CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

The golf game is becoming popular day by day. People are playing golf to keep their body fit. Many types of carts are coming to the market for giving the new look of this game. The push cart has arrived to keep these carts on the playing field.

You can keep almost all carts on this push cart. In the market, there are different types of high-quality push carts. Today we would like to discuss CaddyTek superlite deluxe golf push. After arriving in the market, this push cart created a lot of excitement. It is a very modern push cart so it has a lot of advantages.

Now we would like to review about CaddyTek superlite deluxe golf push cart. Our review will cover the push cart’s specifications, features, advantages, and disadvantages. For that, you will easily know about its effectiveness. Let us know the details of the push cart.

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About CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart Review

Caddytek Superlite Deluxe Golf Push Cart
  • Light weight - less than 12.2 lbs
  • Umbrella holder, mesh net and beverage holder...
  • Patented push to brake/push to release foot brake
  • Front wheel alignment mechanism build in

When CaddyTek introduces their SuperLite Deluxe model push cart on the market, there is great excitement on every golf lover. Everyone is very excited to know about the benefits, features, what are the new functions and everything about it. The review will reduce your speculation.

You will be able to know all the necessary information from our review. Push cart plays an important role in playing golf. If you do not want to have a mess with your carts in the golf field then you have to purchase a push cart. There are various types of push carts.

CaddyTek superlite deluxe golf push cart will remain on the top among the good quality push carts. The effectiveness of this push cart is presented in front of everyone with the caddytek superlite deluxe golf push cart review.

Features and Specifications

Firstly, we would like to present some of its specifications. And features would be presented by the nice description. Let us check out the CaddyTek SuperLite Golf Push cart Review over our nice presentation.


Talking about push cart, the wheel comes first. CaddyTek has selected the best technology in terms of the wheel. They have provided the airless wheels in it. So, there is no chance of cracking the wheel. It is totally maintenance free. Considering the modern design, they have provided 3 wheels here. There is a nice balance between the front wheel and the back wheel.

The width of the back wheel is 11 inches. And the front one is 8 inches. These wheels are very strong and sturdy. For that, it can be used for a long time. The wheels are moving very smoothly so that if you push a little bit it starts going. Considering wheels, they are the top class. That is why you can feel free about the wheels.

Huge Storage Facilities

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart

The storage capacity of this cart is higher. You can keep almost all necessary carts in it. At the back of it, there is an arrangement of extra space with elastic.

For that, you can put a lot of things like an umbrella, scoreboard, bag, etc. by using the elastic facility. It has a large amount of storage facility as well as the capacity to bear the load.

The frames are very strong. As much as you load the weight, the frame will bear the load nicely. Only considering the storage, it would be in the top position compared to others. Therefore, if you like this one you do not have to worry about the storage.


It is very light in weight. You can move with it wherever you want. It has a folding facility so that you can make it smaller by folding it. Everything is very light in weight except the wheels. The weight along with the wheels is not that much. It is only 12.2 pounds so that anyone can carry it.

But there are some carts which are very weighty and it is tough to carry them. If you buy it then you do not have to worry about carrying a push cart during the travel time. A kid even can also carry the 12-pound cart. So that this lightweight is a plus point for them.

Adjustable Handle

Another great part of this push cart is, the handle is adjustable. You can set the handle at your comfortable height. As a result, you can push to the height of your necessary level. Carrying the load on the cart, you may need different types of height levels. They give great emphasis on this matter and adjust the handle carefully.

Besides, everyone’s height is not the same so that if you do not adjust the handle it is quite difficult to carry the cart. It can be carried easily by people of any height. Just you have to attach to the specific point. Considering this facility, this Golf push cart can be said the modern one.

Umbrella Holder

There is a dedicated holder in it to keep the umbrella. For that, you do not have any trouble keeping the umbrella. Playing Golf under the sunlight, the umbrella is very important. If there is no facility to keep the umbrella on the cart then you have to keep the umbrella on the field. Then the umbrella looks dirty and the brightness of it gets reduced.

Considering this aspect, they have provided the dedicated umbrella slot. Just you have to put the umbrella handle to the specific point. And the umbrella slot of this is so perfect that you can keep any type of umbrella. After playing golf, you can take out the umbrella as needed. CaddyTek could get compliments for providing a specific slot for the umbrella.


Another big facility of the cart is that there is a foot brake in it. For that, the controlling system is also very easy. Whenever you need to stop the cart, just press the brake and then the push cart will be stopped. The footbrake is very effective. It starts its function effectively when you press the brake. It has the high-quality braking system so it is very effective for the emergency moment.

But still, maximum push cart has not this necessary feature. For that, push cart may lose the control. They never want to compromise with their quality so that they provide the foot brake. For having foot brake, the push cart got the premium level push cart’s dignity.

1-Year Warranty

If you purchase it, you will get a 1-year warranty. During the warranty period, you will get the full service from them. If you face any trouble, just go to the service center. If the repair is not possible, they will replace it. For having the warranty of 1 year you will be tension free. So that you can purchase it and test how the performance is.


It is very comfortable to use. Excellent finishing of each part is given. There is no scratch.  The handle is also very comfortable so that you get comfort after pushing it. It is useless if you do not get comfort from the push cart. And you will get enough comfort feeling by using it.

Easy to Use

It is very easy to use. Even a kid can use it easily. There are no complications. You can keep all the necessary carts just after opening the folding and standing this golf cart on the wheel. After you finish your work, you can fold it down and make it smaller in size. It has the folding facility so that it is portable and travel-friendly. In a word, Caddy Tek made it friendly for the users.

CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart Review: Pros and Cons

  • The CaddyTek SuperLite Deluxe Golf Push Cart is very light in weight.
  • Easily foldable so it’s portable.
  • Wheels are maintenance-free and it is also great for most types of green.
  • It is very comfortable to use.
  • It has an adjustable handle so it’s easy to use.
  • You will get an adjustable knob in it for the umbrella holder.
  • It has a patented foot brake.
  • It has 1 year of warranty.
  • Many people face trouble with the braking system which is forcing them to stop their work.
  • It is a bit off balanced. That means the balance of both sides is not the same.

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Final Words

Hopefully, this cart will satisfy every golfer. This push cart contains all the features that are needed to have in a perfect one. It has all the things including airless wheel, foot brake, maintenance free, adjustable handle and what not in it? And for all of these features have brought it to the premium level.

By releasing this model, Caddy Tek is forwarded by one step compared to others. We hope, you have already got every information of CaddyTek superlite deluxe golf push cart from our review. Now you have to decide whether you will buy it or not. You can buy this if this cart fills up your every demand.

If you do not like it, there are other options too. To keep your health active and healthy, play the golf regularly. By playing golf your body will be very refreshed. It reduces the extra fat of your body.

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