Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart Review

Some play golf professionally and some play out of their hobby. No matter what purpose you play golf, push cart is absolutely necessary to play golf. You can tell the push cart as the carrier of your all carts. You can take almost everything in the cart.

Many more things can be kept in the cart including the umbrella, water bottle, golf clubs etc. There are many traditional push carts in the market. Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart will be quite ahead of others in terms of the quality and convenience among them.

We will review Bag boy express dlx pro push cart today. In the review, we will discuss all the details of this excellent push cart. You can learn a lot of unknown information about it. It will help you decide on buying a cart. So, let’s see all the details of this Bag Boy push cart.

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Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart Review

Bag Boy Golf Express DLX Pro Cart (Silver/Black, )
  • Deluxe scorecard holder with mobile device holder...
  • Oversized mesh storage basket
  • Cart and stand bag Compatible upper bag bracket
  • Lightweight, solid foam maintenance free tires
  • Unique fold under front wheel for compact storage

Which is the best push cart in the market? Many names will come to find this answer. In fact, you cannot select the best one specifically in this way. Each cart is the best one in each direction. The one that is best to you wouldn’t necessarily be best to another person.

We will review today with a push cart which is not the best one, but the performance of it is just like the best ones. The cart will give you all the premium level benefits. And that is the Bagboy express deluxe pro.

In Bag boy express dlx pro push cart review, we will highlight its full specification, advantages, and disadvantages. This will clear its activities and performance in front of you. It is definitely a good quality push cart to carry golf carts. So let’s know the details.

Specifications and Features

We will introduce the specifications and features of this push cart at the beginning. By doing so, its art of structure will become clear in front of you. You will understand the effectiveness of this.

Built-In Mobile Holder

We all use smart phones. There is a hazard of keeping the smart phone while playing golf. This cart will give you easy solutions to this problem. It has built-in mobile holders.

So there will be no problem for keeping mobile. This push cart will protect your mobile when you play golf. The position of the mobile holder is placed in a place that you can easily use even in the holding position.

You can also even read email, check the notification on Facebook, and do the necessary tasks. After all, because of this feature, you will not have to be tensed regarding keeping your mobile. But most of the carts do not have this much needed feature.

Huge Storage Facility

When we go to play golf, we take a lot of things together. Such as golf bag, club face, ball, scorecard, and various accessories. There are many places needed to store them. Bag boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart offers extensive storage facilities. They made it keeping consideration of the storage in their head. It has a dedicated scorecard holder.

You can keep golf balls, clubs, and other accessories in it. Because of so huge spaces and storage facilities, you do not need to buy anything else to keep the golf carts. You can even keep the bags in the upper racket.

In total, they are giving almost all the facilities for storage. Although it provides so much storage facilities, but it is light in weight. You can take it in the golf field without any hesitation.

Adjustable Handle

There is a huge adjustable handle has been added to this push cart. You can adjust the height as you need. When more height is needed, the handle can be raised. When low height is needed, you can bring down the handle at the level you want. It is easy to carry because it has the adjustable handle.

You can adjust the handle of this to 4 different heights. 4 adjust points have been placed at such a height that all you need will be set. Another advantage of the adjustable handle is that it can adapt to people of any height. Holding the handle, you will be able to take the cart through any roads without any hassle. Nothing will be a hindrance for you.

Strong Tire

Its tires are enough hard and sturdy. There is no possibility of damage due to these tires don’t have the tube. With its very strong tire, you can take the cart anywhere. Even in muddy ways, this wheel will rotate easily. As the wheels are big, you will get a lot of speed putting a little labor.

Likewise, it will not dig inside the soft soil of the golf ground. And because there is no air in the wheel, it will not have puncture problem. Considering all aspects, this push cart is a great push cart to spend a lot of time with a single wheel. The wheels are made such that it will last for a long time.

2 Steps Folding Facility

Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart Review

The big advantage of this is that you can fold the push cart on 2 steps. As a result, the size of the push cart will become very small at the folding state. It will be easy to carry. If you want then you can carry it in a golf bag.

At one time, the golf bag will carry the push cart, and at another time, the push cart will carry the bag on the golf field. Isn’t it interesting?

This folding facility can be found even in the loaded condition. That means it can be folded twice even after loading fully. This advantage of the push cart is really amazing.

Because of the convenience of folding, huge carts also becomes too small. If you have two steps folding facility in your cart then there is no more talk. You will get these facilities in the Bag boy express dlx pro push cart very well.

Maintenance Free

It does not have any maintenance fees. Tires are tubeless. As a result, the wheel will never be punctured. The body is also made of stainless steel that does not get rust. You will not have to spend money in any way to maintain it. Just simply you should take care of this regularly.

The whole component of the push cart is that you do not have the opportunity to spend money. However, if you yourself break it and you want to repair it, then it is different fact.

Easy Braking System

A braking system has been added to it. You can turn it on/off. When you turn it on, the brake will be effective. If you turn it off, the brake will be stopped. With this braking feature, you can stop it at any time. Bag Boy can be appreciated for keeping the braking system in the non-electric push cart.

Convenience of Holding Bags While Folding

Bag Boy Express DLX Pro Push Cart, Matte Black

In this cart, you can keep the bag in folding position. You can have the two times folding feature which will not impact the bag in any other way.

This is because it has the arrangement of keeping the bag at the top. The system is like the lower body of the push cart is folded. Being able to keep a bag in the folding position, you can also hang the bag after rolling the cart.

Light in Weight

The cart is very lightweight. So it will be very easy for you to carry. There are many carts that you cannot take it to the field because of heavy weight. But as it is lightweight, you can take it wherever you want. Apart from this, due to the two steps folding facility, it is also travel friendly.

Bag Boy Express Dlx Pro Push Cart Review: Pros and Cons

  • 4 Way adjustable handle.
  • Lots of storage facilities
  • Dedicated slots for keeping scoreboards.
  • Dedicated mobile phone and golf ball holder.
  • 2 steps folding facility.
  • Golf bag can remain on cart when folded
  • Very lightweight.
  • Travel-friendly and portable.
  • Easy braking system advantage.
  • Tires in the tubeless foam.
  • There is no maintenance cost.
  • Strong and sturdy tire
  • Water bottle holder.
  • The bottle holder is very small. You cannot keep the regular water bottle in it.

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Final Verdict

We have presented the technical aspects of this push cart in front of you so long. Hopefully, you have got the idea about what specification it has, what things you can do by this etc.

You have also understood how much it will support you in the golf field. Because of the dedicated water bottle, mobile and golf ball holders, they are far ahead of others. And if you consider it’s free maintenance, tubeless tires, lightweight, then it comes in the top. The cart by Bag Boy is capable to meet the needs of almost all golfers from the newbie to the expert.

Our Bag Boy express dlx pro push cart review will be paid off only when you read this review and utilize the information. Play golf regularly to stay healthy and strong. This is all for today and we wish good luck. Check out Some Suggestions Before Buying Golf Push Cart

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