distance by the traditional ribbon and scale it will cost a lot of time. So how good it would be if you can do it automatically? Although it seems unrealistic to you, it is now a real fact.

The device called laser rangefinder is doing this task. It can measure the accurate distance of the target object easily. Where such a facility is available by a machine, then why you will waste your time thinking in another way to measure the distance?

For your convenience, we have come up with the Halo XRT6 laser rangefinder review. In our review today, we will discuss everything in detail. Let us know more about this best laser rangefinder now.


A rangefinder is basically an electric machine by which we can measure the distance of a thing like how far the thing has displaced from its original place. The laser beam of this machine is capable of measuring the perfect distance by sharp surveillance on the object.

In simple word, the electric machine by which it can measure the distance of the golf target object in a few time is called the rangefinder. The previous old rangefinder was kind of analogue and has been changed a lot, it now measures the distance with the help of laser ray.

The Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder Review

Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder

Important Specifications

  • Are Batteries Included: No
  • Item Weight: 0.64 Pounds
  • Sport Type: Golf
  • Brand: Wild Game Innovations

There are many rangefinders available on the market. Since you do not know anything or know a little thing about this, it will be difficult for you to find the best quality rangefinder. As we are experts in this regard, we have come up with the best quality rangefinder review for you. So let us start the Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder review now without any delay.

Specifications of Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder

At the beginning of the review, we will discuss a lot about the specifications of this nice rangefinder. It will help you to understand how it works, how much the durability is, how good the service will be and so on.

In our review specification part, it has been included almost all features including battery, size, display, grip, resistance, range etc. Now we will discuss it all one by one.


A very powerful battery has been used in Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder. The manufacturer has used CR-2 type rechargeable battery in it. Those who have the idea about CR Battery, you all obviously know how the high quality of this battery is.

You can easily pass a year with a single battery. And the batteries are rechargeable, so you do not have to spend money on buying batteries again and again. And once the battery is recharged, you will get a continuous service for a long time. So there will be no obstruction to your work, even if there is no electricity.


They have made it considering the highest comfort aspect. Although there are lots of advantages to this, it is very small in size. This is so small in size that you can carry it effortlessly in the pocket or hang on the neck to the golf field. And it is also light in weight.

So carrying it is not a difficult task for anyone. They have made the perfect size for the golfers. The size of this rangefinder is just 6 x 6.4 x 2.5 inches.


A very modern technology has been used to make this rangefinder display. They have used the LCD technology display. LCD display is normally very transparent. So everything is seen clearly. And the biggest advantage of this display is that they have used aiming reticle in it.

This makes the target more accurate in range measurement. The Aiming reticle first follows the movements and then measures the distance. Because of this, it is possible to measure the target object distance accurately.


Well if the head of the golf stick would not be narrowed in such a way that it was like a wide cricket bat, would you have been able to hit the golf target objects with same force?

No, it would never possible because the grip of it is not that good. In order to use any hand device, the grip needs to be good. Otherwise, you cannot use it comfortably. This fact has been taken very seriously in the Halo XRT6 laser rangefinder.

So they made it so beautifully that you can grip it properly. Due to the excellent plastic body finishing and perfect design, it will set your hand perfectly. It will not be a problem to grip it rather you will get the best comfort using it.

Water, Dirt And Fog Resistant

You can always use it as it has been made in such a way that no matter whether there is water or dirt or fog on the playground or not. It has Water resistance, dust resistance, and for resistance to protect this.

You can use it whether the weather is good or bad. You can measure the range of target objects in extreme fog as well as in heavy rain. So it is the best rangefinder to run in all weather conditions.

Range And Accuracy

There are different types of rangefinders of various ranges available in the market. But not all the rangefinder can provide the accurate data. In spite of its small size, the Halo XRT6 laser rangefinder can give you the perfect measurement.

It can deliver the result even for the distance of one inch from the target object. It can measure the distance between ranges from 1 to 600 yards. If you need a rangefinder that is smaller in size but larger in range, you can take this. Each of their measurements of it is accurate.


