Callaway Strata Review

A lot of equipment is needed for playing golf. It is a matter of big trouble to buy these and to take the bag to carry these separately. To help you get rid of this problem, Callaway has come up with the strata ultimate golf set.

Here you will get 18 pieces of golf items together. It can be said that you will get almost everything together to play golf. If you get everything together, why would you buy it separately? If you buy it, your money will be saved also. Likewise, you can take all the equipment together to the golf field.

We are going to review such a great product of Callaway today. In the Callaway strata review, we will discuss the details of this. For that, you can easily understand everything about this awesome cart. So let’s not talk more here and start the review.

The Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Club Set Review

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Review means introducing new things. Similarly, today we will introduce you to all the details of the Callaway strata. We will present a detailed description of all the sets of it. As a golf player, you would like to take all the golf sets together in the field.

The perfect complete package of Callaway will give you the right opportunity. You can keep all the things like the clubface, wood, iron, etc. in it. To know more about this, please read the Callaway strata review attentively.

What Are There in This Set?

There are a total of 18 piece golf materials in this set. You will get a lot of things including the clubface, driver, wood etc. in it. Each set with details of what is there in it is discussed below.

12 Clubs

You will be given 12 clubs in this package. All the clubs are of very high quality. The power of swing, bounce and control is remarkable of these. The club face has been given a great shape so you can easily take control of the ball.

If you are a little experienced then you will be able to swing or spin as you wish. As the club can transfer more energy to the ball, you can take the ball far away more. The club faces are made of stainless steel so there is no fear of getting rust.

The interesting thing is that as you have 12 clubs, you can hit it with whatever you want. If you buy one set, you will not have to buy a separate club. You’ll get a lot of things in one. If you want to play golf dedicatedly, then you can go for it.


It has a 45-inch driver to hit the ball. And it is 12 degrees loft. As a result, you can easily keep control over the ball. It has a big sweet spot so there is no reason not to hit the ball in the right place. Besides, there will be a lot of energy transfer due to being taller. This allows you to send the ball to a more distant area.

As the sweet spot is huge, you can hit the ball wherever you want to. As a result, the ball will swing or spin as you want to run the ball. You can get lots of benefits from this driver. Undoubtedly, the drivers are an excellent addition to this set.


The 3 Wood will help you drop the ball into the green field. It is 15.5 degrees loft and 42.5 inches long. Its aerodynamic head shape will help you to drop down the ball into the green field. Because of this facility, you will do well in the green field shots also.


If you want to lift the ball more then you will need 5 Wood. It is 18 degree loft and 41.5 inches long. It will keep the ball in control more than the 3 Wood would take it away. As a result, you can drop more in the green field. With this, you can send the ball to a certain amount of distance. There is no fear of crossing the green field in 5 Wood. Even the aerodynamic shape of this ball will be able to lift your ball much higher.


It is very hard for the newbie to control the golf ball with the iron. That’s why they have added 4 Hybrid to it. With this, the newbie can easily keep the ball in control. It is 22 degree loft and 38.5 inches long. With it, you can lift the ball higher like the iron and you can send it far away more as like as the wood. During the shot, you can have a lot of control over the ball. You will be able to get your desired success by doing that.


5 Hybrid is an excellent set of wood and iron. You will get quite a great comfort with the shot by it. Because of the combination of wood and ion, the ball will go far away more as well as higher also. There will not be any problem to get the control as it is 26 degree loft and 37.75 inches long. This hybrid set is very effective for distance, swing, bounce, and height.


With this, you will get 37 inches long iron. It’s made of stainless steel, so it lasts for many days. If you hit the ball with this iron, you can send the ball to the desired distance. Likewise, there is nothing to be afraid of after swinging the ball. This is because it allows you to have full control over the swing. And the bounce is also pretty nice.


It is also made of stainless steel, which is 34 degree loft and 36.5 inches long. With this, you will be able to take the shot as you wish. It is perfect in all distances like the short, medium and long distance. Likewise, you can protect the bumping with this 7 iron. The biggest thing is that you can keep control over the ball more effectively. It will make everything easy for you in playing golf.


Many times you need to lift the ball much higher in playing golf. To lift the ball up higher, Iron 8 is a perfect cart. Its loft is 38 degrees and it is 36 inches long. If you hit the ball by it, the ball will lift higher but will not go far more. As the loft is more, it hits the ball from the bottom. As the energy transfer is crosswise, the ball lifts up more.


