Playing golf is really not walking in a park. You need the effort to play this excellent game and other outdoor games. So typically, some essential things will reduce your stress and give you comfort. A towel is one of them.  It has the ability to change the way you play.

We should look for the best towels that will give you enough comfort. A towel helps to absorb moisture and dry balls most of the time. As a result, further discussion is anticipated. So, let’s explore the best golf towels here in this brief guide!

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Your Golf Towel Buying Guide

You are going to invest your time. So, it is pretty standard that you need to consider some essential factors in your judgment. A golf towel is no exception in this case. We will show you those factors you need to take seriously while buying the best golf towels.


Your golf towers must be able to stay dry for a long time. Playing golf is very time-consuming. If you are so busy, golf is probably not for you. You will use the towel to absorb the moisture of the staff like that.

 So, make the towel you are looking forward to buying have a high absorbent ability. Otherwise, it will be totally a waste of money.


The golf towels must be made with some vital materials. But, you can just buy golf that is made from low-quality materials. So, what are the best materials that you should look for while buying a golf towel?

  • Microfiber.
  • Pure cotton.
  • Polyester.
  • Nylon.

These materials have a higher chance to absorb moisture and stuff like that. It will be ideal for you to ask your seller about the materials used on the golf towels. There may be some germs with your golf club despite taking all necessary measures by the course authority. We ensure that the materials will also help you in this regard of removing germs.


Size does matter here a lot. You will get to see that golf towels are of many sizes or dimensions. It’s your turn to know that towel size is very much effective for you. But we recommend you buy a golf towel having an enormous size.

If your towel is big, you can have some extra benefits. Besides cleaning your golf club and ball, you will be able to clean your face and hands properly.


On the golf course, we can’t ignore the importance of staying cool. You may agree with us on this aspect. Some towels have the ability to remain chilly for several hours. Why not look forward to obtaining this type of towel if you already have to play golf in warm temperatures?


Well, finally, it comes into play like it always does. Don’t be so foolish to buy a golf towel, spending money but having less value. Do enough market research, especially about the prices of the best golf towels. Most of the golf towels are still very effective, but you know what exactly we are trying to explain here.

Benefits of A Golf Towel

We have been proceeding with our discussion, putting this factor in front of us. A golf towel is not mandatory to play golf, is it? We have to take some things seriously, even if it is not mandatory. Why should you neglect the opportunity to get a bunch of benefits from a golf towel?

  • Absorbing Moisture: It is certainly normal to see a lot of moisture while playing golf. You can say it is one of the most relevant cases when you talk about playing golf. A good golf towel absorbs moisture from the club, ball, and other materials. Most of the people who play golf worldwide prefer this segment while buying golf towels.
  • Cleaning: It is related to absorption with some differences. You may even notice some hard dust attached to the club or the ball. To remove or clean those, you need to use a type of cloth. We use a golf towel in this case. Moreover, using towels will let you feel eased as you don’t have to worry about dust.
  • Carrying: Many golfers carry many things while they play gold on the ground. Your golf towel in this case may work as a carrier as well. You can simply put many essential elements onto it. We often see professional players carrying clubs, caps, balls, etc with the help of pocket-size golf towels.

The Best Golf Towel
 Reviews– Top 10 Picks

We are going to showcase the top 10 best golf towels here from a bunch of golf towels out there. After analyzing the topic, we have come up with a list that might help you make the best choices. You will find more insight on Amazon, but here you will find some sort of info before purchasing.

1. Callaway Golf Uptown Golf Towel

Gallaway Golf Uptown Towel is made of microfiber. Microfiber is something that has a high ability to absorb moisture. Besides, the size of the particular towel is also very mentionable. You will notice ‎0.35 Pounds weight on this type of towel.

Tri model is most popular among the golfers and you will find the model Callaway Golf Uptown Towel. This type of towel contains polyester. Softness is another very important thing you can surely get from the towel.