A powerful magnifying glass has been placed next to its display. With which you can zoom 6 times. As a result of the zoom, the accuracy level increases. Because high power glass has been used so it can give perfect data. The magnification feature of it can fill all your needs.

Power Saver

Earlier we have said its battery is very good quality. Once you recharge this will give a continuous power supply for a long time. They have added another feature so that the running time is even more. And that is the power saver option.

It has been programmed so that if you have it 20 seconds idle, the automatic power saving mode will be turned on. This means if it is stopped for 20 seconds, it will automatically be stopped and save your battery charges.

Measurement Mood

There is another excellent feature, and that is the measurement mood. This allows you to measure the distance of a target. Suppose you target a tree in front of the rangefinder. Then the rangefinder will capture the target and measure the distance. By applying this feature, you can measure the distance of anything within certain ranges.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence also has been used in it, and all is set up by programming. This can make a perfect decision when measuring distance. Apart from this, it also plays an effective role in saving battery power.

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder

Wildgame Innovations Halo XRT Range Finder

Variance Parameters

You can measure the distance in different ways with this. Whenever you want you can measure it in feet or in meter or in the yard by changing the settings. For this, it is required to select the unit conversion method only. You will find the options to select feet, meter, and yard distance setting and use it easily.

Halo XRT6 Laser Rangefinder Review 

Product Features

It is very important to know the features before buying anything. Otherwise, the whole money can go to the vain if you do not buy the right product. We have provided details of each part of it in the specification part. Let us talk about the features. Then you can understand what you can do with it. Let us see all the main features of it without delaying any time.

  • It allows you to measure the range of ranges up to 600 yards
  • It has a strong magnifying glass with which you can zoom 6 times
  • Able to give a perfect measurement of decimal
  • It is made in a way to be dust and water resistant
  • Lightweight, so easy to carry
  • It is very small so gripping with the hand is easy
  • Very cheap compared to other rangefinders
  • Automatic power saver mood has been used
  • High-quality rechargeable batteries have been used
  • Multiple targets can be selected using the scan mood
  • Distance can be measured in different parameters
  • Body is very stylish and comfortable


There are some bad sides to this. So before buying you should check all those bad sides.

  • Not much effective in low light
  • The image quality of LCD display is not high quality
  • Battery availability is not everywhere
  • The body casing spreads a little odor

Where You Can Buy It From

Nowadays, in the golden age of online, buying a product from Amazon has become so much easy. However, if you do not know the process, then click here on the link. Then simply, after a few steps, order the rangefinder from Amazon. You will get it a few days later in your hand.


Some of the common questions that often come to us are. So we provided ourselves with the answers to the same questions you frequently asked so that you do not need to ask again. Check out here the most common questions.

Q: What is the minimum range it will see?

Ans: This usually can see an object from a distance of 1 yard. But in the opinion of most users, it starts giving exact results from distance of 4 yards.

Q: Has anyone has had more than a few months working?

Ans: Yes. You will get the perfect functional output from it up to one year and even more if you keep it clean, dry and not dropped on floors or knocked around.

Q: Does it have slope technology?

Ans: Unfortunately, this kind of technology has not been used in it. But we are hoping that soon they will come with the sloop technology.

 Q: To use it for golf, do I have to adjust the lens to focus?

Ans: Of course. You need to adjust the lens to get an accurate result manually. It does not have the facility of automatic focus.

Final Words

We are now in the last stage of the review. In the Halo XRT6 Laser rangefinder review, we have brought in all the details of what we had in the range of our knowledge.

You just need to read the review carefully before you buy. It will clear all of your queries. We have discussed the features, advantages, and disadvantages of details. Although there are some negative aspects, the positive aspects are more than the negative sides.

To get more privileges, you have to sacrifice in another way which means you need to buy this enrich featured rangefinder accepting some of the disadvantages. If you buy once, you will get the best quality rangefinder. So why do you want to delay anymore? Just buy it right away from Amazon happily.

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