Best Golf Shoes For Walking

If you are looking for the best golf shoes for walking, we can help with all our effort. You might be a new guy in golfing or really want to buy the best golf shoes for walking. But buying the best golf shoes for walking isn’t as easy as buying chocolates.

Why is it tougher? Because there are a lot of brands who make golf shoes with different specifications. You can never copy the specifications from others or what fits others won’t necessarily fit you. This is the most difficult part of buying the best golf shoes for walking.

You have to develop a sense of what fits you and what you expect from a pair of golf shoes. To help you with the selection process, we have decided to give you a buying guide for the best golf shoes for walking. After that, we will present some of the best golf shoes for walking in the market so you can choose from them.

Let us not waste any time and directly get into it. In the end, you will either find the best golf shoes for walking for you or know the details you should keep in mind while buying the best golf shoes for walking. Let’s get started.

A Quick Comparison of Our Favorites in 2023

Best Golf Shoes for Walking Buying Tips

To choose the right pair of shoes, you have to keep some things in mind. If you just follow others to know what they wear, it might hamper the feel that you want from your shoes. You have to remember that nothing will feel the same to a different person.

There are a lot of options and features with golf shoes that you should look for. Here are some of them for your information so that you don’t forget to check out while buying.

Spiked or Spikeless?

The first thing you should notice in a pair of golf shoes is the spikes. Traditionally, many professional golfers wear spiked golf shoes but does it do any better than spikeless shoes? We don’t think so. By seeing the top players wearing spiked shoes, you might think that they have better traction or something and increases playability.

But it is a wrong concept. You generally don’t need spiked shoes on a flat course. Spikeless shoes are best for any course. But if you are playing on a hilly or muddy golf course where you need more traction than usual, you might want to have the spiked ones.

But in most cases, spikeless golf shoes work well and meet your requirements. Another good thing about spikeless shoes is you don’t cause any harm to the course, as spiked shoes can create holes in the ground.

Waterproof or Not?

In most of cases, the best golf shoes for walking aren’t waterproof. The reason behind this is very simple. Golf shoes are typically made with synthetic mesh for better air circulation. But if golf shoes need to be waterproof, they wouldn’t be as comfortable as they are now.

So, unless you are playing on a watery or muddy surface where you need to keep your feet dry, you don’t need waterproof golf shoes. For most of the courses, you need a good pair of shoes that have greater air circulation so that you don’t feel any problem throughout the course all day long even on a sunny and humid day.

Best for Walking

If you are especially willing to use your golf shoes for walking, you should definitely go for the spikeless shoes. Spiked shoes may give better traction on the courses, but when you walk on pavement or concrete surfaces, spiked shoes can be risky as the traction will be reduced highly.

So, if you are looking for the best golf shoes for walking, make sure that you are going for spikeless shoes.


As the shoes will be used for both playing and walking, they will catch dirt very easily. If you don’t clean your shoes regularly, they will create odor which will result in discomfort. Also, the lifespan of the shoes will be decreased.

So, you have to look for something that is washable. Only then you will be able to take proper care of your favorite golf shoes, and they will last longer.

Our Top 5 Best Golf Shoes For Walking

Now as you have an idea of things you should look for while buying the best shoes for walking, we are going to show you several golf shoes that are some of the bests according to our considerations. We have checked those shoes thoroughly and presenting to you so that you get an idea of what you need.

They differ from each other in features or comfort, but all of them are really great shoes for golfing and walking. So, if you are going to buy the best golf shoes for walking, you can keep them on your list. Let’s move on to the first one on our list.

1. ECCO Men’s Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe

ECCO Men's Biom Hybrid 2 Hydromax Golf Shoe, mahogany/oyester, 39 M EU...
  • Weather resistance: Naturally soft, breathable and...
  • Anatomical last shape developed by scanning the...
  • Tour Proven Traction Constructed from TPU a highly...
  • Technical Insole System A new, ultra premium...
  • Removable insole

The first one on our list of the best golf shoes for walking is this sleek and smart pair of shoes that have been designed to give you comfort and a better grip. This shoe comes with a low top arch shaft which is slightly better for feet movement.

