Footjoy Pro SL Review

The shoe is an essential element for playing golf. If your shoe isn’t good, you would fall into the problem whenever you would play. To keep the leg grip strait and to keep the leg in a right angle, the shoe is most effective.

The golf shoe is different from them as a usual shoe. That is why many people fall in problems with the knowledge of buying the normal shoe whenever they would like to buy a golf shoe. We have come up with the FootJoy Pro SL Review so that you don’t have any problem with buying a golf shoe.

You should have some general senses if you want to buy golf shoe. Now, we would discuss these matter. There are a lot of standard golf shoes in the market. We would write a review about the Footjoy Pro SL which is more standard than others.

Hopefully, the newbie and the experienced golfers would be benefited by the review. Let’s know the details about the new model of shoes.

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Details of FootJoy Pro SL Review

FootJoy Men's Pro/Sl-Previous Season Style Golf Shoes
  • Exceptional stability - a perimeter weighted...
  • Laser plus fit - The laser plus last offers a full...

You would like to know the details of the product before purchasing. It is most silliness to purchase products without knowing about the features. Especially if it is a golf shoe, there is no question. If you purchase without knowing, you would get caught by the pitch. It’s for you if you are a golfer. We would review the shoes of the latest model here.

FootJoy is usually fast in the competition of production of keds or shoe than others. Their so effective model is FootJoy pro SL for playing golf. We would represent the uniqueness of the shoe in front of you through FootJoy pro SL review. All of the shoe specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages will be in the review. So, have a look at the details of the shoe now.

Features And Specifications

In the beginning, we would represent the features and the specifications of it in front of all. Components of the shoe, quality, how does it get you benefits and all will be discussed here.

Excellent Fitting

The shoe fitting is excellent. It fits well around the foot because of its narrow insole. The lace has been placed on the top of the footlevels so that you could easily fit even though the legs are thick. The innerside has been made smooth.

So, you would feel comfortable when you would usethe shoe. The inner side of the shoe is airtight. That is why you would notfeel warm when you would wear it. You may use another insole for comfort if youwant.

Chromoskin Leather

Chromeskin lather has been set up beside the ankle. So that the necessary tensile strength and structure available. Also, this lather is more quality full which would assure you for long-lasting.

3 Layers Out Sole

There are 3 layers outsole below the shoe. Because of having so many layers, you could play golf anywhere as you wish. It would give the same performance everywhere such as grass, spinaches or clay. But, there would not be any damage to it.

In the first layer, there is the FTF (Fine Tuna Foam)white layer which would give you stability and comfort. There is a soft version of the FTF (Fine Tuna Foam) in the second layer. This also ensures your comfort.

Again, in the third layer, the colored TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) has been attached to the outsole directly which would ensure gripe to you. The narrow pillars of the gripe have been linked from here. All of three layers outsole would protect your legs. You would be able to run through thistles easily wearing these keds. Besides, 3- layers sole ensure a lot of strength and stability.

Excellent Grip

The gripe of this shoe is quite nice which can catch up on the soil easily. There is no impact on walking whether you walk on the slippery space, clay or grass. The strong grip of the shoe would not let you slip a bit.

For being a nice gripe, there is no fear of slipping while taking the shot. Its grip works well in the dry and hard soil too. The bottom of the shoe has beenmade uneven. So, you would get maximum security in it. The possibility ofslipping is likely zero.


This shoe has been made of waterproof. You can also continue the play in the rain without any disturbance. Water would not enter the insole. Similarly, there is no fear of waste in the water. Many expensive shoes are also seen to be wasted in water. There is no fear in that case. If you want, you can walk through the foot level water. For being waterproof, there is not hing to be worried about playing golf in the rainy season.


The design of the shoe is quite stylish and modern. Its classic designs can be impressive to anyone. It’s a perfect shoe for those who would like to be updated with the latest model. The latest designs and styles have been applied to it. If you put this shoe of classic designs, your nobility will increase by a few times.


The shoe is quite comfortable. You would get comfort by putting on the shoe. There would be no damage to the feet. On the contrary, it will help to keep the ankle fit. Its insole, outsole, bottom even everything has been designed keeping in mind about the users. They have given lace for fitting properly. Before being hit on your feet, the shoe will pass through all of the brunts.

Light weight

One of the important things in the case of the shoe is its weight. If its weight is heavy, it’s not possible to use. At the time of walking, you need to spend extra energy. Neither you would be able to run nor walk. That is because the weight of the shoe should have very light.

They have designed it from this conception. Its weight is very light. You would not feel that you are wearing such a strong shoe. It would not increase the weight of your travel bag because of its light weight.

Great Color

They have also shown creativity in the case of choosing colors. There are great colors in combinations of silver, navy blue, taupe and tan with white so that you have the opportunity to choose your preferred color. And these colors look pretty beautiful too. Also, their excellent design has increased the beauty of the shoe greatly.

FootJoy Pro SL Review: Pros and Cons

  • Waterproof. So, its possible to play in the rain.
  • High-quality material which would have the lasting for a long time.
  • Comfortable insole which is pleasurable for legs.
  • Weight is too light. No need to spend extra energy.
  • Chromo skin Lather panel has been made to give the advantage of the ankle.
  • There is a lot of comforts available.
  • Excellent gripe which helps to keep balance in the clay, grass or slippery space.
  • There is no fear of accident by slipping.
  • 3-layers outsole. So, it’s so much secure.
  • It’s fitted with the feet nicely.
  • Because of having lace,it can be fitted to anyone’s feet.
  • Durable and longlasting.
  • There is no spike.
  • Very light color.
  • Much higher prices than others.

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Final Words

We have tried to discuss all the things of this shoe openly. And this is why we have reviewed every part by highlighting separately. Those who prefer comfort, performance, and durability without thinking about money may choose it.

You would realize after a few days of use what an excellent thing you have collected. It would support you in the cloud, rain, winter or all seasons as a trusted partner. The features and advantages we have included in the FootJoy Pro SL review are not imaginary at all.

This shoe has won the mind of everyone with the performance and quality. Especially who are the pro level gofers can test such a shoe to keep target straight. It is very much ahead of others in all aspects.