People always ask these types of questions. The answer is “Yes.” If you have golf shoes under your feet, you will get a better experience. Like every sport, you need some accessories to play golf. Golf shoes are one of them. So, having golf shoes do really matter.

We don’t want to conclude this discussion here. Instead, you will get to know a detailed conversation about the topic; do golf shoes really make a difference? If you are looking forward to getting a pair of golf shoes, this guide will help you too.

Benefits of Golf Shoes

You will have a wide amount of benefits from golf shoes. There are some possible cases where you badly need golf shoes, and We will cover these below. Let’s go for the dive.

Prevent Slippage

If you fall on a golf course, it will be devastating. We don’t know what the surface is like, but you need golf shoes to prevent slippage. Unfortunately, some people try to wear regular sports shoes and get disappointed. 

The golf shoes can stop you fall on the golf surface anytime. Most golf shoes come with spikes that keep you connected strongly with the surface. You may have to play golf on a rainy day. Don’t worry. If you have golf shoes, you don’t need to think about the weather. Just play and enjoy!

Encourage a Smoother Transition

While playing a golf shot, our body moves. Especially when you go and want to hit a bit, shoot, it is expected that your body part will move. Your body moves from backswing to downswing when you swing the bat to make things more simple. You need stability in this period.

Nevertheless, wearing a pair of golf shoes will ensure your stability while playing a shot. You will be able to play effective shots then. Make sure you purchase the best shoes for playing golf. The smoother transition you get, the better you will perform.

Increase Torque

The more you control playing golf, the better you can play. To play correctly, you need a high torque portion. Torque refers to forces’ rate of rotation. It is something you badly need to play better golf shots all the time.

You may need to play big shots sometimes. You can easily play that type of shot if you have enough torque. Golf shoes will ensure an increase in torque. You will have far better bat swings with the help of golf shoes.

Keep Your Fit Dry

You are not sure about the weather at all. You need golf shoes badly because most golf shoes come with water-resistance power. It will be rare to find an everyday sports shoe with water-resistance power. This is why golfers around the globe suggest wearing golf shoes.

You may never want to feel irritation while playing golf. There are many health benefits of wearing golf shoes when playing. You can avoid some unwanted rashes you choose the right kind of golf shoes for you.

Make You Look Like a Golfer

Golfers have personalities, so you have to ensure a better experience. However, regardless of your type, you need to understand better to spread your potential. Sometimes, we not only buy products that are so comfortable. Moreover, there is always something to showcase. 

There are some stunning golf shoes around. These will provide you with the best look and comfort. When you look good, you will play well. This is the rule of the game!

The Different Types of Golf Shoes

There is not a single pair of golf shoes. Usually, golf shoes come in different variations. They differ in color, shapes, usability, and stuff like that. So you should know what sorts of shoes you need to purchase. So let’s have a close eye down below!

Spiked Golf Shoes

Spiked golf shoes are one of the most common golf shoes ever. As the words explain, when you find a spike under any golf shoe, it will be spiked golf shoes. It will be better you know the pros and cons regarding this.


  • Better Grip: It is a must. Suppose you need a better grip with the surface to have the expected control. Spiked golf shoes will ensure it for you.
  • Far better durability: Durability is essential when playing a time-consuming game. Spiked golf shoes are highly durable.
  • Weather Friendly: The power of water-resistance ability makes the shoe weather-friendly. You don’t need to worry much about heavy rain or dew drops.
  • Replaceable: You will be able to replace the spikes if needed. Sometimes, it needs to change the spikes because of the deep grass lever. The process of replacement is also simple as well.


  • Weight: If you compare spiked shoes with spiked-less shoes, the most significant difference will be the weight. Spiked shoes are usually a bit weightier.
  • Regular Cleaning: The spikes of the shoes typically catch a lot of grass. So, you need to wash or clean the spikes. It may take some time.
  • Need tools to clean the spike.

Spike Shoes Are for You If

  • You often play golf in wet conditions because you need grip.
  • You only pick them for playing golf.
  • You want to wear golf shoes for a long time.
  • You have that patient clean the spikes regularly.

Spike-less Golf Shoes

You won’t find any sign of spikes in this type of shoe. The name tells the whole story here. But why not dig a bit deeper with the pros and cons. As a result, you will be able to make the best decisions.