A right-hand orientation design makes the towel more charming to look at. The company introduced the towel back in 2017 but still, it is very effective. It is possible to identify the brand of the towel by seeing the black logo.

  • You can have the golf towel at an affordable price.
  • A bunch of premium designs for you to pick from.
  • The comparatively larger size will give you flow.
  • Microfiber fabric for better performance regardless of the weather.
  • The carabiner attachment allows you to connect better.
  • May catch a bit of dust because of its colour.
  • Take a little time to absorb water.

If you are searching for a budget-friendly towel, then Gallaway Golf 2018 Uptown Towel may be an automatic choice for you. You will obtain numerous benefits. Ultimately no compromise with the quality.

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2. Team Golf NCAA Michigan State Spartans Embroidered Golf Towel

Team Golf Michigan State Spartans Embroidered Golf Towel ensures easier cleaning. This means you won’t need to apply for all your hard work while cleaning your golf ball, moisture, and stuff like that. Cotton has a high ability to absorb water and moisture. You will have access to this feature on the towel as well.

Team Golf Michigan State Spartans Embroidered Golf Towel also comes with a marvelous design. The design will create an extra impression. You may need this to enrich your professionalism, might you? Why not?

When you play golf for a long time, you need to settle down sometime and have some rest. What if a bad towel reduces your rhythm? To avoid this scenario, you must choose the right towel.

  • It is made of fully cotton, which is very drying.
  • Customized logo for your favorite team.
  • Composed of enamel for better performance.
  • Usable in any type of weather condition.
  • There are many sizes and dimensions available.
  • Old model or design. (not a major issue)
  • Minor plastic swivel hook clasp.

A towel is something that can groom you up. But, when you choose a sort of tower-like Team Golf Michigan State Spartans Embroidered Golf, you will provide you with much better results. The towel is made in “China.”

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3. Spotless Swing BrightSpot Solutions Premium Multi-Use Golf Towel

It comes with 37.4 x 23.23 x 16.93 inches’ dimensions. In order to be a good golf towel, this is bare enough according to the professional. Spotless Swing BrightSpot Solutions Premium Multi-Use Golf Towel normally has 2 colors. These are; red and black.

Spotless here means, you don’t have to worry about the spot that you can easily get for some reason. The microfiber formula helps the towel to protect from dust and spot. To be more exact, this type of towel has the ability to dry your face, hand, and other body parts for a long time. 

A clean club is very essential when you play golf. Does it really matter whether you are professional or not? So, having a type of towel that allows you to be productive is something that you should look for.

  • Spotless swing for experiencing a better play.
  • 100% microfiber what professionals recommend.
  • High durability for a long time range.
  • Plenty of signatures designs are available.
  • Long-lasting dryness with different components.
  • Need to wash frequently but not the real case.
  • Might shrink a bit, according to some users.

If you are from a region where the condition remains much hot, you need to use a kind of towel like this. According to many people, Spotless Swing BrightSpot Solutions Premium Multi-Use Golf is one of the best golf towels they have ever used.

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4. Team Golf NFL Embroidered Golf Towel

We know you care about the fabric type in any golf towel. Team Golf Towel, Chequered Scrubber Design, Embroidered Logo gives you two fabric types. These are; cotton and rayon with an appropriate ratio. The item dimension is 6 x 6 x 2 inches for each towel.

You can also send this towel as a gift to your golfer friends. This is charming to look at. You can get that feeling of professionalism with it. Many amateur golfers highly recommend it as it helps to keep your golf accessories dry for a sustainable period.

The brand that introduces Team Golf Towel, Chequered Scrubber Design, Embroidered Logo golf has been around the market for a while. It was launched in April 2021.

  • High-quality materials are used to ensure the best performance.
  • Weather-friendly golf towel with budget-friendly pricing.
  • High absorbability towel having dust removing ability.
  • Strong durability for a deep period.
  • Suitable for design for all genders.
  • May take some time to wash properly.
  • Have to use the hook carefully.

