Golf is kind of a popular game. Especially in Europe and America, almost everyone plays golf. It is not just a game rather; it helps to maintain physical fitness. Playing golf helps to lose body fat, remove back pain, control blood pressure and heart disease. More playing instruments are needed in golf game than that of other sports.

We have already discussed some of the golf instruments earlier. The rangefinder is one of the kits among all the kits that are needed to play golf. The distance of the target object is measured with the rangefinder.

It also plays a very good role in determining the location of the target object. There are lots of conventional rangefinders on the market. It is difficult for you to choose one among all of those rangefinders.

So today, we will discuss the best quality rangefinder named Bushnell pro x7 review. Our Bushnell pro x7 review will have features, specifications, advantages, buying guides etc. So that you will be able to understand how much high-quality product it is.

So let us discuss the detailed review.

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The Bushnell Pro X7 Review

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You are waiting with excitement for the fact that when we are going to start the Bushnell pro x7 review. Now your wait is over here.

In our review, we will have discussions of its functionality, mechanics, durability, features, purchase guideline, FAQs etc. For your understanding, we will discuss each part of the review pointwise. So now let us go to the original review without wasting any time.

How Does Bushnell Pro X7 Work?

Surely, some questions are arising in your mind about how it works while you are reading this review. It is normal fact to come such questions to your head. To meet your curiosity, we will discuss its working procedures. There is an FDA-approved class 1 laser beam in it. This laser beam hits the target object locked in the rangefinder and comes back again.

There is a digital clock with it. This clock calculates the time duration of going and coming back again of the laser beam. Then this digital clock finds out the distance calculating the time duration and ratio of the speed of the laser beam.

This process is done in a quick moment. Since it has advanced technology, the calculation is quite accurate. There is a good quality display on it. The display shows the distance of the target object.

You can set the different distance units how you want to see that. You can set the distance units like the yard or the meter as well. This can calculate all these within a few milliseconds. It is possible due to their very advanced technology. It has a great reputation for working very fast. That is why it is more popular with golfers.

Because a lot of rangefinders take a long time to find the distance of the target object. It can find out the distance quickly. So this is one of the best quality rangefinders.

Specifications of Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder

You may want to know what the ingredients of this product are, what the product functions are etc. So we have mentioned these separately by considering your needs.

This section will tell you the names of each part used in this wonderful rangefinder. So let us start the review and see what the ingredients are of which this nice rangefinder is made.

  • PinSeeker with JOLT Technology
  • Precise to 1/2 yard
  • 2nd Generation Extreme Speed
  • Vivid Display Technology (VDT)
  • It has HD optics by which you can magnify 7 times
  • Slope Compensation
  • Posy-Thread Battery Door
  • 3-Volt 123 battery
  • Sturdy case
  • Waterproof

Slope Compensation

Bushnell Pro X7 Golf Laser Rangefinder with JOLT

Slope Compensation is designed to measure and modify the slope distance. It can measure any distance accurately. It can tell you exactly how far the target is from the user.

The distance is measured based on the time the ray of the laser beam takes to hit the object and it comes back again. Because of advanced technology, it can calculate all in a moment.


They have used the 123 model lithium metal battery in it. Those who are familiar with this battery know how good the quality of this is. This extremely high capacity battery can give you a long time back up. Charging it fully you can play golf and return to home again, but the charge will not run out.


The range of power of this is very high. Because Bushnell Pro X7 is one of the world’s high-quality rangefinders. It can measure up to a distance of a mile accurately. With the HD optics of this rangefinder, you can magnify 7 times.

You can measure the distances of one mile and calculate the length of just 4 inches from the user. Wherever the target object goes, it will give you a perfect calculation.


The biggest problem for the golfers is the rain. When the rain comes down, it becomes difficult to use the rangefinder. They made it waterproof considering the fact. There will be no obstruction to your golf game even in the rain. If you leave it all day in the water, there will be no harm to it. You can take this excellent rangefinder if you want to play golf safely in the rain.

Pinseeker With Jolt Technology

It will play a role for the target lock without capturing the background. It will show the target in the display nicely. This will make the job easier for you. Jolt technology even increases this more. If you do not want to miss the target, you have to take it.

Faster Technologies

Extreme speed second generation technology is used in it. This means that it can measure the distance of the target object with extreme speed. It can tell you the right measurement of the distance within a few milliseconds after calculating all thebe called the complex calculations.

Very few rangefinders can do these types of quick calculations. Their laser beam is also too fast. It can touch the target in a moment and provide the sensor signals returning from the target.

Vivid Display Technology


They have used the latest technology display in it. This includes the Vivid Display Technology or VDT display. It is capable of giving very clear pictures. It also provides an excellent performance even in low light.

You will get HD-quality photos in it. It is not the end of the surprise of technology used in it. The display of this nice rangefinder is made so that you can see the display in any case. Regardless of the light or the dark, seeing the display will not be a problem.

Product Features

This part is essential because all the product’s advantages are hidden in the features. If you avoid the feature, reading the full review is meaningless. Because if you do not read the feature, you cannot know all about the product’s ability to work, what it will be helpful for, and how it will provide the service etc.

We will mention some of its features here for you. Then you can understand whether it will be useful or not. Let us see all the main features of this best quality rangefinder.

  • Provides excellent accuracy for measuring the distance
  • The VDT display has been used in it which works in any state of light
  • It makes the target looking very big
  • Study and durable case
  • 123 models three-volt lithium batteries have been used
  • It is waterproof. So, there is no problem in playing golf in the rain
  • Approved for tour
  • Posy-Thread battery door


There are also some disadvantages to this beautiful rangefinder. But the disadvantages are not the big factor. Yet have a look at their limitations so that you cannot blame us later. Since we are providing an honest review, we highlight their disadvantages too. So let us see what the problems it has are.

  • It is much bigger in size which is hard to carry
  • They are giving only 2 years of warranty while others give the lifetime warranty
  • The display may not work after the warranty time expiration
  • It over reads the same flags

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While writing the Bushnell pro x7 review, a list of the common questions we got from different forums, and we are presenting those here. Because people often ask the same questions.

After reading our reviews, you do not have to ask the same questions again because we have provided a list of the answers. See which common questions come up repeatedly.

Q: Is this vertical or horizontal?

Ans: Basically, it is horizontal.

Q: Is the display bright?

Ans: Yes, the display of it is very bright.

Final Thoughts

So long we have talked about the Bushnell pro x7 review. We have taken up all the possible discussions in the review. The purpose of our review is to make sure you buy quality golf materials. In that continuation, we have written about the rangefinder review.

Bushnell has made this rangefinder. It will give you an excellent performance because it can measure the distance accurately. We have discussed almost everything like opportunities, features, specification details etc. If you have read our whole writing attentively, then you might have decided to buy it. It will be better for you to buy it from Amazon if you want to buy it.

We are here to give you tips on your golf instruments. Again, we will present a new topic for you in the near future. Now it is all for today, goodbye. See you later, until then stay safe and healthy.

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