Golf is very popular as entertainment. We have a lot of physical work in the golf game. We get entertainment and physical benefits at the same time by playing golf. That is why most of Americans and people from other developed countries like to play golf.

As you enjoy playing golf, you can reduce body fat, control your blood pressure, and remove back pain. Earlier, we played golf as a hobby. It is now playing professionally.

By using technology, everyone would like to move forward than the competitors. Moreover, golf kits manufacturers have also been offering kits one after one for the benefit of the golfers.

Pushcart is a great addition to the golf. It is basically used to carry golf equipment. It is easily possible for a pushcart to move all golf kits together elsewhere. There are lots of push carts on the market.

But we are going to review Bagboy C3 today. The review will have its specification, features, advantages, and disadvantages. This is a very popular push cart for golfers. So let us start the Bagboy C3 review now.

Why Push Cart Is Needed For Playing Golf

Although the golf game is generally considered to be simple, it takes a lot of stuff to play. It is something like a military decoration. It is not like playing football that a ball is enough to play the game. Almost a dozen golf kits we need to take with us to play golf. But carrying all the golf kits to another place is quite troublesome.

But you can easily take those all to other places using a push cart. The pushcart has been made to carry your golf materials. This thing is very necessary to carry all kites in a short time. It can be said that a push cart is an essential part of golf.

Bagboy C3 Review: Best Golf Push Cart

Bagboy C3 Review

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Bagboy C3 is a good quality push cart. Many of you may be familiar with this push cart. We are going to discuss in details about each section in separate points for those who do not know well about it.

Our review will mention all the positive and negative sides, features, and specifications. We request you to read the full review with patients. Then all your thoughts about this push cart will be clearer.

After reading this review, you can understand whether the pushcart can meet your needs. Let us start the Bagboy C3 review without delaying any time.

The Exterior Of Bagboy C3

You first have to see the outside of it. This push cart has been designed in a beautifully decorated way. They have designed it in 3 colors. Those 3 colors are battleship gray, orange, and black.

The body of the pushcart is designed with a combination of gray and black, while the interior of the wheels is designed with orange color. The design is nothing too shocking. It is just Simple and minimal. The size of this push cart is slightly different from other push carts.

So you will get a unique shape push cart. There are 3 wheels in this push cart. All the wheels are very strong and maintenance-free. Although the design is different, it is similar to others in performance. If you use this push cart, you will get a great advantage.


It can be said that the main part of a push cart is the wheel. Depending on this wheel, the pushcart performs all its work. So when you buy a push cart, you should look at the wheel first. Normally, the large and airless wheel is ideal for the pushcart.

Bagboy C3 will not disappoint you in terms of the wheel. Rather they have made the wheels with the utmost importance keeping in mind about the convenience of the golfers. They have made it with 3 wheels in it. For that, the shape of this push cart became triangular. Because of the triangular shape, it is much easier to push.

You will get more speed with less power. As the back wheel will carry the loads, the back wheel is made slightly larger than the front wheels. It has a lot of load capacity to carry loads for that.

The front wheel is 9.5 inches, and the back wheel is 11.5 inches. All the wheels are of airless tube.  So there is no maintenance cost on the wheel. Their wheels are very strong and durable.


Before purchasing a pushcart, your 2nd task is verifying the storage capacity of it. What is the point in buying a push cart if it cannot carry all your golf kits? In terms of storage, Bagboy C3 is standing on one of the top positions of the list. They know well how many golf kits the golfers have to carry.

So they have made it suitable for carrying all the kits. A conventional push cart is much wider, so naturally, it has more storage capacity. In it, you can keep the cup, umbrella, and mobile. Besides, you can lay your favorite golf ball in it. The big advantage of this is that you can add your golf bags to it. The stand bag or the shoulder bag will fit it perfectly.

There are also arrangements for keeping scoreboards and beverage holders. When you are tired of playing golf in a hot weather, you can drink cold water from the water bottle in the beverage storage. The beverage storage of it can keep water cool.

Size And Weight

When you hear the weight, your eyes will be on the forehead. Though offering so much storage facility, it weighs only 10 pounds. There is nothing to be surprised. They have made it much in the way with light but strong materials.

Because of its low weight, it is easy to carry for you. Apart from this, the folding facility becomes too small in size due to the folding facility. So there is no problem with traveling with it. When compared to size and weight, we can see that it is made golfers friendly.


Bag Boy Compact 3 Push Cart

They have offered the advantage of 3 step folding facility in it. For that, the size of it becomes very small. You just have to tip a switch. It will be automatically folded.

You can also fold it in 3 steps without tumble while fully loaded. After folding, the load space will not be distracted. Very few push carts offer the advantage of 3 steps folding facility.

Easy To Use

It is a very simple task to use. They have designed it making user-friendly. Because of its small size and low weight, it is easy to carry. By folding, it can be reduced to a very small size. And it has all the instructions about where to keep all the things in it.

An inexperienced golfer can also use it easily. It is easy to push. Due to the triangular shape, you do not have to spend a lot of energy pushing it. And since the wheels are airless, there is no maintenance cost.


It has a handle on the backside to get the facility for easy pushing. You can hold it and push it forward. The handle is very comfortable. There is no possibility of an arm injury. Strong materials have been used under the handle. So there is no fear of breaking down the handle. You can quickly push it holding the grip.


It has a handbrake facility on it. When you need to stop it, you just need to push the brake. It will stop at the moment. You will not need any extra power to stop it. The handbrake is very effective. The braking system should be good in the pushcart.

Otherwise, the pushcart could go out of your control while you are on the road with a steep slope. If the braking system is good, you can control the situation by pressing the brake. They put a good quality hand break in this push cart.

Features And Specifications

  • It is very light in weight and compact
  • The advantage of 3 steps folding
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Weatherproof framework made of Aluminum
  • The handle of it is adjustable
  • There is no maintenance cost because the wheel is airless
  • It has a hand brake system. It stops immediately
  • Strong materials have been used in the body frames
  • It is 3 wheelers. Therefore, due to the triangular shape, it requires light to push
  • It has a heavy storage system
  • This stands and cart friendly. Your bags can be attached to it
  • It has a beverage cooler system


  • There is no accessory bag with it
  • The front wheel does not swivel


This push cart is the center point of interest to everyone. People ask a lot of questions on their Amazon sales page. We have formed this question part of those questions that people ask frequently.

We have given the answers to their questions on our own. So you do not have to re-query it again. So take a look at which questions people have repeatedly asked.

Q: Does the front wheel on the bagboy c3 push cart swivel?

Ans: No, the front wheel does not swivel. For that, you do not have to face many difficulties.

Q: Does the hand break cause the cart to stop immediately, or does it stop gradually?

Ans: Yes, the handbrake of this cart is extremely strong. It stopped just after pressing the brake. The wheels do not have the opportunity to rotate while applying the brake. Almost immediately, its speed stabilized.

Final Words

So far, we have talked about the Bagboy C3 review. All of this is going to be clear to you if you read it. We did not leave anything to bring in our discussions. We have highlighted the body materials, features, specifications, and all of the other things.

As we usually review things honestly, we did not exclude the disadvantages. All things have some negative sides. The negative side of it is not a big issue compared to its advantages.

This is a very quality push cart for old users and golfers. It is possible to store almost everything that is required to play golf. And the maintenance cost for it is almost zero.

You can make this push cart as your golf buddy. We are going to put an end to today’s discussion here. Stay healthy. Also, you can check  Your Golf Push Carts Buying Guide!

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