Having an outstanding golfing experience is so important. But, especially when you play golf at a professional level, you can’t simply deny the importance of a towel. The towel will clip only perfectly with your bag and give you enough potential.

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5. Team Effort Collegiate Grey Microfiber Golf Towel

A square lover can surely buy this towel. You will get a 15”x15” dimension here, according to the title.  There is high demand for a square-shaped towel in the market. It has an LSU tiger color which is very popular among golfers worldwide. 

It is also made of microfiber. Microfiber can keep your accessories dry. For example, you need to dry your golf club several times on the field.

Thus, ensuring a quality towel is very crucial here. Here you will find the Embroidered trademark logo, which makes the towel perfect looking.

The packaged weight is almost 0.09 Kilograms. You don’t need to wash the towel over and again. You can also use it; no matter you are an amateur golfer or not!

  • It ensures the highest softness.
  • The carabiner attachment method gives you ease to attach.
  • It occasionally takes less time and effort to wash properly.
  • You don’t need to change the attachment clip.
  • Perfect for sending a gift as well.
  • Putting the towel in a watery place might cause issues.
  • The price might seem a bit expensive.

The excellent clipping system on this towel will make you smart. If someone is looking for a towel having high durability, they can go through it. The price range is not so high.

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6. Greens Microfiber Golf Towels

Anyone searching for an affordable towel regarding golf can buy the Green Microfiber towel. The towel is more prevalent among athletes all over the world.

It usually takes away the moisture that might irritate you while playing gold. You have to even play golf in a condition where there is much humidity.

But, don’t worry. If you have stuff like the Green Microfiber towel, you will feel much more comfortable most of the time. It has a 16”x16” size for you to offer. It comes in 3 packs so that you don’t need to buy from the shop over time.

The color is jet black. You may love this color while playing golf on a golf course. ‎0.51 Pounds of product weight is satisfactory.

  • Completely absorbent and appropriate for all golfing components.
  • Very lightweight makes it easy to carry.
  • Noticeable durability in every weather conditions.
  • Reasonable price compared to other types of golf towels.
  • Carabiner clip for the best connection with the bag.
  • It’s better to avoid Stray grass.
  • No oversized and this might be an issue for you.

The incredible thing here is that it will look new no matter how many days you use it. It is a sort of golf towel that will provide you with the best experiences.

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7. Uther Golf Towel – CART – 20+ Original Designs

Flamingo Lake is a unique color. You get the color on Uthere Golf towel. But the color is alone, not the issue here. There is a bunch of benefits. The ultra-soft towel will ensure enough smoothness at the time of playing golf. It also takes care of your golf’s component a lot.

You may never want to play golf with a dirty club. Therefore, you can allow the towels to remove the dirt from the club, no matter what amount of dirt it is!  It is made with a waffle design which helps the metal to wash away the dust.

A charming golf ball increases the confidence of a golfer. Uther golf tower, in this sense, will exactly provide that.

  • Eye-catching style with mind-blowing designs.
  • Easy to wash without any struggle.
  • 100% absorbent for giving you the best services.
  • Cleans without the Fezz will save you a lot of money.
  • Double sublimation print.
  • Has to wash on a regular basis.
  • It can dry out fast but not for all times.

The use of this type of towel reduces the moisture of your golfing components. As you want to play very deep, you can pick this with you for better results.

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8. Gorilla Gold Non-Toxic Grip-Enhancing Reusable Towel

It is a much safer golf towel compared to any other golf towel out there. But, you may not stop here. It will serve you some benefits like; high drying, appropriate cleaning, and many more. Sometimes it is hard to play gold in a situation where the location remains so hot. 

Gorilla Gold Non-Toxic Grip-Enhancing towel will help you beat that situation. Gorilla Gold manufactures golf towels, ensuring high quality. The product has to go through various steps to get started.