  • Comfort: There is no spike in a spike less shoe. It means you will feel like a regular shoe while wearing it. 
  • Light Weight: Spineless shoes are comparatively lightweight. 
  • Easy to Wash: You don’t need all the time of the world to clean a spike less pair of shoes.
  • Flexible: You can move anywhere wearing spike less shoes. It may suit you if you wear it during a morning walk.
  • Stylish: Spikes shoes are of different designs. Thus, it makes itself one of the stylish sports shoes.


  • Need to Replace Regularly: You won’t have any spike in spineless shoes. As a result, you badly need to change the whole shoe if the grip wears out.
  • Change of Slipping: No natural grip means there is a change of slip away on the surface.
  • Not Much Water Resistance: You may feel a lot of trouble playing in the worst weather. Especially on a rainy day.

Spike less Shoes Are For You If

  • You are satisfied enough with a regular type of shoe.
  • You are comfortable with a lighter-weight shoe.
  • You have the desire to wear this sort of shoe outside of the golf course.
  • You intend to play golf in a relatively dry condition.

The Best Golf Shoe Brand

There are lots of controversies regarding this topic. What is the best golf shoe brand out there? Well, We can one particular brand is the best. This is because you may like a brand for some reason. On the other hand, your friend may enjoy the others. There must be some practical reasons behind people’s choices.

But, if you ask us for a particular shoe brand, We would prefer you FootJoy golf shoes. So, let us explore the reasons.

Why Do We Like Footjoy?

We love this type of shoe for various important reasons. Moreover, the comfort We get with the shoe is something very satisfying. Nevertheless, there are some great features too.

We prefer FootJoy golf shoes because

  • Better Comfort: We just mentioned the factor. I have tried many golf shoes over the years. But, FootJoy is different. If you use it, you won’t feel any pain or hustle with your legs.
  • Specialty: The brand especially makes golf shoes. This means, they usually give enough importance to making the best golf shoes.
  • Protect from Hard Wet: You may not want your legs getting wet while playing gold. So, FootJoy is the right choice for me from this perspective. 

You can check the below link to explore more about the shoe;

Browse FootJoy Golf Shoes

Golf Shoes FAQ

Are Golf Shoes Waterproof?

Most of the recent day’s golf shoes have waterproof features. As a result, people tend to buy golf shoes over typical sport shoes. It doesn’t matter what type of surface you like to play golf on.

However, you must be extra careful while buying golf shoes. First, make sure the golf shoes have the waterproof feature.

Are Golf Shoes Good for Running?

Before jumping into the answer, let us clear one thing. Do you need to run a lot while playing golf like football? Surely not. Most golf shoes come with spikes; they are not bare enough to perform as running shoes. In addition, spike shoes are a bit heavier. So, it won’t be an ideal shoe for running.

So, it will be a wise decision for you if you choose a spike less shoe for running. You don’t need to feel uncomfortable in this case.

Are Golf Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, they are! You will find the zone of comfort in most golf shoes out there. However, you have to be careful when you buy golf shoes. People have to play golf for a long time. So you need comfort to play better throughout the session.

There must be some sort of variations in each of the golf shoes. They vary from brand to brand. We hope you won’t buy a pair of golf shoes that hearts your leg. Instead, you will get much comfort in spineless golf shoes where you may have to sacrifice the feature of good gripping.

Why Do Golf Shoes Squeak?

Because of the hard moisture, when you play golf on a surface full of brutal humidity, you may find squeak in your golf shoes. But, you can clean the soul of the shoes to make them clean. So, the issue of squeak is not complicated at all.

What you need to do regularly is, notice whether there is enough squeak beneath your shoes or not. Besides, try to buy that type of golf shoe with enough features to remove the squeak.

How Long Do Golf Shoes Last?

It completely depends on the type of golf shoes you buy for yourself. But, you will get a minimum of 5 years’ warranty with the golf shoes that the renewed companies manufacture. So, you should have to have a clear idea about the lasting period of the golf shoe that you intend to buy. 

If you choose spineless shoes for yourself, you may have a better warranty than spike less shoes. This is because it takes operations each time you select the shoes’ spikes.

The Takeaway – Do Golf Shoes Make a Difference?

We have possibly brought you a decent discussion about golf shoes. You may have the answer: Do golf shoes make a difference here. Now, it’s your time to know your probable circumstances and take the best possible decision.

Your taste and choice may vary with another. This is the rule of the world. But, if you still get confused, you can go with the recommendation that we provided in this blog. Whatever, we want to gain better experiences when playing golf by having a superb pair of shoes.