When it comes to comfort, this pair of shoes can never go wrong as they are made of strong and breathable yak leather that keeps your feet comfortable during the course. Another thing that adds comfort to this shoe is the closure system. It is completely different from the traditional tied shoelace system. ECCO uses a dial system in this shoe which allows more room for adjustment.

As you will be using these shoes on dirt courses or roads, they can easily catch stains that will upset the look of your favorite shoes. ECCO has come up with an anti-stain formula where the upper part is treated with Hydromax to minimize the cleaning process.

Still, you can remove the soles and wash them thoroughly if you want to. If we come to traction, the TPU soles of these shoes will give you a better grip on any surface. Their traction is just fine to match your needs. Also, the soles are very durable and comfortable.

Another good thing about the sole is flexibility. With this kind of soles, you can easily move your feet to different positions, which are known as Spyder-Grip. This also ensures that less debris will get caught in the groves.

We will now take a glance at the pros and cons of this shoe, and you will be able to decide whether to keep them on your list or not. Let’s see.

  • Made with good quality, strong, yak leather.
  • Highly breathable.
  • TPU soles give good traction and grip.
  • Low top shaft ensures easy movement.
  • The closure system makes it more compact.
  • Lightweight and very comfortable.
  • As the shoes are breathable, they might not be so good in water resistance.

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2. Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost 3 Onix/C Golf Shoe

adidas Men's Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoe, Grey, 7 M US
  • Boost midsole cushioning for walking comfort and...
  • Climaproof stretch microfiber leather offers...
  • 6-spike tpu outsole construction with...
  • Directly welded energy sling to guide energy...
  • Molded eva tongue top delivers a more precise,...

There are some obvious reasons for this shoe to be second on our list of the best golf shoes for walking. First of all, this shoe is made of 80% one-piece textile upper, and the rest 20% is Climastorm microfiber leather. With this build, you can expect better comfort and durability.

The synthetic sole of this show will give you better traction and grip on any surface, whether you are playing on a course or walking on the road. Its midsole is cushioned for better comfort, and the toe portion is slightly rounded.

The top portion is also fitted with molded EVA tongue so that you get more room in the toe section, enhancing comfort throughout all conditions. Its Climaproof stretched microfiber leather inner section gives you comfort while wearing the shoes.

Also, there is a 6-spike TPU outsole which ensures that you always get a greater grip on any surface. Though this shoe isn’t highly breathable, it can easily repel water which will keep you dry for a good time.

We will now see some of the pros and cons of this shoe so that you can be aware beforehand to decide whether to buy it or not.

  • Made with 80% one-piece upper textile and 20% microfiber leather, so very comfortable and durable.
  • Gives great support while movement due to low arch top.
  • Very lightweight.
  • It has more room at the toe section because of the rounded tip.
  • Gives a better grip with 6-spike TPU outsole.
  • Run true to size
  • It is not highly breathable so can be a bit uncomfortable during hot, humid weather conditions.

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3. Adidas Men’s Adipower S Boost Golf Shoe

adidas Men's Adipower S Boost-M, Black/Iron Metallic/Dark Orange, 7 M...
  • Boost midsole foam in heel for walking comfort and...
  • Soft EVA foam in forefoot provides smooth...
  • Dual-gusseted tongue for added comfort
  • Advanced puremotionoutsole with...
  • Lightweight and stretchable upper features bonded...

Third in our list is this amazing pair of shoes that are made of 100% microfiber leather. For this reason, this will give you enough space to breathe in hot and humid conditions. Moreover, you can use them both on courses and roads.

The upper part is based on the strong rubber sole which holds its shape and size during continuous use. Plus, there is a midsole boost with foam in the heel to give you better comfort, and you also get energy return which enhances comfort during swift movements.