If you want to get a very accurate distance, then 9 Iron is best for you. Which is not possible in 8 Iron is well possible in 9 Iron. Its loft is 42 degrees and length is 35.5 inches. For that, the ball you hit will not go far away more but it will lift up higher. To keep the target range fixed, its performance is outstanding. If you want to stay free of tension regarding the distance, then 9-Iron will give you the assurance. It is undoubtedly one of their best additions.

Pitching Wedge

This is a very important element in the golf game. Without this, you cannot take the ball from Fairway to Greenway or from Hazard to Fairway. It will release you from many troubles. Its loft is 46 degrees, length is 35 inches. So you can easily transfer the ball to Fairway by removing Green or Hazard with it. Their feature is pretty cool. As it is very necessary, they have included it with the package. Because of this, you can safely play golf in any course.

Sand Wedge

If there is any sand bunker, then it makes a mess for the golfer. However, this package of Callaway will release you from such trouble. As it has 56-degree loft angle and is 35 inches long, it can also lift the ball up very higher even in a sand bunker. Besides, its angle will prevent you from bouncing your ball. For that, you will have more control over the ball and it will be easier to send it to the target location. They may get great praise because they have added it to prevent the problem of sand.


If the angle of the target hole is not correct then it becomes difficult to send the ball there. Very few people can do this difficult thing. This putter of Callaway will give you the right angle. Its loft is 3.5 degrees and length is 35 inches. Because of this angle, you can easily send the ball to the hole. It is best for short or long put. You do not have to worry about angle due to the extra putter of Callaway.

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Features and Specifications of The Bag

So long we have talked about the carts which are available with it. Now let’s talk about the bag’s features and specifications. For that, you will understand how much helpful the bag will be.

Shoulder Strapper

If all are loaded together, the bag will become heavy. So they have put a shoulder strap in it so that you can carry weight easily. These straps are also comfortable. Even if you take a full load, you will not feel that you are taking much weight. Besides, it will distribute weight throughout your body.

Necessary Pockets

There are necessary pockets outsides. In these pockets, you can keep the necessary goods like mobile, earphones, tea, etc. This bag will save you a lot of space. You can say it all in one carrier. Almost everything can be taken inside it.

Self Standing

The bag itself can remain standing. You do not have to think about standing it up. Even in the full load condition, it can remain standing. You can put a lot more things in this bag. As the bag can remain standing itself, so there is no fear of getting dust and becoming dirty on the bag sides.


The bag is very light in weight. Despite keeping the necessary club, face, iron, wood, and others, its weight is not too much. A person can easily carry all these. As the weight is low so you can travel with it anywhere.

Head Cover

When you keep different types of drivers, woods, iron, and others, then their heads come out of the bag. If you do not use it for long, these carts will get dirty. They have given the head cover to get rid of the problem. With the head cover, you can cover the head of the drivers, woods, iron, putters, etc. For that, there will have no fear of becoming dirty.

Great Zipper

High-quality zipper has been used in this. There is no fear of getting rust on the zipper. It can open very quickly. Likewise, if the zipper is closed, it is highly sealed. They did not compromise at all with the quality of the zipper.


All the materials used in the bag are of the premium level. So there is no scope to question the quality. That’s why it has so many positive reviews on Amazon. The bag lasts for a long time. They guarantee free returns if there is any problem with the clubface. Its fabric, zipper, and other materials are quite standard. It can be said that if you buy it, you can spend a long time with a single package.

Callaway Men’s Strata Golf Club Pros and Cons

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Final Thoughts

As an amateur or professional golfer, you should buy such a cart that will offer you more benefits. Callaway Strata is such a gear. Here you will get 18 sets of the golf cart. There are also necessary clubs, drivers, hybrids, and woods in it. There is a head cover for their care. Apart from this, the quality of this bag is also of standard quality.

That’s why almost everyone gave positive feedback. We have shown all the carts and features in the Callaway strata review. We did not even make mistakes in giving information about what the advantages are there in it. Hopefully, this review will be so much helpful to the golfers.

We always try to give you the right information about the various golf cart deals so that you do not have any problem in buying a cart. You can feel free to take this all in one cart of Callaway. Callaway is a very trusted name for the golf cart.

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