It has a very powerful water-resistance system. You need these features to concentrate on your game better. You have to continue your playing even in the worst situation. Gorilla Gold golf towel will assist you.

  • Low weight makes it simpler to use.
  • It Provides high durability in all cases.
  • Almost all kinds of Weather-friendly towels.
  • Has a very reasonable price.
  • High absorbent and better sustainability.
  • It might shrink a bit.
  • It needs to be put in a dry place off-time.

You can buy this towel as it has a very low budget compared to others. This doesn’t mean you will get a low-quality service. It will provide you with the best services.

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9. Nike Microfiber Golf Towel 

The name of the brand reflects its potential. Nike Microfiber Golf Towel is the very first choice for many professional golf players. The type of hotel is highly durable for sure. It removes the germs from the elements very quickly.

It comes in two colors; royal and white. We have discussed earlier the importance of microfiber in a towel. In most cases, people are always sharing their positive views regarding Nike Microfiber Golf Towel. ‎

Hireko Golf is the manufacturer of Nike Micro Golf Towel. You can use this towel no matter how much hot the temperature really is. The feature on the golf towel is exactly beneficial.

  • Charming trademark design on the golf towel.
  • Suitable for all sorts of weather around the globe.
  • Comparatively, a more significant length will provide extra benefits.
  • Affordable price for people considering the brand.
  • Much easy to clean it without fezz.
  • The tri-fold usually doesn’t open completely.
  • It may have some problems with the clip.

After all, it will be a fascinating decision if you choose the Nike Microfiber Golf Towel. Who does want to avoid branded products like this?

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10. STIXX Tri-Fold Microfiber Golf Towel

It is another most essential golf towel as it is made from microfiber. We know how valuable microfiber is. STIXX Tri-Fold Microfiber Golf Towel has many important beneficial factors. It has a super cleaning ability, and therefore, it can clean any sort of dust.

The towel is then again, “Made in China.” You may not have any doubts about the quality of the product.  The item dimension is 11×5.6×0.7 inches. If you badly want to take care of your golf clubs, why not try this out?

  • It can be washed through the machine without any harm.
  • Very quick and comfortable to use.
  • Outstanding cleaning ability for all sorts of dust.
  • The affordable price range for easy buying.
  • Long-lasting as it is made from microfiber.
  • The clip or hanger must use carefully.
  • Have to wash frequently for better performance.

You should never miss the lightweight golf towel. It will tremendously increase your golfing performance by providing enough confidence.

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Q: Why are Microfiber Golf Towels So Popular?

Ans: There are possibly some cases behind its popularity. The most significant reason is that microfiber towels can dry so fast. It beats even the cotton-made towels in this scenario. 
Besides, you can easily clean your towel that is made of microfiber without any hassle. The weights of microfiber towels are also very low. Thus, the factors make it popular and recommended.

Q: Does the plastic hook last long?

Ans: Well, it can last long, but you have to use it carefully. We have generally seen two hooks used with the best golf towel. There are made from plastic and metal. When you intend to purchase a golf towel, try to make sure you buy the towel, including a metal hook.
But if you can’t, don’t worry! You should know how to use a bit of sensitive things, right?

Q: What’s the difference between a regular towel and a golf towel?

Ans: In the first view, you may not see any differences. But, as you go deeper, things will start to seem a bit different. The biggest difference is that most towels are made from microfiber and cotton. You may not see the use of microfiber in an average towel. A towel that you use after bathing.


We have been trying to present a clear view of the best golf towels here. You will get the thing much easier when you start thinking about the factors. There are genuinely some pros and cons available for you. You should know your circumstances and buy the perfect one for you. 

End of the day, it will totally be your decision. We have also mentioned the possible circumstances earlier in this set of reviews so that it can give you enough ease. Let’s come to the final round. You should never ever deny the value of a perfect golf towel. Why not pick one up?

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