The dual-gusseted tongue is given for better comfort, and soft EVA foam is added to the forefoot to take it to the next level. With this shoe, you will never feel congestion in your feet. Advanced pure-motion outsole ensures better traction and grip on any surface.

This pair of shoes features some other minor yet crucial changes like a TPU saddle, external heel counter, and bonded overlays to give you additional lateral stability and support when needed. It prevents slippage on different surfaces.

Another great thing about this shoe is waterproofing. It also comes with a warranty so you can rely on the quality and waterproofing to use it for a long time. Now, we will see some of its pros and cons as highlights.

  • 100% microfiber leather build hence comfortable and highly breathable.
  • Strong rubber sole to give the punchy feel.
  • Midsole boost with foam in the heel for added comfort.
  • Dual-gusseted and EVA foam included in the forefoot for swift movement.
  • Advanced pure-motion outsole for better traction and grip.
  • Waterproof.
  • You might miss the bite on concrete surfaces.

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4. New Balance Men’s NBG518 Golf Shoe

New Balance Men's nbg518 Golf Shoe, White/Black, 10 4E US
  • 10mm heel to toe drop gets you low to the ground
  • Breathable mesh upper
  • Rubber outsole

This can be one of the best golf shoes for walking as it ensures comfort and traction at the same time. The outsole is made with rubber hence providing a modest grip on any surface. The upper portion is made with 100% mesh and synthetic overlays which means your shoes can breathe the best.

With these materials, it will be very comfortable to walk or play in hot and humid conditions. Moreover, the inside is cushioned enough to keep you comfortable throughout the day. But as this is made of mesh and synthetic, there is no guarantee of waterproofing.

So, if you are using this shoe in rainy weather or muddy surface, you might get wet very soon. In other cases, this shoe will provide you great traction with its 10mm heel to toe drop. Also, there are no spikes in this shoe which is pretty fine for both courses and roads.

This is it. Now it is time to check the pros and cons of this shoe so that you know why to buy it and why not.

  • Rubber outsole gives good traction and comfort.
  • Mesh and synthetic upper ensures comfort and breathability.
  • Inside is cushioned enough to prevent pain.
  • Very lightweight and durable.
  • It is not waterproof.

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5. Skechers Golf Men’s Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe

Skechers Golf Men's Go Golf Fairway Golf Shoe, Charcoal/Blue, 7.5 M US
  • Breathable upper
  • Goga max
  • 5gen cushioning
  • Goga matrix outsole

Last but not the least, this pair of golf shoes can give you what you need, whether on the course or roads. They are made with synthetic sole, but it is very durable and responsive. The upper part is also made of synthetic. As a result, your feet can breathe very well.

But this synthetic build can cause a problem with waterproofing. As there is high breathability, waterproofing is compromised in this shoe. But from other aspects, this can be one of the best golf shoes for walking.

You will not get that synthetic feel in your feet as this shoe is cushioned very well with Goga max insoles and 5th generation performance cushions. So, you can wear them all day long while you are playing on the course or running on the road, and you will never feel any pain.

There are also some minor features like odor protection with agion insole, which can draw moisture from your shoes. This will ensure you stay dry and comfortable during the worst conditions. Also, this shoe is very lightweight, durable, and comes in a variety of colors.

As you know, we end each one with pros and cons, the same goes here. Let’s see.

  • Made with 100% synthetic material upper which is highly breathable.
  • Synthetic sole is strong enough to give you great performance.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Goga max insole and 5th generation performance cushion give better comfort.
  • Agion insole fights with odor and keeps you free from moisture.
  • It can give less traction than rubber outsoles because of synthetic outsoles.

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Last Words

If you have read the complete article about the best golf shoes for walking, you might have already found the best one to serve your purpose. If not, you can check them repeatedly to ensure that they match your needs.

Once you are satisfied with the pros and cons, you are going to get the best golf shoes for walking which will serve you both on courses and roads. Don’t compromise on the quality as your safety and comfort depend mostly on your shoes.

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